Stop ShareX From Automatically Uploading After Capture

You must have used ShareX to take screenshots and record stuff on the screen, if not then, do try it is one of the best tools for screenshots and all. However, there are many features like Uploading screenshots to 3rd party web services such as Imgur, Google Photos, Flickr and so on.

Somehow or other people tend to find difficulties while disabling the auto upload feature in ShareX. So, in this article, I will be showing you a proper method how to stop ShareX from automatically uploading after capture. 

Stop ShareX From Automatically Uploading

So, in this method, you need to disable the option for Upload Image To Host. Here are the following basic steps you need to follow,

ShareX Upload Image to Host

Step 1. Open the ShareX app.
Step 2. Look for After Capture Tasks on the left side options.
Step 3. Look for the option Upload Image To Host and deselect it or undo it.

So, this was the method to disable the auto upload. Other than this method you can try a method which might help you upload when you wish without even enabling or connecting the Host to ShareX.

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Shreyash Pradhan

Shreyash Pradhan

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