How To Turn On Enhanced Protection In Chrome

Privacy is a big concern in today’s world, especially when it comes to browsing the web. But you need not worry because Google Chrome has many built-in tools and settings that will make your online activity safer and give you more protection than what you would normally get. 

One such tool is Enhanced Protection that we’ll be talking about today. I will tell you what it exactly is and you can turn this on on your smartphone and PC for a better and safer browsing experience. So, let’s dive straight into the topic. 

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What Is Enhanced Protection in Google Chrome?

Enhanced Protection is a new feature under Enhanced Safe Browsing. Basically, Google maintains a list of all the safe websites and it uses this to prevent users from visiting malicious websites. It checks the URL in real-time whether the site you’re going to visit is a phishing site or not. 

When Enhanced Protection is enabled, Google Chrome shares browsing data with Google. This helps in threat assessments to be more effective than ever. This might present a new privacy concern as well since browsing data is shared with Google, but it will ultimately help you be safe.

How To Enable Enhanced Protection

Enhanced Protection is available for both PC and smartphone users. Here’s how you can enable this on your devices. 

On PCs

Enhanced protection in google chrome PC
  1. Launch the Chrome browser.
  2. Go to Settings Settings > Privacy and Security settings > Security > Safe Browsing
  3. Under Safe Browsing, click on Enhanced Protection. 

You will notice there are 3 options. Let’s find out what each option is used for. 

  • Enhanced protection: With this enabled, you will get a safer experience. The browser will prevent you from visiting malicious sites and won’t let you download content that may possess harmful codes or software. It will warn you about password breaches as well. 
  • Standard Protection: It offers standard protection against any kind of harmful content and downloads. You won’t get any warning about password breaches. 
  • No Protection: With this enabled, you’ll still get some protection in Google’s services like Gmail and Google Search. But you won’t offer protection against any website, downloads, or extensions.  

On Smartphones

Enhanced protection in google chrome android
  1. Open the Google Chrome Browser
  2. Go to Settings > Privacy and Security settings > Safe Browsing
  3. Under it, you will get the same 3 options as in PCs.
  4. Click on Enhanced Protection and that’s it. 


Should I turn on enhanced protection in Chrome?

Yes. It is recommended to turn on enhanced Protection on Google Chrome for a better and more secure browsing experience. 

Can Enhanced Protection protect against viruses?

Yes. When Enhanced Protection is enabled, it will forbid you from downloading files that may possess any malicious codes or may even viruses. 

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