Systweak VPN Review: Best Made In India VPN?

Wherever you go online, we are always concerned about security and privacy. For a safe browsing experience, you can use a VPN service. The VPN also maintains your privacy and protects your anonymity online. 

Hence, choosing a reliable VPN is very important for you. Other than privacy, VPN also unlocks your access to restricted sites in different countries and gives you remote access to your servers from a remote location. You can also access geo-restricted data online.  

To help you decide on a VPN, I am here with this article. So, in this article, I am going to provide a detailed Systweak VPN review with all the features and workings. I will give a brief about all its pros & downsides and even subscription options for you. Here we go :

Systweak VPN is a recently launched VPN from Systweak Software, a renowned name in optimization and security tools. 

This VPN will provide your PC with a safe environment to surf the internet protecting your data from online trackers and phishing. Systweak VPN hides your IP address, letting you access geo-restricted content too.

In this article, I will provide a full detailed Systweak VPN review and will tell you about its features, pros & cons, what this VPN can unblock for you.  Let’s explore the Systweak VPN at a glance.

Quick Overview 

Easy to use3/5
Overall Rating4/5

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Features of Systweak VPN

FeaturesSystweak VPN
Strong encryptionYes
No user loggingYes
Worldwide Network Yes
Kill SwitchYes
Safe Wifi ProtectionYes
Data LeaksNo
Multi-Platform compatibilityNo
Split TunnelingNo
Countries Access to 53+ countries
SupportEmail & Online Resources
Encryption and protocolsAES 256-bit encryption
Servers2500+ servers 
Devices AllowedUnlimited
ProtocolsOpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP

Zero Log Policies

The Systweak VPN has a no-log policy that means it never stores any event log or user data log as it is out of their policies. Your browsing history and data activities would be confidential and secured. 

It will maintain your privacy and security. This VPN provides great peace of mind as it efficiently protects its users’ privacy. So, users do not have to worry about their privacy. 

Kill Switch

If there is any accidental drop in connection, then this feature comes to play. This feature will automatically disconnect you from the Internet at the moment your VPN connection drops thereby helping to maintain your anonymity. It ignites the Kill Switch and blocks exposure on your confidential data. 

Secure and Anonymous browsing

With this VPN never worry about revealing your actual IP address and location. You can simply use any of its servers to change your IP address. Even if you connect to a public Wi-Fi, you can stay assured that you are protected with the security of Systweak VPN. 

It encrypts your data and helps you spoof your location. You can easily avoid sites from tracking your online activity and identity thefts.

Server Network

Systweak VPN has around 4500+ servers located in 53+ countries. This VPN has a vast VPN server network. The most popular server locations among them are including the UK, US, and Australia, and countries in Western Europe. 

This is among the prestigious VPNs that have UAE and Israel servers. The best thing is that there is a great choice of servers that you can connect with a single click.

Unrestricted Global Content

This VPN will let you enjoy your favorite shows, music, and stream any content without any restrictions from anywhere and while traveling out of the country. 

There are different sites and streaming services that are banned and restricted in different countries. So, using Systweak VPN will open restricted sites like Netflix, Hulu, or BBC etc in some countries.

No Data Cap Limit

Systweak VPN comes with an unlimited data cap providing unlimited secure browsing. Most of the VPN restricts on the speed limit and the daily consumption limit on daily use. 

However, Using Systweak VPN, you can bypass the throttle of speed limits and surf effortlessly. I think it is more than enough for your day to day use.

Military Grade Encryption

To safeguard your online browsing and maintain your online anonymity, Systweak VPN uses AES 256-bit military-grade encryption. 

This level of privacy is used in most of the financial and technical domains. I would definitely say this VPN is committed to offering complete privacy and security to users. So, you can trust this VPN in terms of security & privacy. 

User Interface

Talking about the interface, Systweak VPN has a quite simple interface with few options. There are no complex menus or configurations. The interface is quite uncomplicated and very precise that gets the job done. 

As in most of the VPNs we have seen maps or an open list of servers, however, Systweak has a different approach. The moment you get to the user client, you’ll see the large button for connection and disconnection. There is also a downslide bar for server selection. 

systweak interface

It visualizes your encrypted data connection through a large button. Getting started with the Systweak VPN begins by verifying over your email address to create an account. 

The VPN allows you to connect with different server locations through its server list. It is very easy to use, You just have to open the app and select a country from the server and then click. 

Once you’re connected, Systweak VPN will work quietly in the background without any interruptions. There is a hamburger slide with settings and other options. When you click on the hamburger button you currently have selected, a second window with a settings & profile will pop up alongside it. 

It has almost all the tools and features an advanced VPN user could need while still being a very straightforward and reliable app.

But, If I talk about the working of the interface in the working scenario, there are quite glitches and no smoothness in the interface. It feels you’re using a very ordinary app with average specifications. 

Overall, the UI and the user experience of the VPN are average and need improvements in the user-experience. The UI must be more user-friendly and attractive in updates. However, if you don’t mind having a quite basic and simple interface then, you should definitely try this VPN. 

Device Compatibility

Nowadays many VPNs are available on almost every platform. But, In contrast, Systweak VPN is only available on the Windows Platform. I would really say the device compatibility of this VPN is extremely low. This VPN can be a real issue if you want to use a VPN on multiple devices.

I hope users got to see this VPN on other major platforms like Mac, Android, and iOS in the upcoming time. Luckily, If you are a Windows user and especially need a VPN for your PC then, you must go ahead with this one.

Hence, you can simply download the Systweak VPN for your computer through their official site. To know more, here is the overview of the Systweak on Windows platform. 

Systweak VPN for Windows

Systweak VPN for Windows

The Systweak VPN is easily available for the Windows platform. You can simply download the software from the official website of the Systweak VPN. An app so thoughtfully designed with a straightforward approach.

Hence, you can simply download this VPN for a computer through their official site. The user interface of the Windows client is simple and straightforward. There’s nothing complicated and you’ll be familiar with it on the first use. The main page is no-messy at all.

If you want to connect with the fastest server, then there’s a big Connect Button, simply click on that to connect. The server option at the top of the window will lead you to the server list. From there, you can select the desired server. Overall, this VPN is only for Windows users. 

Pricing and Refund Policy

Systweak VPN only offers paid subscription plans, which are well-priced and affordable. These plans are well suited for basic and beginner-friendly VPN. 

Its pricing starts at $ 9.95 monthly and $71.40 annually per user. I will recommend you to visit their site for ongoing offers and discounts. You’ll simply get an immediate download after purchase. 

systweak VPN pricing

There are two plans: Monthly and Yearly. The subscription prices are pretty reasonable, ranging from monthly and annual plans. With every paid plan you’ll be able to connect an unlimited number of devices with unlimited data.

The monthly plan will give you unlimited data for a reasonable $9.95 a month.

Talking about this 12 months plan, the price gets to an effective $71.40 for a year. This would be the best plan and I would recommend you to go for that. 

So, I would say if you are planning to choose Systweak VPN then you better be wise and go for a long term plan to save more and you can check the below deal for the additional discounts too.

Refund Policy

Systweak VPN also offers a 30 Days money-back guarantee. That means, If you are not completely satisfied with the VPN, simply contact them within 30 days of registration and they will refund your purchase. So, there is no loss in trying this VPN.

Pros And Cons

This VPN is recently launched despite it has got many good as well as downsides. There are many good features that I appreciate. But, there are some cons too which they should improve. So, here are the main pros and cons of Systweak VPN:

It unblocks Netflix and other streaming sitesThe connection time are longer at some servers
There is No user-logging policyThe UI is not good.
Kill switch feature is availableNo live chat support
It has a DNS leak protectionMore features can be added
Public Wi-Fi Protection with secure browsingThe Windows app is not nicely developed 
Easily account set-upWeak online presence
Wide range of server and speed

Speed of Systweak VPN

One of the most concerning factors about a VPN is its speed. Nowadays, There are very few VPNs that provide constant fast speed. So, getting a high-speed VPN is very important. 

To know the speed of Systweak, I tested the internet speed before I connected to Systweak VPN and then again when connected to a local server that is India. It will give us an accurate speed of Systweak local connection among the servers. I used my 4G internet connection to test in practical conditions to get how much speed this VPN can deliver.

I will use and connect the VPN on local as well as long-distance servers. 

Before VPN connection

When I am disconnected from VPN, you can see my speed before I connect to VPN.

before connection of systeak

After VPN Connection (Local speed test)

When I connected to the Systweak VPN with an Indian Server which is a local server for me. The speed recorded is :

Speed Test Of systweak VPN in Indian server

It connected quickly and gave a good speed. The results were quite good as I measured a download speed loss of just 11% when connected to the nearby VPN server. This difference is tiny and puts Systweak among one of the fastest VPNs I’ve used.

  • The download speed without Systweak VPN connection: 32.23 MBPS
  • The download speed with Systweak VPN connection: 28.53 MBPS
  • The download speed loss when Systweak VPN: 11 % 

Let me make clear that, you don’t expect that your internet speed will increase when you connect to the VPN as the speed also depends upon the internet you are using. However, the speed recorded was good and impressive.

After VPN Connection (Long-Distance Speed Test)

To check international server speeds, I also checked the run speed test on long-range servers. Surprisingly, Its international speeds are also good and reliable.

I recorded a speed loss of just 25% when connecting from India to the US, down from 28.53MBPS to 20.65 MBPS. User’s say that ping doesn’t go above 200ms But my pings also hiked to above 380ms.

When I connected to Systweak VPN with a US Server. The speed recorded is:

Speed Test Of systweak VPN in US server

This VPN will definitely let you unlock foreign content without experiencing a significant drop in speed and will be able to surf freely. This is the speed that you should expect from the fastest VPNs. I am really impressed with its speed.

After I connected to the UK server, the speeds increased significantly. On my base internet connection, I easily managed to get about 25.63 MBPS to download speeds at max. Not only that, but my pings also decreased from 380ms to just 199ms.

When I connected to Systweak VPN with a UK Server. The speed recorded is:

Speed Test Of systweak VPN in UK server

However, In my case, the European server of Systweak VPN didn’t perform much good. I tested for the Germany server to get an idea of the Europe server too. However, it was still seriously slow. 

This time I managed to get only 14.83 MBPS download speeds and an even increased ping of around 307 ms.

When I connected to Systweak VPN with a Germany Server. The speed recorded is

Speed Test Of systweak VPN in germany server

This is one of those unique VPNs that have UAE and Israel as their servers. So, to get the idea on those servers, I run the speed test on the Israel server. 

When I connected to Systweak VPN with an Israel Server. The speed recorded is:

Speed Test Of systweak VPN in israel server

In my opinion, Systweak is one of the fastest VPNs that I have tested. It is quite fast on local connections as well as long-distance servers too.

This VPN is worth trying for your work. You can use this VPN smoothly for streaming and other purposes without any interruptions. So, I would really say this VPN is worth your time and money. 

Customer Support

The customer support is a very important thing that every user seeks when getting stuck while using the VPN service. If you’re having trouble with Systweak VPN or have any query that you want to ask, then you can email them. 

systweak vpn customer support

If you require any assistance in installing Systweak VPN or if you face any problem while using it just send an email or fill their query form. The downside is that they do not offer live chat support which is a must as many VPN services tend to offer that.

To check out, I asked about the device compatibility of Systweak. They claim to resolve your issue as quickly as possible, however,  they will revert in around 12-24 hours. 

contact from systweak vpn

I think if your problem is complex and requires a lot of repetitive questions and answers, it could take a very long time to find a solution. At that time, live support will work well. 

Also, there are no online resources available to resolve issues on your own, so you have to rely on them without any choice. 

Overall, I would there must be more ways to contact them or at least have some online resources regarding common issues. 

Security And Data Protection

When it comes to VPN, security is the major concern of every user. Most VPNs store personal information of its users such as email encrypted password, browsing history, or sometimes payment info as well. Although they follow a no-log policy, they still store personal data.

However, Systweak VPN follows a strict no-log policy which means it never stores personal data of its users. It completely maintains your privacy. 

Overall, this VPN efficiently protects its users’ privacy by offering strong encryption and a wide range of features perfect for both beginners and advanced users. 

If you’re looking for a VPN to hide your IP address and encrypt your data on public WiFi networks, Systweak is a fantastic choice. So, users do not have to worry about their personal data and online activities.

IP Leak Test 

We all know that IP leaks can give away your location, thus making your VPN totally useless.  There can be chances that your VPN leaks your real IP address while you are connected to a VPN service. 

IP leak test in systweak vpn

The IP leaks can breach your online security and lead to online theft too. So, I will check Systweak for any kind of leaks. 

As you can see above, In my test for checking IP leaks, Sytweak passed without any issues. So, its strong encryption works efficiently in preventing IP leaks. Therefore, you are totally safe. 

DNS Leak Test

There can be instances that your VPN would be making DNS leaks. If you are connected to a VPN and your VPN is leaking DNS requests that mean it is exposing the address of the sites you visit. 

dns leak test of systweak vpn

Hence, giving out your privacy and security. Therefore, I performed DNS leak tests of the Systweak and found that this VPN passes DNS leak tests.

Systweak passed all of our VPN leak tests successfully. This VPN didn’t experience any leaks while using the app. This means your IP address will remain close and you can surf without any concern. Overall, it is quite one of the good options in terms of security. 


To provide smooth and secure VPN service protocols are there. Systweak is an extremely safe and secure VPN service that uses the highest standard of encryption to secure your internet connection. 

So, basically, VPN protocols authenticate data across the network and offer end-to-end encryption which is most important for a VPN. For your safety, Systweak VPN comes with various protocols and multiple types of encryptions. 

protocols of Systweak VPN

It uses two protocols IKEv2 and OpenVPN protocol with military-grade encryption. Both IKEv2 and OpenVPN are very reliable and secure VPN protocols. 

Its apps use AES-256 bit encryption in combination with the OpenVPN protocol, which is the level of encryption recommended by governments and banks.


The OpenVPN is an open-source connection protocol that implements VPN services to create secure point-to-point or site-to-site connections. It is perfect for VPN because it offers a good balance of speed and security. 

OpenVPN is one of the safest VPN protocols you can use right now. Most VPN providers and security experts actually recommend sticking to OpenVPN if you want to enjoy a private, surveillance, and hacker-free online experience.


IKEv2 or Internet Key Exchange version 2 is a widely used VPN protocol. It makes sure the traffic is secure for using VPN. It can automatically re-establishes your connection with your VPN when you’re disconnected from the Internet.

This feature is very helpful when you would like to switch between Wi-Fi and mobile hotspots. IKEv2 works with most leading encryption algorithms, making it one of the most secure VPNs. So, with this VPN you don’t have to compromise with your security.

Server Locations

systweak VPN servers

The huge global server list is always a benefit for users. If there would be more server locations, then it’s quite obvious that there would be more options for you to choose from. 

Systweak VPN operates more than 4500+ VPN servers spread across 200+ server locations in 53+ countries around the world. This VPN has one of the largest VPN server networks available, which means that no matter where you are, you will have no trouble finding a VPN server near you. 

Mainly, every single Systweak VPN server supports OpenVPN and IKEv2 protocols. So, you can choose any server safely. This VPN has a vast VPN server network. The most popular server locations among them are including the UK, US, and Australia, and countries in Western Europe. 

This is among the prestigious VPNs that have UAE and Israel servers. Generally, I don’t see VPNs that have UAE or Israel as their server location. The best thing is that there is a great choice of servers that you can connect with a single click. 

Also, there are also no dedicated servers for torrenting or streaming. That means most of the users will have to search through servers until they find a location that works for them. 

Overall, Systweak has got a wide global network of fast speed servers. So, you will get plenty of servers for you. 

Streaming & Torrenting

systweak vpn streaming and torrenting

One of the primary features of a VPN is used to unblock streaming sites and entertainment content for its users. This feature can make you appear from another country and allow you to access the blocked content of the streaming sites.

The popular streaming platforms like BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and many more don’t allow VPN users from other countries to access their content. Hence, you can’t access the content of other countries.

While Systweak doesn’t have servers dedicated to streaming like its competitive VPN services such as NordVPN or CyberGhost, this isn’t an issue. The wide majority of its servers work with streaming platforms. Systweak has many of the streaming servers, so you don’t have to worry.

If you’re especially looking to access Netflix, BBC iPlayer, or other geo-restricted content then I recommend choosing this VPN.

If I talk about torrenting, then you are in luck as Systweak allows torrenting on its servers. There is no bandwidth limit or limitation on P2P activities. It is combined with strong security and no logs policy, this makes Systweak an excellent choice for torrenting. 

However, If you are getting troubled, then they recommend using servers in the US, UK, Germany, or India as the preferred server locations for torrenting. The best thing is that speed is quite good on its servers, so there would be no issues during torrenting.

Overall, If you are looking for a VPN for streaming or torrenting then this VPN is absolutely excellent and provides good speed too.


When it comes to the performance of the VPN, it is also remarkably consistent and reliable. Whether you’re connecting to a nearby server or one on the other side of the world, you’ll not face any difficulty. 

I didn’t experience any disconnections and the app was quick to connect to my server of choice.

sytweak connected

Systweak VPN speeds particularly good on long-distance connections.  It’s the best choice if you want to connect to a location far away from your real location. From the results of our speed tests, there is no question regarding its speed.

Besides, this VPN offers high speed during streaming and torrenting. Although you won’t find dedicated streaming or torrenting servers yet you will be able to unblock Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other popular streaming services too.

This VPN is very easy to use for beginners as well as experienced users. Overall, the performance is quite good and reliable. It simply protects your online privacy without compromising your speed.

Additional Settings

Auto Connect

The auto-connect feature will automatically initiate a VPN connection whenever you open the app. Once connected, your internet traffic will run through an encrypted VPN tunnel protecting it from hackers and unwanted sneakings. 

Systweak auto connect

You can also set up an auto-connect feature to automatically connect to the VPN server when logging into the Systweak VPN. To enable this, simply go to Advanced settings >>Tick the Auto-connect VPN on the app start. 

Moreover, the Kill switch feature will help you terminate the processes when the VPN connection drops out. 

Stealth Mode

Getting into the secure Firewall of China is quite difficult, and very few VPNs can do it reliably. 

Systweak VPN is one of the only VPN providers that still works in China regardless of the country’s blocks on VPN traffic. 

stealth mode in systweak

This VPN works to bypass Chinese censorship with ease and by using a unique feature. To unblock content in China and other countries, you will need to check the Stealth option available in the settings menu. 

Systweak VPN is among the best VPN for PC to access content in China, it allows bypassing internet censorship and blocks. 

Protocol Selection

There are very few VPNs available that allow users to choose the protocols. Fortunately, Systweak allows selecting internet protocol for use. There are two protocols available: TCP and UDP. They both are OpenVPN protocols. 

protocol selection in systweak

I would suggest you use UDP if you’re using the long-distance servers. TCP prioritizes consistency over speed. So, choose according to your preference and use. These options are available in the Advanced settings menu. 

How To Get Started With Systweak VPN

Getting started with the Systweak VPN is quite easy and quick. For this, You have to visit the official website of Systweak and then select the monthly or annual plan according to you. After doing a successful purchase, you can simply download the software.

systweak login and signup

Once the VPN is purchased using the details that you received over the email, you can simply get into the VPN. You have to log in and start surfing the internet anonymously and also access advanced features. 

You’ll be able to go online without the fear of losing any data or privacy. Like other VPNs for PCs, this VPN for Windows works in the background after your server is selected.

Do I Recommend Systweak VPN?

Yes definitely, Systweak is a worthy VPN service. Its speeds are fast and reliable, its security offering is also great. As I mentioned earlier that this VPN is launched recently, then also its performance is remarkable. 

From the results of the speed testing, there is no question that it is absolutely worth the cost and time. I would say it is one of the best VPN available for privacy with strong encryption. 


Is Systweak Vpn worth it?

Yes, Systweak VPN keeps users anonymity at the top priority with its zero-logging policy. You can do streaming and torrenting with its huge server network. 
Systweak VPN hides your IP address, lets you access favorite websites & entertainment content without any restrictions. Other features make it more reliable and secure. So, it is worthy enough to invest and use. 

Can Systweak be good for netflix?

Using Systweak VPN, you can access Netflix and even other streaming sites too. The best thing is that it has a vast server network that eases streaming. 
It hides your IP and lets you access favorite streaming sites & entertainment content without any restrictions. You go undetected and hence able to access content.  So, it is good enough for streaming Netflix.

Can I use Systweak vpn in china?

You can use the Systweak VPN to unblock all the sites and content restricted in China. ITs among the few VPNs that can do so. It allows bypassing internet censorship and blocks. 
To unblock, you will have to enable Stealth mode found in the Advanced Settings. So, if you want to use this VPN in China then, you are in luck.

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