How To Disable or Turn Off Blue Tick in WhatsApp

WhatsApp allows its users to hide their last seen and blue ticks. The single tick in WhatsApp resembles that the message is sent from your device and the grey double tick ensures that your message has successfully been delivered to the other entity. And the two blue ticks show that the receiver has successfully read your message. 

So, there is no privacy in seeing the messages as the receiver gets acknowledged that their message has been read. This feature was steamed out in WhatsApp without any update, and hence there are privacy settings to enable or disable the blue tick option easily.

Steps to Disable Blue Tick in WhatsApp

  • Install the latest version of WhatsApp
  • Then, open WhatsApp and select the three dots present on the topmost right corner of the screen. 
  • Now go to the Settings. Now click on Account, under the Account section click on Privacy
  • Now you can see different options regarding the privacy of your communication. 
  • Turn off the Read Receipts button.

Now by making it through this simple and easy step you can uphold your privacy and get relief from those blue ticks without any use of external third-party apps. 

Points to Know About Read Receipt Options

  1. Even if you turn off read receipt, it will still show that you read messages in WhatsApp groups.
  2. When you disable read receipt, you don’t see a blue tick when someone reads your message, and the other person will no longer receive that blue tick when they talk to you. Basically both sides blue ticks are disable when anyone talk to you on WhatsApp.


Can I read WhatsApp messages without the sender knowing it? 

Yes, you can either read by turning off read receipts by going to Accounts> Privacy> Read receipts or you can try reading from the notification bar when the message is delivered.

Can I turn off read receipts in WhatsApp?

Yes, by going to Settings. In the Settings menu click on Accounts, under Accounts you will see Privacy click on it. This will lead you to the Privacy section and then you need to scroll down to Read Receipts. Now you are able to turn on or off Read Receipts at your will.

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