8 Free & Very Useful Extension On Chrome Web Store

Chrome is one the most powerful browsers available today, but its biggest strength is the collection of add-ons it offers. You can enhance Chrome’s capabilities using this and get the most out of it. But the Chrome web store is packed with so many extensions that it often gets confusing which ones are the genuine or the useful ones. 

So, in this article, I am going to talk about the Useful Extensions On Chrome Web Store. I myself use all of these and would recommend you as well to transform your online experience. So, let’s check out these extensions. 

1. BuyHatke 


If you shop online from sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, or anywhere else then this extension can save a lot of your money. Using this extension you can see the price history graph of any product on the product page itself. You can see what has been the price of the product on which date. 

You can see the average price and chances of price drops of that product. But that’s not all, you can also set reminders for price drops and can choose at what price you want it to remind you. It will send you an email whenever the price drops. This makes it the most useful extension on the list. 

Check Out: BuyHatke

2. Google Input Tools 

Google Input Tools

How often have you been in a situation where you wanted to write something in a different language and you had to take help from a translator? Well, not anymore, because Google Input Tools automatically types the text in any of the languages you want it to.

To use it, you simply have to right-click on the extension and then choose the language you want to write in. The language will be added to the list. You can use it and turn it off easily.  It’s extremely easy to use and really does the job well. It is one of my favorite tools which I often use. 

Check Out: Google Input Tools

3. Grammarly

Grammarly 1

If you’re like me who often makes spelling mistakes while typing then Grammarly is going to be your lifesaver. It automatically corrects your spelling mistakes, suggests what you should write, and checks grammar and sentence structure as well. You don’t have to go through your writings manually anymore to check for errors. 

Grammarly really saves a lot of my time and energy as it automates the process of error corrections. It works on any of the input boxes of the browser. You can also see the meaning of the words by just selecting them and adding new words to the dictionary. You can enable this in the extension’s settings. Overall, a pretty useful app that I use every day. 

Check Out: Grammarly

4. Save to Pocket

Save to Pocket

If you like reading online articles a lot then Get Pocket will be a very useful extension for you. You have to create an account on the Get Pocket website and log in to the extension. Then you can easily add the articles in the extension and head off to the Get Pocket website to read them.

Get Pocket Website

It’s a nice way to organize the articles you want to read. You get additional features like highlighting texts, adding tags, and more. You can also install the Get Pocket app on your smartphone and you can access all of your saved articles. Overall, it’s an amazing app for readers and improves productivity as well. 

Check Out: Save to Pocket

5. Bitwarden


Let’s face it, remembering usernames and passwords is not an easy task if you have accounts on so many platforms. I used to save passwords in my phone memo until I discovered the password manager Bitwarden. It’s an amazing password manager with a security ecosystem to make sure all your passwords remain safe. 

It will automatically fill the saved username and passwords in the input in any of the websites. You also get the mobile app which will be in sync with the account you have on your Chrome extension.

So now you don’t have to worry about losing your passwords on websites. You can install and forget them without any worry. Really a very useful extension. 

Check Out: Bitwarden

6. Screenity 


If you want to record your browser screen without installing any application then the Screenity Chrome extension is going to save a lot of your time. You can easily record your browser screen, desktop screen, or webcam. It even has the option to turn on the microphone, which is pretty amazing.

You get animation tools like a highlighter, drawing pen, eraser, and more tools to help you explain things while recording the screen. This can be really useful for work, education, and more.  Once your videos are recorded, you can download them without any quality loss.  I find it a really amazing extension for screen recording. 

Check Out: Screenity

7. Smart Mute 

Smart Mute

For someone like me who watches a lot of youtube videos and keeps multiple videos in the Chrome tabs, the Smart Mute Chrome extension can be really helpful. It happens a lot of times that you hear multiple audios from multiple tabs. Smart Mute will automatically mute the audio in other tabs which are not active.

You can also whitelist certain pages so that you can play something in the background while working or browsing the internet. Similarly, you can blacklist as well to mute the audio from the website. You also get silent mode which will help you focus on your work or studies by muting everything. Overall, it’s a pretty useful and must-have Chrome extension. 

Check Out: Smart Mute

8. Free Download Manager 

Free download manager interface

You might already know what Free Download Manager is but installing the Chrome extension boosts productivity and saves a lot of your time copy-pasting the download links. If you have both of two, the FDM application and Chrome extension installed on your PC then the extension will help you catch the download links and automatically start them in the FDM application. 

This is a nice way to integrate your browser with the FDM application and it’ll save you from the hassle. You can get so many advanced features like pause, add new download links, download torrents, etc, which are missing in the browser. Overall, the FDM Chrome extension is a must-have if you download regularly or download large files from the internet. 

Check Out: Free Download Manager 


What are the “must-have” extensions for Chrome?

BuyHatke, Grammarly, Bitwarden, and Free Download Manager are some of the must-have extensions for Chrome. 

What are the best Chrome Extensions for boosting your productivity?

Chrome extensions like Grammarly, Google Input Tools, Screenity, Get Pocket, and Smart Mute can really be helpful to boost your productivity.

How do I download extensions from the Chrome Web Store?

You can just head over the extension section of the Chrome Web Store, click on the extension you want and then click on “Add to Chrome” and the extensions will be installed in your Chrome browser. 

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