Easy Way to Extend Battery Life in Lenovo Laptops

If you are a Lenovo laptop user and want to extend the battery life of your laptop then in this article, I am going to tell you a very easy way that you can use to maintain and extend your Lenovo laptop’s battery life.

1. Download Lenovo Vantage Software

Lenovo Vantage Software

Go to the Microsoft store and download Lenovo vantage software and install it. Once you install it you can open that software and log in with your Lenovo account.

2. Power Options in Vantage Software

Power Options

Now you need to go to the device and then system tools and select the power option and just click on that option.

3. Conservation Mode

Conversation mode

Here, find an option called battery health: deselect rapid charge and select conservation mode which only charges laptops around 55-60% of it’s capacity.

4. Check the Power & Battery Options

After Enabling Conversation Mode

Once you enable conservation mode after 1-day search for power and sleep and go to detailed info>select 24 hours filter.

Now you can see laptop only charges up to 60%, not more than that this way you can extend your laptop’s overall battery life easily.


What is Lenovo Vantage Software?

It is software/app from Lenovo for windows users that help to quickly download and update brand-related drivers as well as provides quick options like camera and microphone settings, power options, and more so it is good to have if you are a Lenovo laptop user

Is Conservation Mode Good For Battery?

If you enable this option it only charge your laptop around 55-60%.
Benifits of conservation mode:
1. If you charge more than 60% it generates more heat and we know that excessive heat is not good for laptop batteries but in conservation case we aren’t charging more than 60%
2. Improve your laptop battery’s overall life so it will last longer than usual which is great.

In the end, it is really good for your laptop so I recommend you to enable it.

Lenovo Vantage is Not Opening on my Laptop

Steps that you can use to fix this issue:
1. Uninstall Lenovo vantage then restart your pc and then reinstall the vantage software.
2. Update your windows store as well as windows os.

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