Why Deleted Files Are Recoverable Using DATA Recovery Software

Have you ever wondered why deleted files can be recovered? This article will tell you everything about why deleted files are still recoverable using data recovery software even after you have deleted them permanently from your device. 

This could become a great security risk if not given proper concern. Your confidential data can be recovered even after you think you have deleted them.

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Why Deleted Files Are Recoverable

Before we even start answering your question you must know that how windows track any files in your hard disk, what happens when you delete a file in your hard disk and, is SSD acts the same as HDD on file deletion? In this article, I will tell you everything about Why Deleted Files Are Still Recoverable using any recoverable software.

How does windows track the starting and end of a files

First of all, we should know how windows track the files on your hard disk. Files tracking in your hard disk by any operating system is done through pointers. Now, what are pointers? So, pointers hold the address of the memory. 

These addresses in your hard disk are the places where actual files or you can say data is present, and these pointers tell the operating system where the file has begun and where it ends.

Windows don’t track the whole files in the hard disk as it requires a lot of time. It stores the starting and ending address of the file and when asked for it fetches it in parts in case of larger files. These things vary a lot in the case of SDD you come to know later in this article.

What happens when you delete a file?

To know this, we must first know how disposing of files works in windows or any other operating system. You already know that windows keep track of only the starting and ending of the file through pointers.

In the case of a hard disk when you delete a file only these pointers are deleted and space between these pointers is marked available for other files to be stored. The actual data remains intact as it is until new data is rewritten in that space.

This is the main reason why deleted files are still recoverable with the help of software which is best for data recovery.

Why are files not deleted from your hard disk?

why files are not deleted on your hard disk

Computers are known for their fast operation. Deleting a file by deleting its pointer and making its space available to new data is an extremely fast operation but if you talk about removing data from a hard disk is a slow process operation.

That is why the deletion through the pointer is taken into consideration, not the former one. For example, let’s take a 5GB file, deleting it through the pointers will be an instant operation

But if you try to remove the data from the hard disk by actually erasing the file’s content which means rewriting data to that place will take minutes.

This process will require more operation which will require more processing time. That’s why the pointer deletion is done.

Data is actually removed if you write any new content to that place and this way the CPU doesn’t waste time on things that are of no value and the operation is performed instantly. I hope that it would be clear from this Why Deleted Files Are Still Recoverable with the help of various data recovery software.

Why does SSD treat things differently?

Let’s talk about SSD (Solid State Drives) and how all the above operations don’t work the same as HDD. SSD data can not be overwritten on the flash cells.

If you write new data to a particular flash cell you need to erase the data in it first then you will be able to rewrite data in it. 

In SSD with TRIM enabled, file contents are immediately removed so that future operations can be performed faster, otherwise it will make the SSD slower if data has to be removed at the time of rewriting. Nowadays TRIM enabled SSD is very common. 

How to recover deleted files on Windows

recover files on windows using the recover it

As you have read earlier in hard disk the actual content of the sector is not erased this means it is still recoverable until it is not damaged by rewriting any new content to it. Accidentally deleted data can be recovered by using various software like Recuva or Recoverit etc.


What is the best data recovery software?

There is a lot of data recovery software that is present over the internet some are free some are paid. Some of the best and free data recovery software that are very easy to use are Recoverit by Wondershare and Recuva which offer both free and paid plans to their users.

Where do the permanently deleted files go?

Permanently deleted files remain in your hard disk until new data is written to that sector. Windows only delete the reference pointers to that memory location and make it available for future data storage. That is why even permanently deleted files are recoverable using data recovery software. 

How to prevent the recovery of deleted files?

Many may ask that Why Deleted Files Are Still Recoverable. So, to prevent the recovery of deleted files the simplest step that you can use is to use SSD as your storage unit. And in the case of HDD, you can use tools like the “File Shredding” tool or you can use Disk-Wiping Programs like DBAN which will rewrite your free space with garbage data so that it can be recoverable. 

How do I permanently delete files without recovery?

For single files or documents, you can use “File Shredding” tools, Driver wiper tools which wipe all hard disk data. Or you can use Disk-Wiping Programs Like DBAN which will rewrite your free space with a garbage value. 


I am sure you have come to the conclusion that it’s better to use SSD if you fear that your confidential files can be recovered. And hard disk data can be recovered very easily using data recovery software. If you have deleted something by accident and if it’s an important file then now you know that it can be recovered. 

If you have any other queries related to Why Deleted Files Are Still Recoverable in computers hard disk then please comment below.

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