Best Way to Check Laptop Battery Health (Accurately)

If you have purchased a new laptop and want to check its battery health, this article will teach you an accurate approach to do it.

How to Find Laptop Battery Health Accurately

1. Open CMD and type the following command: powercfg /batteryreport and click enter.

Adding command in cmd

2. Once you’ve got the report path, copy it and paste it into any web browser.

pasting url in web browser url section

3. Consider the following two options:

  • The total amount of energy that your laptop battery is intended to hold when it is brand-new is expressed as designed capacity (in mWh).
  • Total energy provided by your laptop battery at 100% charge (measured in mWh) is called the full charge capacity.

4. Launch the Calculator application in Windows and carry out the following calculation:

Laptop battery health is calculated as (Full Charge Capacity / Designed Capacity) * 100.

checking laptop battery health

In my case, the health of my laptop battery is 99.46%.

Although there are various ways to verify the health of a laptop battery, such as batteryviewinfo, the approaches mentioned above are more trustworthy and accurate.

After determining battery health, the next question is what defines good battery health. For this, see the chart below.

Chart of Laptop Battery Health

Battery Health in %Condition
90 & AboveExcellent
80 to 89Best
70 to 79Good
60 to 69Above Average
50 to 59Average
40 to 49Below Average
30 to 39Not Bad
20 to 29Really Bad
10 to 19Worst
0 to 9Not Usable

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Laptop Charging Tips to Extend Battery Life

  1. Use software features such as conservation mode. If you have a Lenovo laptop, this mode only charges battery about 55-60%, and for other brands, you can look into similar possibilities or use the 80/20 rule:
    • Only charge your laptop to about 80% capacity.
    • Charge it before it falls below 20%.
  2. If you play a lot of video games, use a cooling pad and a laptop stand for regular tasks like web surfing and video watching.
  3. Start charging your laptop while gaming to improve power and performance and reduce the strain on your battery.
  4. You do not need to keep your laptop charging when doing simple tasks like browsing at pictures or writing documents.

Comment below with your laptop battery health score and condition so that others can compare.

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