Learn How To Update Outdated Software In Windows

Do you want to know how to Update Outdated Software In Windows 10? For this, You should follow this article. As time goes by, our computers fill up with many software, and often, we forget about updating them. On the other hand, the process of updating can be hectic and time-consuming.

Fortunately, there are currently tools that allow you to do all this quite quickly and, above all, quite comfortably. You do not have to go application by application by carrying out its pertinent procedures to search for new versions.

For this, you need to install an application called Glary Utilities. This tool is specially designed to update outdated software on your PC and has various useful tools like 1 click optimization and making your  PC run faster. 

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How to update software in PC using Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities is a pc optimization tool that helps you to optimize your PC, remove unnecessary files, defrag your hard disk, and many more. But, it also has software updater tools, which we are going to use. 

Glary Utilities Pro Interface

Now follow the below steps:

  • Now that you have it on your PC, open the tool. 
  • On the top, click on the tab which says ‘Advanced tools’
  • Now, from the list on the left, choose ‘Software update’. You can also use the icon on the bottom of the windows which will have an arrow pointing upwards. 
  • After clicking on it, it will begin to scan all the software that you have installed on your PC and will pop up the browser automatically and will open the download page of the software which is outdated on your PC. 
  • It will also show you other information like the version installed on your PC and the latest version available of software.
  • You can click on the download button and it will begin the process of downloading. 

And it is done. You can see you will have updated softwares installed on your PC without much effort. 


How to check for software updates on windows 10?

You can use the glary utilities tool. In that, click on Advanced tools and then to software update. It will scan your PC and will list the software which need updates.

What happens if you don’t update your software?

You might be missing some of the major changes and features if you update your software. In some, you can’t use the software if you don’t update it.


In this article, I have mentioned all about How to Update Outdated Software In Windows 10 for Free. I have mentioned software from Glarysoft that will do that for you within a few minutes. So, there is no need to manually check them out and update all software.

I hope you like my article if you have any doubts feel free to drop a comment in the comment section.

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