Tor Browser Review: BEST Way To Surf Anonymously?

‘Hacker’ we all wanted to be one for once in our life. Whether we are from a tech background or from a non-tech background we all get fascinated by the person who can do so much by just pressing some buttons and being completely anonymous. This article will help you wish for a certain limit. Here we are going to review the most secure and Private browser Tor browser and.

In this Tor browser review article, we are going to provide every single detail about its features and workings. So, let’s dive into it.

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What Is TOR Browser?

Tor was developed by the US Naval Research Laboratory in the mid- 1990s and its sole purpose is to protect  U.S. intelligence communication online. But now it is running as a non-profit organization and providing people a most private and secure browser in this digital time when keeping one’s things private is a difficult task.

Onion Routing Network

Onion Routing is based on a layered network where the data is passed through different layers called nodes. In this there is an entry node and exit node and whenever the data or the information is passed from one node to another it gets encrypted this allows additional security layer to the information.

Tor Security & Privacy

Tor Browser is the most secure browser you can have till date for your day to day activity on the internet. With its layered and multiple encryptions it will protect you from being tracked by any third-party tracker. 

Wanted to know how it is better than others in terms of security, Tor uses its own network called a layered network that follows the onion routing. Tor networks anonymize you by encrypting your information as it bounces it through the different-different servers called nodes. These nodes are run by volunteer individuals and a combination of these nodes are called circuits.

tor security features

Every time your information is passed from one node to another it gets encrypted. So with multilayer encryption it is nearly impossible to track your activity which includes instant messages, websites, posts, and other communication forms.

Although there are certain things that should be kept in mind, that will ensure your 100% anonymity.

Tor browser even lets you browse through uncensored internet although there are certain limits or you can say certain websites that do not allow traffic coming from tor network like Wikipedia.

 It is infamous as a platform that will let you conduct confidential communication and Tor will give you an unmonitored experience.


Tor is mostly built over maxilla Firefox and other open-source technology. As it is a modified version of Firefox it feels and looks like firefox with some slight differences. 

It provides a slandered interface that you find in most of the browsers .

tor interface

Some noticeable points are:

  1. Tabs are horizontally added rather than minimizing at the top when reaching a specific number
  2. It has a quick access button to the upper right corner  that includes:
  • Download manager icon
  • Levels of security icon will let you choose through the security options.
  • A Tor icon that will help to create a new identity and with that you can reset your browsing data.
Tor Browser
Tor Browser
Developer: The Tor Project
Price: Free
  • Tor Browser Screenshot
  • Tor Browser Screenshot
  • Tor Browser Screenshot
  • Tor Browser Screenshot
  • Tor Browser Screenshot
  • Tor Browser Screenshot
  • Tor Browser Screenshot

Tor Default search engine

Tor comes with DuckDuckGo as a default search engine. But as a matter of fact unlike Chrome, it provides a list of various other search engines that their users can choose from. The list includes YouTube, Google, DuckDuckGoonion, etc.

tor default search engine

 Platform Availability

Tor is available for Windows XP and its later version but only compatible with the 64 bit Operating System.

It also provides support to the android users who have 4.1 and above versions but it has nothing for the iOS users. 

Extension and Plugins 

As you know that the Tor browser is built over Mozilla firefox it supports all the extensions and plugins that are built to work over this platform.

But as these plugins and extensions are third party software they may try to collect information on your activity that will definitely impact your anonymity.

That is why the Tor is said to be very light on features because it is totally focused on providing you the safe and secure browsing experience and for that Tor community advice you to avoid using any kind of other extensions and plugins and only recommend to use what is provided within the browser.  

Performance / Speed

As Tor works over the concept of onion routing or multilayer network it makes it slower than all browsers present in the market. For bouncing of IPs from one node to another consumes time but that does not mean the browser will work is said with considerable internet speed you can even stream videos live.

As the data is encrypted data when passed from one server to another before reaching the exit node the loading speed of Tor is considerably low.

Revenue model:

Tor gets its funding from different different sources some of the sources are. 

tor donation

Research fundings: Organizations and groups provide funds to do fundamental research on privacy and censorship. 

Core Organization Support: the primary support that targets are from their users’ donations. As Tor is a non-profit organization and to cover its day to day expenses it asks its users to donate that will help keep Tor strong and working towards providing safer browsing experience to the ordinary people. 

Dark Web & Deep Web

The dark web is those areas of the internet that are not indexed by search engines. Tor provides ease to the people to access the dark web. There are facts and assumptions that Tor is used by criminals for their activity as Tor hides their true identity by hiding their IPs. 

Domains with the *.onion extensions are the most popular portions. Deep Web is the portions of the internet that can not be touched directly. When accessed through the normal browsers they will simply display “The Webpage is not available” however it will open as a normal website through the Tor browser.

Pros and Cons

Can surf the internet anonymously slower than normal browser
Can access the uncensored internetlack customization features
Most secure browseronly suitable for surfing the web
Certain website will not run as they should

Additional Features

Reader Mode: The Tor browser is very effective in blocking the ads that are personalized on your search activity. It gives a clear view of any article or a page that has a very annoying ad system.

It provides some customization tools that will come in handy when you try to make the Tor as per your comfort.

Brave Browser with an inbuilt Tor feature


I know you must be thinking of finding an alternative to this Tor browser where you get the same security feature without compromising on the other aspects of the browser like good features, good performance, and speed, easy to use interface, etc. 

I think I can help you with that, Brave browser is the best alternative which is present at this moment for Tor Browser. It comes with an inbuilt Tor feature with its incognito mode through which it will let you surf the internet with the Tor network and Tor level of security. And the pulse point is that it is equipped with lots of advanced and futuristic features to help you while you work.


Is it safe to use Tor browser?

Yes, it is extremely safe to use Tor Browser. You will not find any risk or threat while using it unless you do something creepy. It will make you free from being tracked by other big companies for their advertisement purpose.

In which country Tor is illegal?

Tor Browser is not illegal except for some countries where GOVT is against free internet and where they want to keep control over every aspect of their Public lives. Tor can even let you access the uncensored internet.

What is a Tor Browser used for?

Tor is simply a normal browser used for doing day to day internet activity. Tor browsers provide you lots of features that will make your time on the internet free from the trackers and many other monitoring out there.

Why do people use Tor Browsers?

Tor is mostly used for doing the anonymous activity on the internet. Some people use it for sending private messages, posts, etc. Government officials use it to keep their conversation private. Many organizations use it for research purposes. As per their need people use Tor for various purposes and the main purpose of using Tor is being anonymous.


In this Tor browser review you can see that, the Tor browser is a totally privacy-centric browser, it is very useful for surfing the internet anonymously. Using Tor you will be invisible for all the website trackers. Tor even let you surf through the deep web and access the *.onion domains which will not show on the normal browser.

As Tor is totally built only keeping in mind the security of the user there’s not much to the other features that many other browsers have to help their users. Tor comes with all the standard features with its sole purpose of protecting you from being tracked or monitored.

And the main point is, with Tor you fulfill your all-time wish of being a hacker as now using Tor you are invisible to the trackers and your information is protected through the multilayered encryption.

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