Best Method to Upload ShareX Screenshots to Imgur

Having the privilege of being able to share a certain screenshot or snapshot within a click, that too with specific remarks and edits is way too beneficial especially when you are in a hectic work environment. ShareX allows users to share or add particular files to share in various cloud destinations which allows its users to connect and feel convenient, especially professionals.

So, in this article, I will show how you can upload an image from ShareX by avoiding all the errors, without any hassle.

Here are the following steps to enable uploading from ShareX to Imgur directly.

Enable Upload image to Host

ShareX Upload Image to Host

Step 1. Open the ShareX app.
Step 2. Look for After Capture Tasks on the left side options.
Step 3. Select the option Upload Image To Host here and done.

Set Destination Host To Imgur

ShareX set destination to Imgur

Step 1. Look for Destinations, and click on it.
Step 2. Select the Image Uploader to Imgur and done.

Connect/Login To Imgur With ShareX

Connect ShareX with Imgur

Step 1. Look for Destinations, and open sub-settings.
Step 2. Now, look for Destination Settings there. 
Step 3. Next, select Account Type to User. 
Step 4. Press the Connect button and either Signup or sign in to your Imgur account.
Step 5. Then, you will be given an Authentication Code, and paste it into the mentioned area.
Step 6. Now, click on Complete Authorization and done.
Step 7. Hit the Connect button and you are connected to Imgur.
Step 8. Now, you can either create an album or let it upload on its own.
(I would recommend you separately sign up for an Imgur account; if you don’t have one, it will make the process even easier for you.)

ShareX Set account type to Anonymous

Or else you can set the Account Type to Anonymous and directly upload to Imgur as an anonymous user.

This was the method which will allow you to upload every single screenshot taken on your PC directly to Imgur. However, if you wish to specifically upload only selective screenshots which you wish to share without even logging in, then you will have to follow the next method to upload to Imgur.

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How does ShareX upload work?

All you need to do is, select the required Host and connect the Host account to ShareX. Once you have done this you can upload directly any content from ShareX.

Does ShareX automatically upload?

No, it won’t upload automatically any kind of content until and unless you have enabled the settings to do so.

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