TWS Vs Neckband Vs Wired Earphone: Which One You Should Buy?

I know you love music. But one thing you love more than music is your earphones, and that’s obvious. And why not, they are the best friends for any audiophile. You take them to the gym, travel, workplace, and your bed. So, choosing your earphones doesn’t have to be complicated. 

In this article, I will be comparing wired earphones, neckbands, and wireless earphones. The options you get even in these categories are huge so I will also be sharing some of my favorite earphones with you. So, if that is musical enough, let’s dive straight into the topic. 

Wired VS Neckband VS TWS: What’s The Difference?

Broadly, I can categorize earphones into three categories. Wired, neckbands, and wireless, and the difference they have is prominent. So let’s check out how they differ from each other.

Price for decent earphones Under ₹500Around ₹1500-₹2500Above ₹4000
Range for usingAccording to the length of the wireAround 10 metersAround 10 meters
Sound QualityBest among the three categoriesBetter than TWS, but not better than wiredNot as good as other categories. 
Audio DelayNoYesYes
BatteryNo battery restrictionsBattery life of around 10-12hrsBattery life of around 8-10hrs
DurabilityNot much durableDecent DurabilityExtremely durable
PortabilityNot very portableExtremely portableExtremely portable
Connection type3.5mm jackBluetooth Bluetooth
Connection issuesNo issuesOccasional disconnectionsOccasional disconnections
Comfortability Not much comfortable to useDecently comfortable to useMost comfortable to use

Pros And Cons In Each Type

While there are many advantages of each type, you must take a look at the disadvantages of using each kind of earphone. So, let’s check out what each type 

Wired Earphones

Extremely easy to use, just plug and play. Limited range, according to the length of the wire.
No audio delayWired sometimes gets tangled
Much better mic qualityNot future-proof as most brands are removing the headphone jack from smartphones.
Lower in costIt may be uncomfortable sometimes

Buy Wired Earphones


Pros Cons
More portable and easy to use on the go.Require you to charge them beforehand
No worries about earphones falling offMore expensive for the same audio quality
Can use used with almost any device with a Bluetooth connectionSometimes Bluetooth pairing can be a hassle
More range and easy to move around wearing these.Battery life degrades over long-term usage

Buy Neckband Earphones

TWS Earphones

Most portable earphones, since they come with a caseMore expensive than other categories of earphones
Gives you total freedom of movementYou may have to compromise on sound quality
Easy to pick up calls and attendLess battery life than neckbands
Easy to switch between devices you’re connected to. Can be fragile, not suitable for rugged usage

Buy TWS (True Wireless Stereo)

Which Type Is Right For Your Kind?

As each one has its own advantages and disadvantages, selecting anyone can be a tedious task. And now that you know all about each kind, let’s find out which one suits your needs the best and where you can use a particular type. 

Wired Earphones• Best suited for gaming
• Good For users who don’t want to compromise on sound quality
• Looking for a budget-friendly option
• Looking for easy-to-use earphones with no complications. 
Neckbands• Best suited for physical activities like jogging and cycling
• Who wants more range to move around
• Who travel a lot and looking for portable options
• Looking for earphones with better battery life 
TWS  • Best suited for gymming and workouts
• People who prioritize comfort over other things
• Who are looking for earphones with more range 
• Looking for earphones that don’t look tacky and are stylish


Now that you know all about wired earphones, neckbands, and wireless ones, it’s easy for you to choose which one to go for according to your needs and priorities. I personally find neckbands as the perfect balanced ones among the three. And looking at how technology is progressing, wireless ones are definitely the future. 

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