Wondershare Repairit Review: Best Video Repair Tool?

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What is a Wondershare Repairit?

There are times when people come across files and storage units getting corrupted which often happens when the storage is filled with viruses but what if a particular media or a video file is corrupted which is close to your heart or matters a lot to you. Surely you will search for software to recover or repair it.

In these kinds of situations, Video Repair Tool by Wondershare does the job for you. Basically, it is software that repairs or resolves all the issues in a video clip be it a video clip shot on a handy mobile phone or a high-end professional Red Camera. It just handles all the files in a perfect manner and without any hassle you can get your video clip back

User Interface

UI is one of the most important parts of software be it an editing or a simple tool it has to be offering and attractive at the same time which makes it perfect for the users these days.

In this software UI is indeed one of the highlights which is just great for the users who are in search of software which does the job without any hassle with minimal complexities. 

Wondershare video repair tool UI

So, above you can see the screenshot of the home page of the software which is just simple yet offering which makes it perfect. 

In the middle section, you can see a single columned table with several rows which gives you the proper information about the video file to be repaired.

In the top right you can see options bar with language options and a button to activate the premium package or the paid package.

In the middle, you can click to add a video file and you can also do the same by clicking on the Add button in the left bottom side, beside the Add button you will find the repair button to process the video file. 

Try Wondershare Repairit


Supports various file types

There are various file types for various devices and it is common these days, so the tool also needs to support various file types in-order to cope up with various devices, and surely Wondershare Repairit tool features various file support.

MOV, MP4, M4V, 3G2, 3GP, WMV, ASF, and FLV files in the Windows version, and on the other hand MP4, MOV, M4V, AVI, and FLV files for the MAC version. This pretty much covers up the most used and compatible file types.

Compatible with high-end clips

These days, you can expect video creators to use high-end gadgets to shoot videos, which is quite obvious, and in this case getting one of their videos repaired is like saving hundreds of dollars for them.

This tool can be used for fixing videos from any mainstream storage/gadgets, for example, DSLRs, Action Cameras, Drones, External HDD, and so on.

Video Preview

This could sound a lot basic but this is one of the best features available in the Wondershare Repairit because accessing the video before saving it, is quite beneficial and the highlight i.e. it saves a lot of time and further you can also go for an advanced repair tool if find any issues even after repairing the video file.

Users can enjoy the preview before exporting the file by clicking on the play button after it is repaired.

wondershare video repair tool Preview button

No Limitations

Expecting big files and higher resolution is quite obvious because people use high-end phones, cameras to shoot videos so the file size will obviously be large and in a higher resolution as well.

There is no such limitation on video file size while adding a video file which is just great for professional video creators. It can be used for fixing Standard Definition, full HD and 4k video files as well. 

Frequent Repairs

You must have noticed that these kinds of tools only work with specific errors but with Wondershare Repairit tool, one can handle corrupted recordings related to the camera or any external storage device.  

In addition, it also resolves issues generated in the file after you edit the video files.


Users get to see auto-update options within the software which is great because searching for the website and downloading and setting the tool again is quite irritating.

Hence, when there is an update you will be notified and you can eventually update the tool within the tool.

Platform Availability

Unlike other software in the market, this is available only in two of the most used platforms i.e. Windows and MAC which is good enough because most of the users have any one of these as their work systems.


If you have double thoughts about the software then you need to stop because there is no such setup to do in this case because we have to use it as it is.

Wondershare video repair tool UI

The UI is simple, toggles are perfect, the free version also provides an ample amount of features which is decent enough. Still, you can expect advanced features in the paid version of the software which is obvious.

Overall, if you are one of the video creators or you have many corrupted video files of any file type then this software is absolutely for you.


Well, there is not much of a difference between the UI of the software between Windows and MAC but still, you can find some of the features to be altered as per MAC and for better usage of MAC users.

Hence, you can expect this software to be a good tool when it comes to video repairing and retrieving in MAC as well.

Pros and Cons

As of now, I haven’t found any major cons regarding this particular software because it is just made for the video repairing and indeed it offers the feature with utmost simplicity without any complexities.

Performs pretty wellNo customization options
Lightweight softwarePricing
Perfectly optimized UICan’t save videos on the trial version
Compatible with all the devices
Very less resource consumption.
Less time-consuming.

Resource consumption

Being lightweight software, the consumption of memory and power is very minimal which is great because the heavy load will only lead to unnecessary lags which can affect multifunctioning. 

Below is a screenshot where you can see the memory consumption of Wondershare Repairit Tool in which it was processing an HD video of 1.3GB. 

Memory consumption of Wondershare video repair tool


Although you do get a free trial when you install it for the 1st time, then you can really get to know the software properly and make a decision of buying the full version.

1 Month- This will cost you 29.95 dollars with 1 month of updates with No limitation on file size, No limitation on the number of videos to be repaired, 1 license per PC and video preview.

When it comes to pricing it is priced decently because every extraordinary thing or software comes with a price-tag which is quite obvious.

As we already know it is one of the most simple and basic tools to use and can be easily used by a naïve user as well. So, you can do it in three or four simple ways and without any hassle.

Select- So, in this step, you will have to select the particular video file which is corrupted or which you think needs to be repaired. Once you click on the Add button it will show the folders to select from.

1 Year- This will cost you 39.95 dollars with 1 year of updates with No limitation on file size, No limitation on the number of videos to be repaired, 1 license per PC and video preview.

Lifetime– This will cost you 49.95 dollars with lifetime update with No limitation on file size, No limitation on the number of videos to be repaired, 1 license per PC and video preview.

Hence, these were the pricing and packages. So, if you have tested the trial version, you are satisfied and if you are really into video making then I would recommend you go for the lifetime package.

How to use Wondershare Repairit

Repair- Once you have selected the particular video file, you will now have to click the repair button and within a minute or two your job will be done.

Preview- Well, this is an optional step if you are willing to watch the video before saving it then you can easily do it by previewing it.

Export or Save- In this last step after the processing is completed now the user will have to save the video file to the desired folder which takes hardly a minute. 

Wondershare Repairit is free?

No, when you are asking for a full version of the tool then it is not free. Also, in the free version you can only preview the repaired file and can’t save it in your system. 

wondershare video repair tool save and preview

Well, one can easily go on and download the free version of the tool with a free trial but you won’t be enjoying all the features like updates, no limitations on resolution and file size. 

When to use Wondershare Repairit Tool?

There are several times when you can use the tool such as when the video and audio are not synced perfectly when the audio is missing in some parts when the video lags while playing or even when there is an error after you have edited the video file and so on. 

Basically, you can use this tool when there is any kind of error in the video file be it the audio or the picture. 


How do I fix a corrupted video file?

An error occurs mostly because of viruses or the gadget in which the video was shot so, at this time you can’t really afford to go on and re-shoot. At these times you can go for Wondershare Repairit Tool then select the file and click on the repair button and your issues are resolved regarding the video. 
Within minutes you can get all the lost or corrupted video files back in your system with perfect conditions and eventually without any bugs or errors.

Why do videos get corrupted?

Video and audio codecs are required for effective video and audio synchronization and video playback. If you use the wrong ones or if they are missing, it could lead to an error or corrupted video file.
This error is common in situations where the video file is broken. This makes it inaccessible or unreadable to the media player in use. Video files can be broken by incomplete downloads that corrupt the video files.
Other reasons that cause video file corruption are transfer error, video recording camera battery when it is low, virus attack, storage error etc.

Do I recommend the Wondershare Repairit?

Well, it could be one of the most used software for a person who deals with lots of video files on a regular basis or we can say it is a must-have tool for people who are into video creation because that is where their primary work is.

So, this is one of the most resilient and easy tools to use because it doesn’t include any other features besides video repairing which is good enough but at the same time, it is a drawback because tools these days are multi functioning especially when they are paid ones. 

Also, we can’t call this tool as a freemium because most of the main features are included in the paid packages and the free trial version will not offer you much. 

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