ShareDrop Vs Snapdrop: Which is Best For File Transfer?

Both and are fantastic open-source websites to transfer files between devices but which is better for file transfer? In this article, we’ll find out which might suit you best, so let’s go!

What Is Snapdrop? is an open-source project to transfer files between your devices. You just have to open on both of your devices with the same Wi-Fi network, select the device, browse for the file and you are done.

What Is ShareDrop? is also an open-source project to transfer files between your devices just like Snapdrop, it works the same way snapdrop works, open the website on your devices running on the same network, browse for the file then you can send it easily.

Pros and Cons Of Snapdrop

Good looking interfaceService experiences outages
Official Progressive web app supportNo support for outside networks

Snapdrop even officially supports progressive web apps or also known as PWA, which means you can have it open with its separate window safely integrated into your operating system which makes it easy to access even from your app drawer.

The file transfer speed is fast too, though the service sometimes experiences outages and the whole service breaks out. Btw we did a detailed article on snapdrop not working, you can check it out if you experience issues too. 

For now, Snapdrop does not work on outside networks.

Pros And Cons Of ShareDrop

Support for the outside networkNot the prettiest-looking interface
Experiences fewer outagesNo support for Progressive web app

Sharedrop even provides good transfer speeds as the services are maintained quite well so the sharedrop does not experience outages as compared to the snapdrop.

For the best part, sharedrop even supports the ability to transfer files outside the same network. Just visit then click on the “+” icon then just copy or scan the QR code on your other device and it should work right away! This stands out from snapdrop.

Side-by-side Comparison

Official Web APP supportYesNo
File transfer experience7/109/10
Support for outside networkNOYes
Server outagesExperiences more outagesExperiences fewer outages

Which One Is Best For File Transfer?

Both snapdrop and snapdrop are incredible, though we would recommend you to use as the sharedrop experiences fewer outages and it even allows you to transfer files outside of your home network, which makes such a difference if you want to share files with your friends or neighbors who are not connected to your network still want to receive your files.

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