4 Ways to Fix Lenovo Vantage Not Opening in Windows Laptop

If you are a Lenovo laptop user and facing “Lenovo Vantage Not Opening or working issue in Windows Laptop or PC” then in this article, I will tell you 4 ways to fix this issue very quickly.

Way 1: Uninstall & Reinstall Method

1. Press the Windows key and Search Add or remove programs and open it.

open add or remove option

2. Search “Lenovo Vantage” & Uninstall both applications and restart your laptop.

uninstall lenovo vantage

3. Now go to the Microsoft store & search for Lenovo Vantage and install it.

reinstall lenovo vantage

4. Now try to open the Lenovo vantage.

Way 2: Repair & Reset Lenovo Vantage

1. Open windows search by pressing the windows key and search Lenovo vantage and go to app settings.

lenovo vantage app settings

2. First click on the terminate option.

3. Now click on the repair button and try to open lenovo vantage software.

4. If that doesn’t work for you then again go same option and click on reset button.

terminate reset and repair option vantage

Way 3: Clear Cache Of Windows Store

1. Open the start menu and search “wsreset.exe” now press the run command option.

clear cache of windows store

2. It clears the cache of the windows store then restart your laptop and check your problem.

Way 4: Revert Back to the Previous Windows Update

1. Sometimes latest windows update also causes this issue so search “Uninstall Updates” and go to that option.

uninstall windows update

2. Now check the installed date and uninstall the recent update then restart your laptop and check whether your Lenovo vantage is opening or not.

installed date of recent updates

All this was such ways to fix this issue, Hope the mentioned ways worked for you, if you are still facing any issue then the comment below.

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