5 Best Open Source Video Editing Software

An open-source app is always ahead of the rival category, if you can just get what you want then why settle for less? Open source software allows users to modify the code and personalize the particular software as per their liking. 

In this article, I will be listing the 5 best open source video editing software to edit videos with ease. It sounds pretty impossible, but it is what it is. Yes, there are many open-source video editors which are very impressive in their own respective ways.

Video editing is a crucial/complex job, the software used is also quite complex on its own. However, scroll down to go through the list to know how easy and helpful video editing can be with open-source software.

1. Olive Video Editor

It is one of the software which was launched not so long ago, yet is one of the most known video editing software now. You must have basic ideas of using an editor before you start using this software, it is kind of old-fashioned yet, very useful and multitasking UI. 

In addition, it allows the users to directly record audio within the editor to perform voice-over and stuff, it can even add and edit multiple video/audio tracks in the timeline.

If you are searching for a good enough editor to run your socials with basic tweaks and transitions then this is perfect for you. It is available for Mac, Windows and Linux users as of now.

Check Out Olive Video Editor

2. Kdenlive

It is one of the software that offers premium-grade features. The Add-ons on this editor are just amazing, it has around 70 different audio effects, and supports multiple track handling be it audio or video.

Kdenlive has 5 different kinds of workspace i.e. Audio, Effects, Logging, Color and Editing, each one of them has different timelines and can be availed once activated. 

Kdenlive tends to be a complete package but it crashes at times so, might be inconvenient at times.

Check Out Kdenlive

3. OpenShot

It comes with a modern approach to its UI i.e. quite simple and easy to use and gets the job done without any complexities. 

It has plenty of graphic effects and animations, unlike other editors in the market OpenShot tends to get updates frequently and address the bugs and issues with the software more often. 

I would recommend it for the newbies who have just begun editing videos or have absolutely no idea about this stuff.

Check Out OpenShot

4. Shotcut

Shotcut is one of the lightest video editing software one can have. An i3 processor with 4GB RAM can easily run this software without a doubt. 

It supports editing of mono audio, stereo as well as 5.1 surround sound. If you have a Potato PC then, go for this editor, will get your job done without an issue.

In addition, it can export a video file with a maximum resolution of 4k 60fps which is amazing for such a small-sized software.

Check Out Shotcut

5. Blender

Blender is one of the software that is good at multiple things at a time. It begins with the editing of video files and goes all the way to animations and 3D sculpting or modelling. 

Although, with great features, comes great complexities and it is not at all easy to learn. I would call it more of a 3D creation software than an editor. There’s no doubt that one can edit videos with crazy 3D/2D effects with self-created animations/effects and so on. 

I would recommend it to those who like to mix things up with animations and 3D models in their videos. However, if you are a newbie do not start with this software. 

Check Out Blender


Which is the easiest software to edit videos?

From this particular list, it has to be Openshot, it is a complete beginner’s editor with almost all the required features to edit and export a good video file.

How do beginners learn video editing?

All you have to do is, pick a comfortable editor, get used to it and then move on to the next level by beginning to use a complex editor but with tutorials otherwise, you might get lost. You can begin with Openshot.

What is the file size of the OpenShot video editor?

It will take around 500MB of disk space in a system as of now.

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