3 Ways to Fix ShareX Not Recording Audio Issue

ShareX is one of the best utility tools you can get and has become one of the most popular in the freemium genre. However, there are times when system errors won’t allow the tool to perform to its potential and one of the most common errors is not being able to record audio/video properly.

So, in this post, I will be listing ways to fix ShareX not recording audio, which is kind of an essential part of the whole concept i.e. recording screen with proper audio.

Before we jump to any real solutions, you need to check whether the Microphone and the Connection Ports are completely functional or not. If you are assured enough that all these are functional then, you can proceed to the methods based on the Software sector.

1. Check The System Settings

First of all, amongst the probable software errors, you need to ensure there are no hardware or system errors in the PC or Laptop. Go through all the Audio Input/Output Drivers, and make sure they are updated and enabled for the system operations. Also, you can use the shortcut key Fn+F4 key to enable or disable the microphone.

To update the drivers within one click you can use Driver Booster. Here’s how you can check and update your drivers without any hassle.

Scan for driver updates driver booster

Install Driver Booster then go to Scan and then click on Update All Drivers.

Once you have updated the drivers, you need to ensure that the input device to record stuff for the system in the Sound Settings is set to Microphone and the permission for ShareX to access Microphone is also enabled at the same time. Here is how you need to do it,

Change input device and update mic drivers

Step 1. Search for Settings in the Windows search bar.
Step 2. Look for the Sound option and open it.
Step 3. Now, go on to the Input Section and look for Microphone Array.
Step 4. Then, you need to select/connect to the Input Device or you can also update the drivers. 

After doing this, you need to check the privacy permissions of the Microphone, here’s how it is done,

Enable Microphone Access

Step 1. Directly search for Microphone in the windows search bar.
Step 2. Scroll and look for Microphone Privacy Settings.
Step 3. Make sure the toggle for Microphone Access is turned on and you are done.

This is all that needs to be done within the System settings on your PC, check the next methods for the in-app settings.

2. Install Recorder Devices

There are times when the recorder devices are not installed for the action or for the recording. To make it functional, you will have to install the recorder devices in the ShareX app. Here’s how you will have to do it,

install recorder devices ShareX

Step 1. Open the ShareX app.
Step 2. Look for Task Settings on the left side.
Step 3. Click on the Screen Recorder settings.
Step 4. Now, open the Screen Recorder Options.
Step 5. Just click on the Install Recorder devices and install as per convenience.

Lastly, restart the system and this should solve the error in recording the audio input. If the issue still remains, then go on to the next method to alter the settings.

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3. Change Audio Source

Most of the time, minor changes can affect the whole system and this is kind of the same method where there are times the audio source for the audio recording is not set to the accurate ones or is set to none. This is how you need to check/change the audio source in ShareX.

Change audio source ShareX

Step 1. Open ShareX and go to Screen Recorder options.
Step 2. Select or change the audio source to either your device or to the Realtek ones.(Make sure that the audio source is not set to None or Virtual Audio Capturer)

So, this is how you can change the audio source in the ShareX app and hopefully, this should solve the issues regarding the audio recording in ShareX.


Does the ShareX audio recorder have a time limit while recording the screen?

As of now, there is no such thing as a time limit in the ShareX app, be it any feature. The user can literally use ShareX for as much time as he/she wants.


These were the ways to fix ShareX not recording audio. So, if you found this post useful and if it solved the issues you were facing, do share it with someone who might be facing the same issues regarding ShareX.

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