Dragontrail Vs Gorilla Glass: Which One is Better?

The smartphone you use regularly is made of hundreds of different components that different organizations or manufacturers make. One of those most important and by far most used components is the glass that protects the screen and allows you to look at the display 24/7.

There is a standard for the glass that is used on smartphones and the most known one is the Corning Gorilla Glass, apart from this glass there is another one named DragonTrail Glass which is the most probably the 2nd most known one.

Other than these two, if none of the brands is mentioned it is most probably a tempered glass that is used which is not durable enough at all. So, in this post, I will be comparing both Gorilla Glass Vs Dragontrail Glass statistically to find which one is a better product.

Corning Gorilla Glass

Back then, when only tempered glass was being used on portable devices. Corning came up with a better and different way to manufacture the glass with better durability and as a result, an alkali-aluminosilicate sheet was launched as Corning Gorilla Glass, unlike tempered glass where the temperature is the key element, Corning used chemical reactions to strengthen the glass.

Gorilla Glass is a registered product of Corning Glass Company i.e. based in the United States of America. It’s an alkali-aluminosilicate sheet which uses the Ion Exchange method to toughen the glass which results in the following unique qualities: hardness, thinness, lightweight, and scratch-resistant. 

The 1st generation of Gorilla Glass was introduced way back in 2007-2008 and since then, there have been multiple alterations and upgrades to the launched products and have been way better as compared to the initial product.

Gorilla glass 6 is used in Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra front and back both sides

Dragontrail Glass

Dragontrail glass is manufactured by a Japanese company named Asahi Glass Company. It is also an alkali-aluminosilicate sheet but it uses a chemical float process to toughen glass and increase its durability. Dragontrail is 2nd in the race, still, the market is huge and a healthy competitor is always beneficial for the consumers.

The 1st variant was introduced in 2011 and since then, there have been multiple upgrades to the production with multiple products. However, it was launched just a decade ago, they’ve managed to work with big brands like Google and Gionee at some point in time. 

The main highlight of the Dragontrail glass was when it was used by the Google Pixel 3a and Google Pixel 3a XL (front side in both).


Both brands have been upgrading their products from the initial stage and there have been grave changes to the product throughout time which made them better than the past product. 

Gorilla Glass

Gorilla Glass 1: It was ready for debut in 2005 however, it was finally launched with a big launch pad i.e. iPhone back in 2007. It was 1.5mm thick and was a promising debut.

Gorilla Glass 2: The 2nd generation was launched in 2012, this time it was as good as the 1st generation. But, the key difference was thickness which was 20% less. In no time, it gained popularity and was equipped with over 600 million devices.

Gorilla Glass 3: This was launched just after the 2nd generation in 2013. GG3 primarily focused on the NDR (Native Damage Resistance) tech, which helped the glass to scratch less. Astoundingly, GG3 handled 35% of the scratches. 

Gorilla Glass 4: Launched in 2014, this time Corning focused mostly on drop resistance which surely made it better than the predecessors. 

Gorilla Glass 5: It was developed to provide even more resistance to drops and was launched in 2016. It could survive a drop from a height of 1.6 meters. It was already known among the big brands and was equipped by the likes of the Samsung Note series and many more.

Gorilla Glass 6: It was one of the big jumps for the developers. As per stats and info, GG6 was twice the durability of GG5. Also, it could handle multiple drops and was tested rigorously. It was launched in 2018 and is still being used on some smartphones. 

Gorilla Glass Victus: Launched in 2020, it focuses mostly on scratch resistance and offers twice the scratch resistance of the previous versions, on the other hand, it is way better than any of its competitors in the market. 

Dragontrail Glass

Dragontrail: Initial product of the AGC was launched in 2011. Claimed to be 6 times stronger than the classic soda-lime glass. It was thinner as compared to other products in the market.

Dragontrail X: The 3rd generation was developed to be highly scratch resistant and was tested in various stressed environments to make it durable enough. It was introduced in 2014 and started gaining popularity through high-end device manufacturers.

Dragontrail Pro: It is the latest production of the AGC launched back in 2016. It focuses more on the design of the glass, with rounded edges it tends to divide the impact and claims to be much more durable than other products. But, it is preferably for high-end stylish phones with exposed edges.

Key Differences

PointsGorilla GlassDragontrail Glass
Type of GlassAlkali-Aluminosilicate SheetAlkali-Aluminosilicate Sheet
ManufacturerCorning, USAAsahi Glass Company, Japan
Process of ManufacturingIon-Exchange MethodChemical Float Method
Variants(GG)Gorilla Glass1, GG2, GG3, GG4, GG5, GG6 and Gorilla Glass Victus(2020)Dragontrail Glass, Dragontrail X and Dragontrail Pro(2016)
Vickers hardness rating622-701595-673
Key PropertiesThinner and lighter than Dragontrail, Scratch and Drop resistant.Unique designs, Impact resistant, Better hardness, better flexibility and scratch resistant too.
Applications/usagesWearable devices, laptops, Smartphones, TVs and tablets.Smartphones and Tablets as of now.
PopularityIt is probably the most popular of all.2nd in the race and is gaining pace.


Does Gorilla Glass break easily?

Glass is glass and will break at one point in time. Yes, it breaks but depends upon the force or stress applied as per the thickness/strength/length of the glass.

Which one is better: Gorilla Glass Victus or Dragontrail Pro?

There is no comparison because Gorilla Glass Victus is probably the best glass available in the market and will be at the top for a fair amount of time.

Is Dragontrail Glass good enough?

It is good enough in many ways but as compared to its latest competitors it is not up to the mark. But, we can’t quote it as a bad product. 

Which mobile screen is unbreakable?

Well, if it’s made of glass then the answer is yes. Be it any kind of glass, there is a breaking point to it unless it is something else than glass.


This post was an unbiased comparison of Gorilla Glass Vs Dragontrail Glass, you can conclude for yourself which one is a complete product. One aspect is for sure, having a good competitor makes it beneficial for consumers. Hence, choose the one you feel won’t break. Share the post if you found it to be informative and useful.

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