4 Best Free Video Recording Apps For Android

Cameras on our smartphones are getting better and better each day. Most brands have come up with amazing cameras to provide users the best experience. But still, there are few things why we as a user want to switch to third party applications for video recording. Most preinstalled apps lack advanced features and don’t allow many customizations. 

So, now that you want a camera app, which one should you go with? There are tons of options that can confuse anyone. So, I have compiled a list of the best camera apps that are absolutely free on the play store. So, let’s check out the list.

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1. Open Camera

Open Camera

Open Camera has been around for many years and it has got better and better with every single update. It has attributes of a high-end professional camera and Camera2 API gives so much control over the smartphone camera. You can change so many things like ISO, white balance, exposure, and more. You can configure volume keys to do different functions. 

For tech-savvy users, there are features like GPS-location tagging of videos and photos. And the best thing? You can set manual focus in video recordings. I found the interface to be a little cluttered. Definitely can confuse any beginner and you might have to spend a little bit of time learning to use the app. I really love using this app and would recommend you to try it as well. 

Check Out: Open Camera

2. HD Camera

HD Camera

HD Camera might is a pretty decent camera app for anyone starting fresh with cameras. It might not be as advanced as the other two apps above, but it just gets the job done. It doesn’t have any support for Camera2 API, which means there are not many advanced features you can take advantage of. But the app performs well as far as I’ve tested. 

The Interface is so clean and simple, which makes it ideal for newbies. You can control things like white balance, exposure, ISO, and more. There are a few handy features like filters for the video which is not something I see in a lot of apps. But one thing I don’t like about it is that it has ads in the interface. Overall, it’s a pretty decent video recording app and worth a try. 

Check Out: HD Camera

3. Camera FV5 Lite

Camera FV5 Lite

The main reason to include this app in this list is that, like its name, its lite, so it supports low-end android phones as well. But don’t underestimate this camera app because of its name, it’s a pretty powerful application with so many advanced features. You can set relations, aspect rations, control exposure, shutter speed, white balance and so much more to capture amazing videos. 

The interface is quite easy to use. It’s kept minimal and easy to navigate between different features. I especially love the yellow ring around the shutter button, gives a nice look to the home screen. It doesn’t have support for Camera2 API, so it’ll lack some features like manual focus. But overall, this is a pretty decent app and a must-have if you have a low-end smartphone. 

Check Out: Camera FV5 Lite

4. Manual Camera Lite

Manual Camera Lite

Manual Camera Lite is also a really advanced camera app. It has a pro version as well which is a paid app with a few extra features. But for a normal user who wants more control of the camera for video recording, the lite version is more than enough. Like all the other apps, it offers you control things like focus, shutter speed, exposure, white balance, ISO, and more. 

The interface is a bit confusing, but you’ll learn to use it soon enough. It’s somewhat similar to the open camera in looks. There’s a manual slider to control the focus and it’s pretty handy. You can see all the applied settings on the top of the screen. The addition of filters on the videos in real-time is really amazing. Overall, a pretty good app with so many features. 

Check Out: Manual Camera Lite


How do I record a video on my Android phone?

You can just open the camera app and switch to video mode and hit the shutter button to start recording videos on your Android phone. 

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