4 Ways to Fix Live Caption Not Working On Chrome

Captions are very useful to understand video content properly, and if you use the live caption feature in Chrome but it is not working, then this article will show you 4 ways to fix it.

1. Reload Website & Relaunch Chrome

On the top left-hand side, you can find a reload this page button. Just click on that and check if the live caption is visible or not.

reload this page button

Next, Relaunch the Google Chrome browser then check for your issue resolved or not.

2. Disable & Enable Live Caption

Disabling and enabling live caption may help; here are the steps to do that:

1. Copy and paste this into the address bar: chrome://settings/accessibility

2. Disable and enable the live caption option.

Disable Enable Live Caption

3. Set Live Caption to Enabled in Chrome Flags

To enable live captioning from Chrome Flags, follow these steps:

1. Paste this into the address bar: chrome://flags

2. Search for live caption and set it to enabled.

enabling live caption from chrome flags

3. Relaunch Chrome and check your issue.

4. Make Sure to Turn On Live Caption From Media Control

If you do not enable Live caption from the media control option, then it will not show on screen.

media control option

To do this, simply click on the media control icon and enable the Live caption toggle. Play the video, and after a few seconds, it will show the live caption.

enable live caption

Bonus Tip: You can also try other troubleshooting methods like Resetting Chrome, clearing browsing data, and reinstalling Google Chrome if the above 4 methods do not help.

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