NVIDIA RTX vs GTX vs MX: What’s The Difference?

NVIDIA is well-known for making graphics processing units (GUPs) for computers and laptops that are fast and powerful. Its most popular GPUs are the RTX, GeForce, and MX. If you’re looking to buy a new laptop or graphics card for pc then it’s important to know how these three product lines differ before making a choice.

What Is A Graphics Card?

A graphics card is an important part of a computer that makes images, videos, and animations look good. A computer can’t show any pictures without a graphics card, so it’s an important part of any PC. Here is a comparison table of the three of the most popular GPU lines.

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Ray TracingYesLimitedNo
Tensor CoresYesLimitedNo
Recommended UseBetter Gaming, Creative WorkMainstream GamingCasual Gaming, Everyday Use

Note: This is a general comparison. The specific models within each lineup may have different features and specifications. It’s always recommended to check the details of each GPU before buying. 


The most powerful and advanced GPUs made by NVIDIA are the ones with the RTX name. They are made for high-performance computing and gaming, which makes them the best choice for gamers and people who work in creative fields. The RTX line uses Nvidia’s own ray tracing technology, which can show realistic lighting and reflections in real time. This technology makes it possible to make beautiful images that were once impossible to make without expensive software and hardware.

Tensor Cores from NVIDIA are also part of the RTX line. These are special processors that can do complex calculations for artificial intelligence. These cores make it possible to use AI to improve gaming and creative workflows in real time. For example, deep learning can be used to turn low-resolution images and videos into high-resolution ones.



NVIDIA’s most popular line of GPUs is the GTX line. It’s made for gamers who want great performance but don’t want to spend a lot of money. GTX GPUs are popular with most gamers because they have a good mix of power and price.

The Pascal and Turing architectures from NVIDIA are used in the GTX line, which gives it great gaming performance and efficiency. Pascal architecture was first used in 2016, and many GPUs still use it today. The RTX line came out after the Turing architecture, which came out in 2018. It has real-time ray tracing, advanced shaders, and Tensor Cores, but not as much as the RTX line.



The MX line of GPUs from NVIDIA is their entry-level line. It’s made for low-powered laptops which are not meant for graphics intensive work. The MX line has better graphics performance than most laptops’ built-in graphics processors. It is great for casual gaming and watching videos.

NVIDIA’s Maxwell and Pascal architectures power the MX line. These architectures offer a good balance of performance and efficiency. The Maxwell architecture was first used in 2014, and many MX GPUs still use it today. The Pascal architecture is better than the Maxwell architecture because it is more powerful and uses less power.

Which One Should You Choose?

In the end, your needs and budget will determine which GPU is best for you. The RTX line is the way to go if you’re a gamer or creative professional who wants the best performance and visuals. Most gamers will be happy with the performance and price of the GeForce line, while the MX line is great for casual gaming and everyday use.

When choosing a GPUs, it’s also important to think about the other components of your computer. A strong power supply and cooling system are needed for a powerful GPUs. This can add to the cost of the system. If you want to upgrade your GPU, make sure that your computer can handle the extra power.


In conclusion, Nvidia has a variety of GPUs or people with different needs and budgets. The RTX line is the most advanced and powerful. The GeForce and MX lines offer a good mix of performance and price. Choosing the right GPU comes down to your needs and budget, so it’s important to do your research and compare the different options before making a choice.

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