Vivaldi Browser Review: Well Featured Browser?

Browsers these days come with loads of features which are just amazing for users and indeed there are a number of options to choose from which are just very good for the users.

So, in this particular post you can have a proper knowledge on one of the known and good browsers i.e. Vivaldi Browser. So, head on! 

This is indeed one of the most underrated and underestimated browsers of all because it is not that bad as users see it to be, which is quite unfair because the developers should get the fair results of their hard work. Also, this browser is developed by one of the Co-founders of Opera, so expecting good is quite obvious from this browser.

This is another browser which is based on Google’s open-source code Chromium, so you can expect it to be snappy and offering a lot of features at the same time which is great for any of the users.

Basically, we can call this a merge up between Chrome and Opera because it seems more like that which makes it more attractive than both of the browsers but.

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Features Table

FeaturesVivaldi browser
Ad BlockerYes
Upgrades to HTTPSNo
Script BlockerNo
Tracker BlockerYes
Multiple ProfilesYes
Free VPNNo
Chrome extensions supportYes
Cookie BlockerYes
Snapshot ShortcutYes
Cross-site device recognition No
User and Developer rewardsNo
Accessible to other platforms (within the browser)Yes
Multi Functioning within the browserYes

User Interface

UI is probably one of the top most aspects to look into when you are searching for a browser and let me tell you that this browser has one of the best UI you can get which is impressive.

The time you install it in your system will show up some of the options to customize the browser according to your needs and for a personalized feeling such as setting the themes and will from the beginning which is good enough. 

You can see that everything is in its place but if you are a Chrome or Brave user than you might be used to some of the toggles at the right side but in this browser you will find it at the left side which is a Sidebar where all the shortcuts and setting gear is also placed.

However, the time you install the browser you will find that there are some bookmarks already saved which is quite manageable because it is at-least not filled with random ones.

Here is the screenshot of Vivaldi home page.

Vivaldi UI

Privacy and Security

Personal data is one of the most important things that one should consider when some-one browses often and regularly because the number of hackers and scammers on the other side are uncountable.

Basically, when you are hacked or your data is used for real illegal things then surely you can expect yourself to be in real trouble because no one knows what the hackers would do with it such as they would use it for illegal bank transactions and many more illegal deeds.

Third party services

This actually depicts the usage of Google services that means there are few of the Google services which is indeed helpful for some of the browsers just like this one.

Google phishing and malware protection is nothing but an additional layer to the security system which prevents the user from minor malware and phishing attempts which can be disabled under the reach of Google.

Using Google services to assist in form auto-fill allows you as a user to fill-up any kind of official form in a website by recalling the data that you have used previously in the system. 

privacy and security vivaldi

Search management

Basically, I was not quite impressed by the feature that these options are present in the security system because the search management has to be in a separate toggle which is a pretty basic thing and the developers should have marked that.

There is also a separate toggle which I have mentioned below. So read ahead!

In this option you can choose whether you want to search in the address field or which is the address bar, further you can also choose for suggestions in address field and search field. I would suggest you turn all of them on. 

Tracker Blocking

Tracks are basically the pathway through which you have visited a website.

Vivaldi almost blocks all the tracks because of obvious reasons. So, whenever you visit a website, there are chances that tracks may lead the hackers or sometimes the website owner or even your ISP to acquire your personal data and information from your device.

So, the tracker blocker in the Vivaldi browser blocks away from all the tracks through which a user can get hacked.

In this option, you also get to choose Block Ads on abusive sites. Overall, the security and privacy feature present in this browser is pretty good for a regular browser.

Here, you also get to choose the blocking level i.e. No Blocking, Block Trackers, Block Trackers and Ads. 

I would suggest you to set it to the third one i.e. block trackers and ads. However, it can get quite aggressive at times for which you have an option of exceptions where you can set a particular website and let the browser’s security policies ignore the norms for that particular website which is decent enough.  

History management

This is just another feature which should’ve been somewhere else but instead it is in the privacy toggle.

However, you can choose whether to show search history in the address bar and search field or not. 

history vivaldi

Also, below that you can choose whether you have to save the browsing history or not and if yes then you can also set the time period of saved browsing history which is a good feature. 

Password management

There are times when you will notice that at times when you are logging in to social media platforms browsers ask whether to save passwords or not.

 From this option, one can set whether to save or not which will automatically disable or do the job of saving passwords.

Cookie blocker and Cookie management

You might have noticed that there are some unwanted files which automatically come into your system while you visit a website, be it an authorized one or an unauthorized one.

cookies settings vivaldi

So, the Vivaldi Cookies blocker blocks all the scripts i.e. the unwanted cookies or data which is absolutely useless. 

It tends to disable all the malicious cookies or we can say viruses to enter the system which is very impressive. In addition you also get options to choose from i.e. accept cookies or whether to allow third party cookies or not.

Further you can also view the cookies saved in your device and delete them too by clicking just one button within the browser which is just great. 


We are well aware of the fact that ads are one of the most disturbing and irritating components on the internet which sometimes ruins the whole experience of the user if the ads are rigid and most of the time they are.

There are times when you will notice that some of the ads just get stuck in the webpage and eventually does not allow you to make any functions within the browser, which further results in restarting the whole Browser which is very irritating.

These kinds of things will happen to you when you are not using a Browser which is well optimized or Browser without an ad blocker.

When it comes to Ad-blocker in the Vivaldi browser, you can expect it to work pretty well and eventually block all the popup and Ads as well without any issue at most of the times.

There is no such specific toggle for Ad-blocking in this browser, rather you can get the option in the privacy toggle. 

Sidebar or The Panel management

Just like Opera browser, this one also has a sidebar which kind of makes the life of users better but most of the users these days are acquainted to the simplicity of applications, so, I won’t say the sidebar is useless rather it depends upon the user entirely.

So, the sidebar or we can say it as the panel in this browser contains a lot of options which is actually useful to the users.

The NotePad

vivaldi note pad

This is probably the most used or most useful feature in the so called panel in this browser. Be it any website, all you have to do is just head over to the notepad by clicking on the icon and you are done. Write or note any important thing or events in your Vivaldi notepad without being distracted by anything.

History viewer

history vivaldi

This feature basically views the browsing history which is sorted according to the date and even you can search for a particular stored history by entering the keywords or by day which is quite good if you are searching for a visited site.

Tab Management or Window management

This is nothing but an option to manage the tabs in the browser such as adding the home page or pinning the important or frequently viewed websites which comes in as a handy feature for a regular user. It also shows the closed tabs and the number of tabs trashed which is good. 

As we talk about this feature, tab management in Vivaldi is quite amazing. If you go on and look at the top or the address bar and drag it down with the arrow by adjusting it then you can actually see the tab in a minimized form at the top of the address bar which is kind of cool. 

Below is a screenshot. 

tab management and sidepanel window vivaldi

Download manager

Basically, there are not many features available to control the downloading or to be downloaded files. But, you can directly view the location of the downloaded file, time taken by the browser to download the particular file, restart option and average speed which is decent enough because all these info are shown in the sidebar. 

download manager vivaldi

Platform Availability

Well, the users these days are divided into groups and developers have to target every single group of users and unfortunately, there is no iOS version of this browser but it does have an Android and MAC version.


It feels pretty basic and clean in the Android but as of now it is nowhere near the browsers which are ruling the Android market. But, again you might like the browser so, do give it a try at-least once.

It could be a good application for Android users but it’s just that there are better options currently. Also, not many people know about Vivaldi when it comes to the Android version.

MAC version 

Well, if you are one of the MAC users then you already know that Vivaldi could be a good choice for you but again there are better options such as Safari, Firefox and Brave browser which can surely perform way too better than Vivaldi in MAC.

Overall, the MAC version is good enough for any naïve user but I would suggest other browsers than Vivaldi because they are surely better.


Well, in this version it is pretty basic and simple to use the browser, rather it is almost similar to that of the MAC version. All you have to do is head-over to the Vivaldi page and download the latest version of the browser to use it. The features in Windows version are also quite a lot, as we know that it is based upon Google’s Open Source Chromium users can expect frequent updates and variety of features which is good for the users.

Pros And Cons 

Yes, there are Pros and Cons to everything and it’s just a browser so you can expect plenty of both sides.

Overall, the UI feels average and there are times when you will be annoyed like the different window for the settings, scattered setting options and the small icons for setting options which feels quite annoying at times and so on.

For a better idea, here is the table.

Minimalistic UIScattered toggles
Average Memory consumptionOptions are not managed 
Good customization optionsSome features are unnecessary
Excellent Tab managementBrowsing speed is average
Side bar comes in handyViewing options are not that great when it comes to setting gear
Multi user optionNo extension toggle or shortcut

So, above were the likes and dislikes about the browser. This is a highly personal opinion so make sure you also use it first.

Extension Support

Extensions are basically shortcuts to the platforms in the web which allows you to access the platform within the browser itself.

When we talk about extensions, one thing that comes to our mind is Chrome (Web store) because it began the trend of extensions in web browsers.

There are browsers in the market which tend to feature their own extension store which is decent enough but deep down we all know that web store is the best one.

Vivaldi browser also tends to support almost all the extensions from the web-store which is very impressive because you will get thousands of verified platforms to be available in the web-store which you can run within the browser itself.

Still, you can expect some of the extensions to be not compatible with the Vivaldi browser because of obvious reasons and i.e. the extensions are specifically developed for Chrome.

Also, I didn’t find any toggle regarding extensions so as per my opinion you will have to directly visit the Web Store.

Resource consumption

This is one of the main concerns for the users who are using an outdated or a system which is loaded with average specs. 

Memory and CPU consumptions affect a lot when you function by minimizing the particular tool or software because when it consumes more you can expect the other functions in your system to not work perfectly i.e. slowly. 

It is quite obvious and there is nothing to worry about.

Vivaldi browser is based on Google’s open source i.e. chromium and most of the browsers use this because of obvious reasons.

People claim that chromium uses a lot of computer memory and yes it does if the browser is that heavy and performing well but for a browser like Vivaldi the consumption is average because it is quite well optimized.

Here is a screenshot of my system and memory consumption of the Vivaldi browser where I was also running Brave browser and Chrome Browser.

memory consumption vivaldi

Customization features

Just like any other browser, Vivaldi also features several customization options for the user’s custom experience. You can easily get into the Appearance option by going to the settings gear.

It basically has two options to customize the browser and all i.e. appearance options and themes options.

In appearance, you can find that most of the settings are related to the appearance of the toggles in the dashboard and there is an option to change the background color further when you scroll down you can see there are options to adjust the contrast which is great.

VIvaldi Appearance management

Also, you can adjust the viewing category of the menu bar at the top section.

Themes option allows the users to entirely customize the look of the browser i.e. the real adjustment of the whole appearance like settings, dark themes and so on. In addition you are also getting a Razer Chroma effect option which certainly works when you have a RGB keyboard or mouse attached. 

vivaldi themes

Further, you also get Philips Hue option which can be availed when you have the required item attached to the system. In short, there are some options which require other external devices to avail and it seems quite exaggerated.

Multi-user options

If you are one of the Chrome users then you already know that you can easily create multiple user accounts to use the browser.

The same is with the Vivaldi browser, just go to the Vivaldi browser open it then click on the top right area where you can see the option for Create A New Profile then you will see a small pop-up will be opened then set up it as a new user and done.

You can easily access the profiles by doing the same and there you can manage all the profiles too. Overall this feature is well optimized and very useful.

Below is a screenshot.

vivaldi multi user

Password management

This is another highlight which fundamentally, lets you save all your passwords and IDs such as Gmail and its password. Basically, according to the browser it is a safe place to store the passwords which does not make sense at all. 

All things considered, this feature is one of the features of the Vivaldi browser that I didn’t like because users are too cautious while they are active on the internet and for sure they won’t use this feature at any cost.

password management vivaldi

However, one can also turn it off in the privacy settings.

This feature is not what I would recommend because one single breach into the servers of the Vivaldi browser and all your accounts and passwords are out on the internet which isn’t safe at all.

Speed test

Users always have been focusing on speed and in this age it is the primary thing which they want in their browsers. If the browser is not fast enough then users will instantly remove it or stop using it because no one likes waiting.

You can notice that Vivaldi performs averagely when it comes to speed but it’s not like one cannot use it.

But, I must say that Vivaldi is not the fastest browser I have used in Windows which makes the browser slightly behind the competition.

Search engine management

So, this is one of the features that might seem quite common but let me tell you that it is indeed very useful on its own. Also, the browser is set to Bing search engine when you install it so make sure. 

These days there are several search engines available in the market and everyone has their own choices which is quite obvious. 

This option in the browser allows you to choose between a few of the search engines or else you can also just feed the link to your wanted search engine and the browser will set it to the default search engine until and unless you change it.

You can find the option to manage the search engines in the settings gear.

 Below is a screenshot.

vivaldi search engine management

Shortcuts or Hotkeys

This is one of a kind feature available in the Opera browsers. But, to be honest it is quite unnecessary because no one would like to waste time setting up the gestures and recalling it in the meantime.

Gestures, basically it is the special commands or we can say it as a shortcut command to function on the system and this time it is a browser so functioning and usability is within the browser.

vivaldi keyboard shortcuts

Vivaldi browser features plenty of options if you are keen to use gestures in the browser such as closing all the tabs, opening tabs, refreshing while browsing and even another snapshot gesture(if you want). 

Below you can see a few of the gestures regarding the mouse.

Vivaldi Mouse shortcuts


Getting back all the stored data and saved pages or bookmarks in the browser is way too important when you are switching to another device. Sync helps you to not lose the data and personalized stuff from the browser by backing it up to your specific account.

Here, you need to create a Vivaldi Account in-order to avail the sync feature in Vivaldi which is quite obvious.

vivaldi sync 1

Be it an android device or an iOS device, once you have logged in to the Vivaldi account then you can further login to your account in any of your device or computer system and get back all the data.

Basically, all the bookmarks, history, saved items, passwords, extensions and every single thing you can sync it with the browser you log in to. 

This way you upgraded or switched to other devices and lost no data that was precious to you.

Support provided by the officials 

Well, there is no such rewards support from the officials but you can surely get support from the officials regarding usability and tutorial.

Basically, the time you install the browser you are greeted with a support window after setting up the browser which is kind of weird because there was no need for a support window after setting the whole browser.

Support from developers Vivaldi

However, the greeting window provides shortcuts to the community page, social handles and video tutorial too. 

Another funny thing is that I was unable to find the support shortcut anywhere in the setting gear rather you can find it in the Vivaldi home website which is just useless.

Do I Recommend The Vivaldi Browser? 

I wouldn’t because one will surely get annoyed by the setting options, which is extremely annoying. All the toggles are unmanaged and just placed here and there which is very Naïve to be exact. To be honest, people say it is an amalgamation of Chrome and Opera, but for real it’s not at all a good combination.

There are way better options available in the market. Yes, there are good sides to the browser too such as numerous features, easy customization, notepad, sidebar, and so on but the bad sides are too overpowering i.e. the whole experience of the browser which makes the browser even worse.


Is Vivaldi better than Chrome?

No, because Chrome is just good at almost everything and I would say that Vivaldi is not at all even closer to Chrome. Yes, there is one aspect in which Chrome is way behind and i.e. the Ad-blocking system. Still people would and should go for Chrome over Vivaldi any day.

Is the Vivaldi browser fast?

I would say that it is average in terms of loading speed. One can find a number of options in place of Vivaldi if they are searching for a faster browser. But, again it is surely worth downloading at-least once because it is not the worst at all.

Who owns the Vivaldi browser?

It is owned by Vivaldi Technologies which is handled by the former CEO and Co-founder of the Opera technologies i.e. Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner.

Is Vivaldi better than Firefox?

No, because Firefox is one of the most popular and also is one of the best browsers of all time. People from the past decade and eventually it is one of the best lightweight browsers in the market with minimal complexities and incredible performance which makes it superior to the Vivaldi browser.


As per my experience with this browser, it has been terrible because I personally have been using this browser for a week or two and there are a lot of unnecessary features and it is so complex to maneuver within the browser for normal settings which is again quite not impressive for any user.

In the end, I would say that this is not the best browser I have used but for sure it’s worth trying once because some of you might like the features and have the right external device to enjoy features such as Philips Hue lighting present in the appearance settings.

And If you are one of the users who are in search of a perfect browser then you need to try Brave browser because it has just all the things that are needed for any kind of user.

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