10 Ways to Fix Chrome Not Updating In Android Easily

In this article, I will be suggesting 10 ways to fix Chrome not updating on Android easily, with basic changes you can easily get to update Chrome.

1. Reboot the Device

Such basic actions like restarting the smartphone can solve a lot of issues irrespective of the kind of error the software is facing. Certainly, it might fix the issue of Google Chrome not updating on the device.

Restarting the device clears all the corrupted cached data in the RAM and tends to refresh the phone software which clears all the unnecessary data in the RAM. Try it, if it doesn’t work go on to the next solution.

2. Check The Time and Date

Time and Date on Android devices have to be accurate all the time which enables the OS to run properly. The cause of not being able to update Chrome or any other app too might be inaccurate time and date.

Here is how you can reset the time on your Android device,

Step 1. Open Settings on your smartphone.
Step 2. Navigate Time and Date options from the Additional Settings.

Step 3. Now, turn the toggle on for Use network-provided time and Use network-provided time zone, make sure both these are turned on.

Now, just head to the play store and try updating the app, if it still doesn’t update then, go on to the next one.

3. Check Network Connection

Having a stable internet connection is a must for updating apps on Play Store, preferably always using Wi-Fi networks to update or install apps from Play Store. 

Also, check for the apps that are eating up the network bandwidth in the background and close them.

Next, check for the VPNs and Private DNS servers that you have selected. Often the servers don’t go along with the Play Store and disable many functions via the internet. Set all the settings regarding these to default. 

This is how you can reset the Network and Connections,

Step 1. Open Settings on your smartphone.
Step2. Look for Connection and Sharing in the options.

Step3. Scroll down, tap and confirm the Reset Wi-Fi, mobile networks and Bluetooth option.

This will set all the network and connection settings to default, which might resolve the issues if any regarding the connection. 

4. Cancel Pending Apps 

Play Store only allows one app at a time be it downloading or installing it. 

There are times when we tend to update all the apps at a time and what happens is some apps remain in the queue for a long time for some reason and as a result, other apps can’t be downloaded or updated either. 

Here is how you need to avoid those pending apps,

Step 1. Launch Play Store on your device, and tap on the Profile Icon
Step 2. Look for Manage apps and device tap on it and navigate to Update apps.

Step 3. Now, look whether there are any apps updating or any pending apps, if yes then, tap on Cancel all button on the top right corner of the screen.

This will cancel all the undergoing actions on the download manager and clear the queue to update Chrome or be it download any other app. If this couldn’t solve the issue then, proceed to the next solution.

5. Clear Google Chrome’s App Data

Sometimes unwanted cached files or data are stored in the memory for the app and are essential to get rid of them, most of the time the system does it but, if those are missed it can cause several problems like freezing or lagging Chrome while browsing.

Here is how you can clear Chrome’s app data,

Step 1. Long press the Chrome icon and select the Info icon.

Step 2. Navigate to the Storage and Cache section on the screen.

Step 3. And press on Clear data and you are done.

Now, the app will be as good as a new one, all the data will be removed and hopefully, you will be able to update Chrome without any issues. If not, continue scrolling the page. 

6. Clear App Data Of Play-Store or Update It

If you still are unable to update Chrome then, try doing the same method mentioned above with the Play Store App, or just make sure that the Play Store is running at its latest version.

Here is how you can check whether the Play Store is updated or not,

Step 1. Launch Play Store on your device, and tap on the Profile Icon.
Step 2. Navigate to Settings.

Step 3. Tap on the About tab in the Settings section.

Step 4. On the bottom side, you can see the option to Update the Play Store, if yes then, update it.

This should probably solve most of the issues regarding apps or the Play Store. If you are still stuck with Chrome not updating on an Android device then, continue scrolling.

7. Force Close Chrome/Play-Store

This will just forcefully close the app you select to force stop. There are times when apps tend to run in the background and as a result, there are issues related to the app which defy numerous functions for the particular app.

This is how you can force stop the app,

Step 1. Long press the App icon and select the Info option.
Step 2. At the bottom, you can see the option Force Stop tap on it and done.

Step3. Run the app to relaunch it.

Now, do this with both the apps i.e. Chrome and Play Store, this should solve the issue of not being able to update Chrome on Android devices.

8. Leave Beta Testing Program

The beta testing program allows users to enjoy new features which are first enrolled for the beta testers and then are made completely public, this might contain some bugs which doesn’t allow Chrome to update properly. 

This is how you can leave the Beta Testing Program of an app,

Step 1. Launch the Play Store app, navigate to an app or in this case Google Chrome.
Step 2. Scroll down to the App Info section and you can see the developer options.

Step 3. There, you can select to Leave the Beta Testing program, if you have joined it.

This should resolve the issues regarding Chrome not updating on Android devices. 

9. Disable Auto-updates 

Auto updates might start updating when the network connections are not as good as it is needed at that time. 

So, it’s better to start manually updating the apps by disabling the Auto Update option for the app.

This is how you can disable auto-update,

Step 1. Launch Play Store on your device and tap on the Profile Icon
Step 2. Look for Manage apps and device tap on it and navigate to the Chrome app.

Step 3. Tap on the 3 dots in the top right corner.
Step 4. Navigate to the check box for Auto Update and make sure it is not enabled.

Now, update Chrome manually once in a while to make sure it is updating on your watch when only you are updating it. This should most probably solve the issue.

10. Uninstall Chrome Updates/Android System Webview

There are times when updates host several bugs and further make problems for the function of the particular app, this might be the case which disables Chrome to update. 

You can always uninstall the updates on Chrome and this is how you have to do it and further uninstall the Android system webview as well,

Step 1. Long press the Chrome icon and you can see the option to Uninstall Updates.

Step 2. Open the Play Store and search for the Android System Webview app.

Step 3. Navigate to the Uninstall option for the particular app and you are done.

So, this is it. Until now, the issue of Chrome not updating in Android should be resolved without a doubt.


Hence, these are all the ways that you can try when you face issues or errors updating Google Chrome on your Android device. Now you can try to update google chrome and it will works

If you found this post useful, share it with other Android users who tend to use Chrome regularly or face the same set of problems.


Why Google Chrome is not updating on my phone?

Most probably it is because of some glitches or bugs in the app data, sometimes the reason might be an error on the phone or even with the Play Store, that doesn’t allow Chrome to update, this mostly happens on Android devices.

What happens if you don’t update Chrome?

Well, you miss out on numerous added features and also a new version is always a step ahead in terms of security. So, it’s always better to update the app if you use it pretty often.

Is Chrome safe to use on Android?

As of now, it is safe and reliable for users. 

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