Surfshark VPN Review: Best Affordable VPN?

The Internet is the biggest threat to Privacy these days. As life is almost impossible without it, we need something that can resist our privacy rom being stolen and that is where a VPN comes into play.

Since VPN adds extra security to the ISPs, it needs to be powerful enough that people trust it without any second thought. There are lots of VPN in the market but Surfshark is the only one that provides fast speed with optimum servers count.

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What is Surfshark?

surfshark vpn

Surfshark is basically a VPN (Virtual Private Network) which adds extra security to your regular internet connection. Talking about the Surfshark company, it started in the early 2018 based in Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands. 

Quick Overview of Surfshark VPN?

As it is a recently started company, Surfshark Ltd. have used the latest technology in the Surfshark VPN. It won’t be wrong if I say that it is way more ahead of other VPNs. It’s unique features such as CleanWeb, BlindSearch, KillSwitch, etc differ it from any other VPNs in the market. 

That’s not it, you get a bunch of servers with Surfshark. It has 1700+ servers with 63 countries. Moreover, it covers all 6 continents, so you can connect to any servers from any continents.

Surfshark is truly a limitation killer because you won’t get limited to anything whether servers, security options, features, etc after having it. So, if you want to give it a try, just go through us and you’ll get a huge 83% off on Surfshark VPN.

Interface of Surfshark


The interface of the Surfshark’s native apps and Browsing extensions are simple and easy to use. The User interface is simple and straightforward. There’s nothing complicated and you’ll be familiar with it on the first use.

The bottom bar has four options, Surfshark, Locations, Features and Settings.

If you want to connect with the fastest server, then there’s a big light sky-color Connect Button, just click on that to connect.

Locations option on the bottom will lead you to the server list. From there, you can select the desired server. You can also go for Static and MultiHop.

The Feature option on the bottom takes you to the feature list. Here you can enable or disable any Privacy or Security options.

And finally, the Setting Icon on the bottom will take you to the settings of the app where you’ll see the following options. You can enable or disable any options as per your choice.

  1. App Version and Language
  2. Auto-Connect
  3. Kill Connections
  4. Advance Setting
  5. Packet size
  6. Anonymous Data Tracking

And much more. The Top sections have two more options, Account and Help. The account will let you edit the account details and from Help, you can connect with Surfshark official customer support

Try Surfshark VPN


Surfshark has ensured that there’s no harm with the data of the user from their side. Hence they follow strict no-log Policy.

What is No-logs Policy?

We all know that Surfshark and other VPNs save your private data from being stolen, but what the VPN itself collects is your data. It is possible that your VPN might collect your data and sell it online.

But any VPN with no-log policy such as Surfshark VPN cannot monitor, track or store your personal data. Surfshark follow strict no-log policy and doesn’t collects your details like:

  • Browsing History
  • Used Bandwidth
  • Session information
  • Network traffic
  •  Connection Timestamp


There are multiple security options available for the user in the Surfshark VPN.

Private DNS & Leak Protection: With Private DNS and leak protection while using IPv4, the security of the Surfshark reach to the peak.

Hide Your IP: It hides your IP address thus secure your digital identity.

Encryption: Your personal is safe with industry-leading AES-256-GCM encryption.

And there are many more security options. Some are mentioned in the features section of this Surfshark VPN Review.

Features of Surfshark VPN

Surfshark Features

Surfshark is a feature rich VPN and in this Surfshark VPN Review, we’re going to cover all the features in detail so that you can make your decision without any dilemma in your mind on having it.


As its name suggests, CleanWeb provides a total clean webpage while browsing. You’ll get rid of all disturbing contents such as ads, tracker, malware or even phishing attempts.

Phishing is a term which is used to define phishing out your private data through malicious agents such as links. But cleanWeb blocks all the malicious links and thus protects your data being scammed.

It lets you dive in a total clean cyber ocean without any pop-ups and ads. This will not only save you from attackers but also saves lots of your mobile data and hence speed increases.


It doesn’t matter which application you use most but when it comes to banking, we don’t fully trust any applications. If you fall in such situations, then that’s the case where this Whitelister feature comes into play.

It allows you to exclude particular apps and websites from connection via VPN. It will create a separate safe tunnel in which selected apps and websites can’t enter. Whatever you’ll do with this VPN, through Whitelister, your information will be completely safe from selected apps and websites.

How to Add Apps and Websites to Whitelister?

It’s extremely simple to add any apps and websites to whitelister. Just follow the below instructions:

  1. Open Surfshark VPN app
  2. Go to Whitelister, located on the right sidebar

To select any app, click on Whitelister for apps, this will show you a list of all the apps. You can select the apps


Kill switch is one of the most important features of any VPN. Let’s say you’re connected to any server and visiting spamming or phishing pages for educational purposes and suddenly your VPN connection drops.

In that case, your details will be in extreme danger but with the KillSwitch feature, you’ll be safe in any case. It automatically disables your internet connection whenever the VPN connection drops and thus saves your data.


It works as an extra layer of security in VPNs and provides double layered security to the user. Surfshark has multiHop which connects via two different servers. It becomes more secure with Surfshark VPN because it connects via two different servers of different countries.

For example,, instead of connecting to only US or Germany Server, use MultiHop to connect through both US and Germany servers. This makes your connect more secure.

NoBorder Mode

Surfshark VPN unblocks blocked contents as well by bypassing Geo Locations. If some websites or streaming or any content is blocked in your locations, Surfshark unlocks that content for you. You can also stream blocked Netflix contents.

Camouflage Mode

Most VPNs in the market cannot restrict internet providers from tracking your VPN, but with Camouflage Mode, even your ISP can’t track your VPN.

VPNProtocols by Surfshark

VPNProtocols is the most important thing to consider in any VPN before using that. A tunneling protocol simply passes information from point A to B without much encryption, but VPN protocols authenticate data, offer end-to-end encryption which is most important.

There are various VPN Protocols such as PPTP or L2TP, but their speed is not that great and same for security as well. But Surfshark VPN uses IKEv2, OpenVPN and Shadowsocks that has excellent speed and security.

This feature gives one more reason to try Surfshark VPN, if you want you can go through us to get a massive 83% discount.

So these are a few features of Surfshark that every VPN user should know. However, the list of features is so long that this whole Surfshark review will be filled with its features only.

How to get started with Surfshark VPN?

It’s pretty simple to get started with Surfshark VPN because it is easily available for almost every device and platform. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve Smartphone, Computer, Smart TVs, Gaming Consoles, etc. Surfshark VPN is there to secure your internet connection.

As it is available for every platform, the installation process is also slightly different for different platforms.

How to install Surfshark VPN on android?


If you’re from other countries apart from India, then you can download it from Google PlayStore.

  1. Open Google PlayStore and search for Surfshark VPN or you can download it from Surfshark official website.
  2. Click on install, Open and Sign-in if you’re an existing user or you’ve purchased its subscription.
  3. After sign-in, you’re just one step behind connecting to a server. Just choose a server and click on the Connect button. You can directly click on Connect as well to connect to the fastest server near you.

However, in case of India, Surfshark VPN is not available In Indian version of PlayStore. Indians can download it from Surfshark website. To download Surfshark VPN,

  1. Visit Surfshark official website
  2. In the top menu, hover on Apps and select Android. You can also go for other devices.
  3. Scroll little and you’ll get a button named Download APK. Click on it and download will start automatically.

If you’re a Chrome user, then you might see a pop-up saying this can harm your device. But you can ignore that because it is completely original and safe.

One more thing, to run Surfshark VPN, the android version should be 5.0 or later.

Note: Download Surfshark from the official website because there are lots of websites providing nulled versions of Surfshark VPN.

How to install Surfshark VPN on iOS?

‎VPN Surfshark
‎VPN Surfshark
Developer: Surfshark
Price: Free+
  • ‎VPN Surfshark Screenshot
  • ‎VPN Surfshark Screenshot
  • ‎VPN Surfshark Screenshot
  • ‎VPN Surfshark Screenshot
  • ‎VPN Surfshark Screenshot
  • ‎VPN Surfshark Screenshot
  • ‎VPN Surfshark Screenshot
  • ‎VPN Surfshark Screenshot
  • ‎VPN Surfshark Screenshot
  • ‎VPN Surfshark Screenshot
  • ‎VPN Surfshark Screenshot
  • ‎VPN Surfshark Screenshot
  • ‎VPN Surfshark Screenshot
  • ‎VPN Surfshark Screenshot
  • ‎VPN Surfshark Screenshot

To install VPN on iOS devices, follow the below steps:

  1. Open App Store and search for Surfshark VPN
  2. Click on Get to start installation.
  3. After successful installation, open Surfshark VPN app.
  4. On opening, accept the terms & conditions to move further.
  5. Now you need to login if you’re an existing user or create an account if you’re new to Surfshark.
  6. Login will lead you to Homepage. To secure connection, Click on Connect to choose the fastest server near. Or you can manually select any server and then click on Connect.
  7. Once click on connect, a pop-up will ask you to add VPN Configuration. You’ll need to Allow in order to use Surfshark VPN.

Once you’re done, click on disconnect to use your normal connection.

How to install Surfshark VPN on Windows PC?


Before installing Surfshark VPN for Windows Pc, you need to do 2 more things,

First, check whether your PC supports windows 7 or later versions or not, it is not, then you’ll need to update it before installing Surfshark

You can’t install Surfshark VPN on Windows, if you haven’t purchased its subscription. First purchase its subscription to get started with it on windows.

Now follow the below steps to install Surfshark VPN on Windows:

  1. Visit surfshark official website and login to your account.
  2. Click on Apps in the menu section and select Windows to download its setup.
  3. Once the download finishes, you’ll see a file named SurfsharkSetup.exe
  4. Double click on open surfshark installation wizard and click install.
  5. Once installation finishes, click RUN. Now Surfshark VPN will open
  6. To use surfshark, Login with email and password.
  7. Now you’ll see its default interface. Select server and click on Connect button to secure the connection with Surfshark VPN.

On clicking locations, you can select the server manually to connect. Moreover, you can also select the Favorite server and Static IP server if you like to have the same IP address each time.

How to install Surfshark on MacOS


To use Surfshark on Mac, follow these steps:

  1. Open Mac App Store and search for Surfshark and download it. You can either download it from surfshark homepage from Apps section.
  2. Once the download is completed, click on open button
  3. To use Surfshark VPN, click on Create Account or Login with Surfshark credentials.
  4. Now select the server you want you want to connect to and click on it.
  5. A pop-up will appear which you need to allow it. Click on Always Allow and enter Mac User Password, By clicking on allow, you’ll give permission to Surfshark to add a VPN configuration into your network which will make sure that your connection is flawless.

Now you’ll see the connection. If it is green, then Holla! You’re connected to the selected server.

How to install Surfshark for Linux

Surfshark native app is available for Linux devices. It is the easiest and quickest way to connect to any VPN server on Linux platform.

Before downloading Surfshark VPN, there’s a notice that for now, Surfshark VPN is only compatible with Linux distribution based on Debian and Ubuntu.

To download the Surfshark VPN for Linux

  • Visit surfshark website and from Apps for Linux sections in the menu bar, download the setup package.
  • Then migrate to the download folder and double click on the setup package and click install.
  • On successful installation, a Surfshark VPN repository will be available on your computer. If you see a button which says Remove, then it is confirmed that client was installed successfully. Now you’re ready to run the app from Terminal.

Open Terminal by pressing Ctrl+Alt+T keys and type the below commands and press Enter.

First, to update apt-get package list, type a command:

Sudo apt-get update

Then install Surfshark VPN by typing this command:

Sudo apt-get install surfshark-vpn

Once the app is installed, you can run it by typing this command:

Sudo surfshark-vpn

  • Now, enter your computer root user’s password to continue.
  • Now you’ll be asked again for confirmation of the beta version, you’ll need to confirm it by pressing Enter.
  • On pressing Enter, the other commands of the Surfshark VPN will be printed and ask Surfshark account credentials. Remember it for the first time only.
  • On completion of the above steps, you’ll see Surfshark VPN Locations:
  • Each location is numbered. To select any location, just type its number.
  • To get more locations, keep pressing Enter twice and you’ll see more and more locations.
  • By default, Surfshark uses OpenVPN for Linux, however, you can choose between two protocols viz. UDP and TCP. Although Surfshark recommends UDP for better speed. By default, UDP is selected and you can continue with it by pressing Enter.

Now, you’re connected, you can see the connection status and your new IP. Just close the Terminal and minimize it.

Some Terminal Commands to get more of Surfshark, below are some commands:

To get help and guide:

sudo surfshark-vpn help

To check connection status:

sudo surfshark-vpn status

To disconnect Surfshark VPN:

sudo surfshark-vpn down

To use quick connect feature:

sudo surfshark-vpn attack

To Logout from Surfshark:

sudo surfshark-vpn forget

If you need any help regarding Surfshark with Linux, you can comment down here or contact to surfshark customer team from surfshark official website.

How to Install Surfshark VPN for Browser?


The two most widely used browsers are Chrome and Firefox, therefore Surfshark is available for these two browsers.

To install Surfshark VPN extension on Chrome,

  • Go to Chrome Web Store and Search for Surfshark VPN Proxy
  • Click Add to Chrome button
  • In the top-right corner, after the URL Box, its icon can be seen. Just login with the Credential and enjoy a secure connection.
Surfshark VPN Extension
Surfshark VPN Extension
  • Surfshark VPN Extension Screenshot

To install the Surfshark VPN extension on Firefox,

  • Click on the Download and Add to Firefox
  • A pop-up will appear which will ask some permissions, just click on Add.
  • Now the Surfshark Icon can be seen in the top-right corner.
  • Login with your Surfshark credential and you’re ready to go.

Surfshark VPN vs Other VPNs

If we compare Surfshark VPN with other VPNs in the market, then you’ll find that it offers some of the best features at its Base Pricing Plans that others don’t provide.

We’ve compared surfshark with other VPNs on scale of essential features that a VPN must provide to its users.

No. of DevicesUnlimited657
Allows torrentingYesYesYesYes
Independent auditYesYesNoNo

So you might get it that why Surfshark claims to be the best in terms of features. Moreover you’ll get all these listed features with Base Price Plans as well.

Surfshark VPN Protocols vs others

Surfshark Protocol

Surfshark does not support tunneling protocols like other VPNs which may offer an underlying layer of encryption, it supports VPN Protocols which are much safer and offer end-to-end encryption.

It supports three main protocols,

IKEv2: IKEv2 stands for Internet Key Exchange version 2. It provides fast speed with optimum security when your connected server is physically nearby. It has been developed by Cisco and Microsoft Security Engineers. It is available for all Android, Mac, iOS, Windows and Fire TV

OpenVPN: It is an open-source protocol. Since it is open source, it always gets developed and improved by security professionals. It works best for long-distance connection and desktop operating systems. It is also available for Android, Windows, iOS, Fire TV and Linux.

Shadowsocks: It is a proxy which was designed for overcoming the restrictions of the Great Firewall of China. It works best for restricted countries, but it is recommended that if you’re not in a restricted area, then turn it off and chill with OpenVPN and IKEv22.

You can set up the protocol in the Surfshark VPN by clicking on Settings, then go to Advance option and select your protocol. 

Surfshark VPN Pricing & Plans

Surfshark Pricing

The pricing of the Surfshark is divided into 3 plans, but before going to the pricing section, let’s check what you get with each plan. So Your Plan includes:

  1. Unlimited Device
  2. Unlimited and fast content delivery
  3. No log policy
  4. Uncompromised security and privacy
  5. 24/7 customer support
  6. Enterprise-grade infrastructure and reliability

Surfshark Pricing Plans

One Month Plan

If you purchase its subscription for a month, then it will cost you $ 11.95 USD. There’s also an option to choose your currency. So if you want to pay in your national currency, then you do that too.

24 Months Plan

This is the best plan and I would recommend you to go for that. A flat 83% OFF offer is running on this plan that costs you nearly $1.99 USD a month if you billed for 24 months. It is the most purchased plan of Surfshark.

12 Months Plan

Talking about this 12 months plan, you’ll have to bill yearly which costs $ 5.99 USD per month. Huge 50% discount is running on this plan.

Money Back Guarantee 

Surfshark also offers a 30 Days money-back guarantee, so if you’re not satisfied with it, then you can easily get your money back.

Payment Methods

It has all the payment methods that a person uses the most to pay online, currently it has 5 Payment options:

  • Credit card
  • PayPal
  • Google Pay
  • Amazon Pay
  • CryptoCurrency

Pros and cons of Surfshark VPN


There are lots of things in surfshark which can easily force you consider it in your VPN list, some are mentioned below

Pros of Surfshark VPN

Fast Speed

The most common reason for failure of any VPN after security is its speed. There are very less number of VPNs that provide constant fast speed and surfshark is one of them.

According to its users, the ping doesn’t cross 200ms usually. However, there are lots of factors which decide the ping but with stable internet connection, the ping, download and uploading speed remains average.


Security is the foremost concern of every internet user, that too in terms of VPNs, the line of trust is extremely thin. That’s why, the security features of every VPN should be top notch.

Talking about Surfshark, it doesn’t only consider itself a Secure VPNs, it has proved that it is a secured VPN. To get the trust of its users Surfshark has been audited by an independent web security tester Cure53, which resulted its service tight and crackles. So now you can fully trust it.


Personal information can be a boon for any data collector. However, most VPNs store personal information of its users such as email encrypted password, browsing history or sometimes payment info as well. Although they follow a no-log policy, they still store personal data.

But Surfshark follows a strict no-log policy which means it can never store personal data of its users. It completely takes care of your Privacy.

Large quantity of Servers

Surfshark VPN bears a large number of servers with 1700+ servers. The servers cover 63+ countries and 6 continents. So you’re not limited to only a few servers. As I have mentioned above, you’ll get fast speed with less ping.

Affordable pricing

With all the features that Surfshark is offering, you might be expecting it to be expensive, but wait, you’ll be surprised to know that you can have it for just $1.99 per month if you pay annually.

So these are some of the reasons that makes Surfshark one of the best VPN to use nowadays.

However, it  might be one of the fast and secured VPN with lots of great feature, but it still has some weak points where it has to be improved,

Cons of Surfshark VPN

This Surfshark VPN review will not be without looking its cons. So, apart from having best features, it has some cons as well.

Less info about Surfshark ltd.

We often say that it is a new company, however, it is not that new too. It started in 2018, 2 years before when I am writing this Surfshark Review and still we don’t have much information about its founders and CEOs.

Its official website too doesn’t tell us anything about its owners. This might resist its users to trust it or not because we can’t give our trust to a company about whom we don’t know much.

Weak Social Media Presence

The second thing that puts us in doubt again is its weak social media presence. Its Facebook page was created in 2018 and till today, it has succeeded to gain only 2.4K Likes.

These issues can force users to put second thought before using it.

Surfshark VPN FAQ

Is Surfshark VPN Safe?

Yes, Surfshark is completely safe to use. Its privacy and security options are top-notch. In addition, it follows a strict no-log policy that resists the application from monitoring, tracking, or storing credentials such as email, search history, password, etc. of the user.

Is Surfshark VPN Free?

Actually not, but yes, it has a 30 days Free trial and on purchase of its subscription, you get a 30 Days refund policy.

Is Surfshark Trusted?

Surfshark work under the jurisdiction of the British Virgin Island, which is a perfect place to guarantee their strict no-log policy. It also audited by independent security audit with zero security issues.

Is Surfshark Works in China?

It’s pretty hard to use VPN in China, but you can follow this tutorial to step Surfshark, this helps to hide Surfshark or any other VPN from being tracked. However, it is not guaranteed but there are chances that it’ll work 95%.

Is Streaming Possible?

Yes, streaming is possible with Surfshark VPN. You can see the country-wise Blocked content on Netflix.

Can ISP track Surfshark VPN Usage?

No, Surfshark has a feature called Camouflage Mode that hides VPN from ISP.

Conclusion: Do I recommend Surfshark?

Yes, I am writing this Surfshark VPN review after using 2 weeks. Basically it is my experience with Surfshark VPN. From that 2 weeks usage, I have reached to a conclusion that yes, Surfshark is one of the best VPN apps available in the market.

The features it is providing is commendable. As I mentioned earlier that it is a newly setup company and therefore its technology is also the latest.

Fast Speed and Secure Connection or security are two most important things that a VPN should be best about, and Surfshark is unmatchable in both. It provides fast speed with optimum security.

The pricing is also affordable and features are the same for all plans, which needs to be appreciated. Moreover, the devices per license is unlimited, so you’ll not be restricted to a number of devices.

One more thing that I observe while using and reviewing Surfshark VPN is tutorial. When you install and open the application for the first time, you’ll get a step by step tutorial on how to use it. So you don’t have to look for its tutorial. I know it is a small thing to consider, but these small changes make a huge difference.

Another best part that I observe while using it is that, with every option, there’s a small and exact description of that feature. So you know better to enable or disable that feature. You don’t need to Google it to know exactly what will happen if you use or enable that option.

Talking about 24/7 expert support, it is the only thing that most VPNs or software lack, but Surfshark has good customer support, I have also checked that. You get all support options such as

  • Live Chat 24/7
  • Email Support
  • Talk with an Expert

Since it is an honest review of Surfshark, I’ll also point out its down sides. Then the only thing I don’t like about it is its less info about the company.

I have checked its official site but there’s nothing about its CEOs, Founder, much info about where the company is based etc. Some might ignore this, but for some, it can be decided whether to use Surfshark or not. But if we ignore this point, then Surfshark stands tall in the VPN market.

So by looking at all the features related to Speed, Security, Price, etc. my final wording will be yes, you should give a try. If you don’t get satisfied then you can get your money back on cancellation of your subscription within 30 days.

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