17 Actual Reasons Why Your Storage Devices Gets Corrupted

SD cards are famous because it is a media storage device used in digital cameras and smartphones. But there may be a possibility that because of many reasons your memory card will get corrupted/damaged. And a corrupted or damaged SD card does not allow you to access the data stored on it. 

I have found that there are many users who come across various memory card or SD card errors. Most people are not sure what caused the problem with their SD card.

So, In this article, I will discuss the reasons for Storage Devices Gets Corrupted. Along with the recommended solution and precautions you must take to fix faulty memory cards and their data. 

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1. Removing Drive During Copying

Copying in windows

So what happens is when you remove the SD card while it is in the middle of copying a file, you increase the chances of it being damaged permanently. Most SD cards get damaged due to abrupt removal and most often they become unrecoverable. 

So, you better wait till the file is finished copying, or use the option called ‘eject’ before removing the SD card from the PC. Make sure that no transfer of data is being done in the background. 

2. Not Using the Eject Option 

Eject option windows

Most often than ever, a memory card can be damaged because you have removed it abruptly. On PCs, you get an option called eject. Use this option before removing the SD card from the PC. The eject option will tell the PC that you’re going to remove the SD card. 

So, even if any background process is running in the background, like transferring a file between an SD card and your PC, it will stop the process and make your SD card ready to remove. This will ensure the memory card remains safe while being removed. 

3. Due To Virus

backdoor virus in PC

Viruses and other malicious software can attack your computer. They can corrupt or disable specific files, damaged storage devices like SD cards, or even the Windows operating system. This might come to your PC through pen drives being used on other PCs, emails, installing software from untrusted sites, etc. 

So, to be safe, never install cracked software or anything from an untrusted source. Use alternative free software instead. Do not insert your Pen drive or SD card on public PCs or any PC having viruses. It is advisable that you always have up-to-date antivirus software installed to avert these threats. 

4. Due To OS Or Other Driver Issues


Sometimes any bug in the OS can also cause an error in accessing the files in the SD card and we think that it is corrupted. But rather it is the OS that is not being able to open the files. Outdated or missing drivers can most often be the reason for such troubles. 

So, find yourself a good driver updater and make sure all your drivers are well updated. I have been using Driver Booster and have no complaints about it. This works fast and fixes all the missing drivers from the PC. Also, make sure you have updated your Windows regularly. Windows updates can fix any bug present in the OS so make sure you are updated from time to time.

5. Not Plugging-in the Flash Drives Properly In PC

Many times we don’t see the port properly and push the drive in the port, which can do physical damage to the drive. Sd cards and Pen drives are not something you can throw away and forget. They are delicate and require you to use them the way they are meant to be. 

So, always check the direction in which you are inserting the SD card is correct or not. Pushing it too hard can cause damage which can be permanent. 

6. Incomplete Format process

Removing an SD card while it is in the middle of formatting can cause damage and can also corrupt the SD card. Sometimes people hurry and don’t look whether the PC has completed the format process or not and they remove it. 

When you are formatting your SD card always make sure the process has been completed and there are no files/folders inside the SD card. 

7. Choosing The Wrong File System While Formatting

File system type in windows

Another big blunder you can make is choosing the wrong file system on your PC while formatting the SD card. NTFS, HFS+, FAT32, and exFAT, are different file formats you can choose from while before formatting. And choosing the wrong can possibly end your SD Card in a corrupted state. So, always choose the right file system before formatting your drives. 

8. Corrupt Because Of Dust And Carbon 

As you might have seen there is a thin golden colored film on the top of the SD card. This film is necessary for the read/write on the SD card. Sometimes, due to dust accumulation or stains, the carbon film gets dirty and the SD card doesn’t appear on the devices. Scratches on the carbon film can also do permanent damage to the SD card. 

So, wherever you are keeping your SD card when not in use, make sure it is clean and dust-free. You can use SD card cases which are specifically designed to keep the SD card secure. 

9. Not Using The SD Card Caps

SD card in cover

If your SD card or pen drive comes with a cap, then you should be using it. These are provided by the manufacturers to keep the SD card safe from accidental physical damage and from other factors of damage like moisture, dust, stains, etc. 

So, using a cap can protect your SD card from such damages. Caps are usually very small so make sure you keep them safe without losing them. All always put the cap on when the SD card is not in use. 

10. Using USB Drives As Keychains

Pen drive as key chain

Using your USBs as a keychain is the worst thing you can ever do to them. I have seen so many people still doing this and it’s one of the main reasons your USB drive will be damaged much early. You keep your keys in your pocket, throw them over a table, drop them while walking/running and a USB can’t stand this for long.

If you are one of those people then you need to stop this habit. USBs are not meant to be keychains. You’d be giving them physical damages which can end up getting them corrupted and not recognizable by PCs and phones. 

11. Incomplete Write Process

If you are using your SD card in a smartphone and you have set the photo video capture location in the SD card then it can be risky sometimes. When you are clicking a photo and your phone dies because of a low battery then this will increase the chances of getting the SD card corrupted. The SD card will be writing state and a sudden power outage can put them at risk of corruption. 

So, if you are using a phone, always make sure you have set the phone’s storage as the default, and while using a digital camera, avoid clicking photos and videos when the charge is too low. This will ensure the life of your SD cards.

12. Plugging Out The SD Card When Its Folders Are Opened

When you plug in your SD card on PC and open its folders, the SD card is sending its data on the PC which is enabling you to access the files. It is reading the data on the SD card basically. And when you pop out the SD cards straight away it can increase the risk of SD card corruption. 

Using the Eject option on PCs is always a wise option. Close the folders, make 

sure no process is running on the SD card, and then use the eject option so that your PC can know that you are going to plug out the SD card and make it ready for it. 

13. Clicking Photos At A Fast Rate

Now, you might know every storage device has a set read and write speed to it. This will ensure how fast data can be stored and shown in the device. So, when you start clicking too many photos continuously you will be hampering its read/write process. Data will neither be stored nor it can be read by the device. 

If your SD cards’ write speed is low and you are clicking the photos fast then you may risk your SD card of corruption. There are many tools available with which you can check the read and write speed of your SD cards. So, check them and make sure you are clicking the photos at the right intervals. 

14. Getting Your SD Card’s Storage Full

Some people pack their SD cards with maximum storage. This may not seem healthy for your storage devices because bottlenecking is not something you should be doing. Sometimes it can create problems like showing you lesser available data than the maximum storage on the SD cards. 

So, always make sure you are not getting your SD cards full and leaving some space for preventive measures. This will be healthy for your SD cards’ life and decrease the chances of getting them corrupted. 

15. Sudden Laptop Shutdown 

As I have told this before as well, a power outage can put your storage device at serious risk. If you were using a laptop and it suddenly shuts down because of a low battery, then it can increase the risk of not only SD cards inserted but also the internal hard drives of the PC. 

So, every time you are using your SD card on the laptop, make sure it has enough charge in it. If not then use it while plugging in the charger. If you have a desktop PC then using a UPS is a must. This will ensure there won’t be any power outage and you would be able to eject your SD card in time 

16. Overheating Of The SD Cards

Sometimes, we plug in our SD cards on the PC and forget it for a few hours and keep on doing other things on the PC. When you touch the SD card in such scenarios, you would realize how hot it has been. This happens because the SD card is in a reading state for too long. And let me tell you, it is not at all healthy for the SD card. The more it will be hot, the more it will have chances of getting corrupted. 

So, always make sure you are plugging out the SD cards from the PC after use and not keeping it idle for too long. Keeping the SD cards at room temperature decreases the risk and increases the life of your SD cards. 

17. Finished Write cycle Of Your SD card 

An SD card comes with a lifetime if you did not know. Typically, these days SD cards come with a lifetime of 10 year+ and this can depend upon the write cycle of the SD card. The write cycle is the measure of endurance or life for an SD card and most flash-based storage devices. So, if you are going to buy a new SD card, always make sure it has a 10 years+ write cycle. It can also be mentioned as lifespan. 

And, if you are using your SD card for over 10 years now and it is still working, make sure you make a backup of it. Because now the SD card will have higher chances of getting dead or corrupted. It might work for a few more years but you shouldn’t be taking any risks with your data. 

Fix All Kinds Of Problems In Your USB Drive

If you face any issues in your USB drive like the Disk is write-protected, format before using, or no media. then WE have a dedicated video on this topic on the channel. You can check that out to fix the issues you are facing. on your storage device and repair it.  


What causes hard disk corruption?

Some of the reasons for hard disk corruption can be virus attack, human error, physical damage, sudden power loss, file system damage, and aging out of storage device.

How do I fix a corrupted hard drive?

You can use windows’ troubleshooting methods. If that doesn’t work, then you can use third-party software like stellar data recovery to recover the lost data. 

How to recover data from a corrupted external hard disk?

You can use a data recovery tool on your PC like Stellar data recovery to recover the lost data. Alternatively, if your data is precious and you want to recover all the data, you can contact a professional data recovery service provider.

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