3 Best Methods To Uninstall Windows Updates (Quickly)

Typically, it is a good idea to keep your windows 10 up to date. But even a big company like Microsoft can get things wrong and push an update that has bugs while using your PC. Many such instances happened to me as well in the past. So, you must know how you can uninstall an update and roll back to the review version of windows. 

In this article, I am going to talk about the best methods you can use to uninstall Windows OS Updates. It won’t remove any of your files and data. So, let’s see how you can perform this. 

1. Uninstall Windows Update Using Settings App 

This is the best method for less tech-savvy users. To perform this, follow the below steps. 

  • Search “Settings” in the search option in Windows and open the app. 
  • Choose “Update & Security” which will be the last option. 
  • In the “Windows Update” subcategory, click on “View update history” 
  • Now click on the “Uninstall updates” 

It will list all the updates that you have done with exact dates. You can choose the latest update and right-click on it, and then choose “Uninstall” and it will start uninstalling the update. Once done, restart your PC. 

Note: Note down the KB number of the latest update and google it to know whether it is a feature update or a quality update. 

2. Using Advanced Startup

This method is a bit more advanced and intimidating for new users. So, here is how you can do this.

  • Open the same “Update & Security” section in the settings app as in the above method. 
  • In this list of sub-categories on the left, choose “Recovery”.
  • Scroll down a little to find out the “Advanced startup” section
  • From there, click on “Restart Now” and it will reboot your PC in Advanced startup mode. 
  • Now, you’ll be greeted with an advanced startup menu. Click on the Troubleshoot option.
  • Again, choose “Advanced options”. 
  • Then click on “Uninstall Updates”.

Now you will see two options, “Uninstall a latest quality update” and “Uninstall latest feature update.” Choose the one you want to uninstall. Use the KB number from the first method to identify whether it was a feature update or a quality update. Click on the correct option and your PC will be restarted. 

On the startup screen, enter your login info and click on “Continue”.  Then click on “Uninstall quality/quality update”, whatever appears on your screen. Your PC will be restarted and reverted back to the older version.  

Note: Big updates are called feature updates, and minor updates with security patches or bug fixes are called quality updates. 

3. Using Recovery Option In Settings

With this method, you can easily uninstall feature updates. But here’s the catch. For this method to work, you must have updated your PC only within the last 10 days. You can’t roll back after 10 days. So, here’s how you can do this. 

  • Go settings again and click on  “Update & Security”
  • In the “Recovery” subcategory, you will see an option written “Go back to the previous version of Windows 10”
  • Under that, click on the “Get started” button to begin the process. 
  • If the button isn’t clickable then it must have been more than 10 days since the last update.
  • You will be asked to choose the reason why you’re rolling back to the preview version. 

(It is recommended to choose the genuine reason so that Microsoft can improve the updates in the future).

Click on “Next”, “Next” and then “Go to earlier build” in the next 3 windows appeared and your PC will be restarted. You’ll have to enter the login credentials again. Once everything is done, it will be rolled back to the preview build of Windows. 


What happens if I uninstall updates on Windows 10?

If you uninstall the updates on your Windows 10, it will revert back to the older version. Any extra feature same with that update will be removed as well. 

Is uninstalling Windows 10 updates safe?

Yes. Uninstalling Windows 10 updates is completely safe. But, it isn’t recommended to do unless there is a critical problem with the new update. 

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