ShareX Not Recording Screen? 5 Best Ways to Fix it

ShareX is one of the must-have tools right now. It is one of the best open-source software, and won’t take much of your computer memory and the list goes on. It offers a very basic yet useful service free of cost. Editing screenshots, and capturing screens seem very common features but, what ShareX offers is way too amusing. 

However, there are some errors which users tend to face i.e. ShareX does not record the screen and as a result, it takes up a lot of time to just find the error. So, here are a few methods through which you can fix ShareX not recording screen errors in no time.

1. Re Download FFmpeg File

It is one of the most frequent errors and is quite easy to fix. FFmpeg is an open-source service which handles and manipulates the video/audio files of a specific app/tool. There might be some bugs with this and by re-downloading it and changing the path of the FFmpeg file, the error for ShareX not recording screen might fix it. Here’s how you need to install and change the path,

Download FFmpeg ShareX

Step 1. Open the ShareX app.
Step 2. Look for Task Settings on the left side.
Step 3. Click on the Screen Recorder settings.
Step 4. Now, open the Screen Recorder Options.
Step 5. Just click on the Download button.

This should most probably solve the issue of not recording the screen, re-start ShareX and you are done with the FFmpeg file and all.

2. Set Accurate Video Source

There are times when the video source is not set to the right option and as a result, it disables or causes errors when the user tries to record the screen in ShareX. This is how you need to set the accurate video source from recorder options, 

Change Video Source ShareX

Step 1. Open ShareX and go to Screen Recorder options.
Step 2. Select or change the video source to either GDI Grab or HD User Facing or Screen Capturer Recorder.  (Make sure that the video source is not set to None)

  • GDI Grab: Captures the screen using integrated FFmpeg techniques.
  • HD USer Facing: If you have a camera, it will appear in the list of video sources. It allows you to record from the webcam.
  • Screen Capturer Recorder (Most Recommended): The open-source DirectShow filter is used here to record screens. It comes as a part of ShareX as well. Use this in place of GDI grab if you intend to record audio with the microphone. 

Hence, this is how you can change the video source, the Screen Capture Recorder option is the most suitable video source and tends to not cause any error.

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3. Install Recorder Devices

Sometimes the recorder devices in the app don’t go hand in hand with the system which can cause errors while recording the screen. So, this is how you can reinstall recorder devices to just reset the device settings,

install recorder devices ShareX

Open ShareX and go to Task Settings then open Screen Recorder Options and click on the Install Recorder devices.

If you are still facing the errors then, move on to the next method.

4. Change Video Codec

Video codec is responsible for the compression and decompression of the video files as per the system and it could be one of the reasons which might cause an error or even crash the app while recording the screen in ShareX. Here is what you need to set the Video Codec to,

Change video codec ShareX

Step 1. Open ShareX and go to Task Settings.
Step 2. Now, open the Screen Recorder Options.
Step 3. Go on to the Video Codec section and change it to H.264 / x264.

You can also set it to H.265 / x265 but, as of now H.264 / x264 is probably the best video codec available for users.

5. Update Drivers

Drivers are probably one of the most ignored parts in the system settings. As a user, you won’t be able to understand the importance until and unless there’s an unexpected error caused by the driver. Having an outdated driver is quite common and updating those might solve errors like ShareX not recording screen.

You can use Driver Booster to update all of your drivers with a click. Here’s how you can do it,

Scan for driver updates driver booster

Step 1. Download and install Driver Booster.
Step 2. Then just Scan for the outdated drivers.
Step 3. Either Update All or select the specific ones you need to update.
(However, make sure to keep all the Graphics related drivers up-to-date.)

Now, just restart the system and you should be done.


Can you edit videos in ShareX?

No, there are no such editing tools in ShareX.

Which hotkey is used to record a video in ShareX?

As a default hotkey, it is set to Shift+PrtSc. However, you can change it to whatever combination in ShareX, from the hotkeys settings.

Why does my ShareX keep crashing while recording the screen?

This happens mostly when the Video codec for recording the screen is not set correctly, for best outcomes set it to H.264 / x264.


Hence, these are the ways through which you can avoid errors in ShareX. If you found these methods useful and if it did solve your problem related to ShareX not recording screen then, share it with the users.

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