Stellar Repair For Video Review: Helps To Repair Video?

What Is Stellar Repair For Video?

Stellar Repair for Video is a very complete tool specially designed to repair corrupted or damaged video files. The program supports multiple video formats and can repair video files from a hard drive, a memory card, or any other storage device.

The app is quite a powerful video repair tool for a relatively lightweight utility. It is able to repair corrupt video files that might have been damaged because of compression issues, malware attack, read/write errors, changes made in the format,  or any other reasons. Stellar Video Repair can add corrupted video files from the source media and then can efficiently fix the video files by rebuilding the header, frame, and other sound damages.

Stellar Repair for Video is an all-in-one tool package for corrupt and damaged files. One of the primary benefits of Stellar Repair For Video is that it is compatible with the majority of codecs on the market. These codecs include MP4, MOV, M4V, F4V, and 3GV. 

It is able to fix multiple multimedia layers such as frames, video sliders, audio components, and graphical movement in the video. 

Interestingly enough, this tool can also successfully address error messages such as media files that cannot be loaded or played. Thus, even relatively obscure problems can be identified. Stellar Repair For Video is generally utilized by those who are looking to solve issues associated with any kind of video file. 

User Interface

Stellar Repair For Video interface

While Stellar Repair For Video offers highly advanced features, it has a very intuitive user interface. Its easy-to-follow GUI offers access to all of the most important functions with a few simple clicks. The easy-to-use graphical user interface of this video repair toolkit helps you repair video clips without requiring technical skills. It allows you to repair video files quickly through its easy-to-navigate and self-contained interface, in just 3 simple steps.

As mentioned above, it is possible to repair most video files used today. In the tool, you can see a horizontal bar found on the bottom of the dashboard. This will display the progress, so it is convenient to estimate how much time is remaining. 

The user will also be notified when advanced repairs may be required. Any repairs can be a pause during the process and can be resumed at a later time. Finally, the user can choose the location where the video file he wants to be saved. 

In addition, it has an interactive graphical interface that allows anyone to easily and intuitively follow the instructions to find and select damaged video files and repair them in just a few clicks. This option can be used by users of all levels, without the need for professional assistance.

Try Stellar Repair For Video


1. Repair severely corrupt/damaged videos without modifying the source file

Repairing a video file using the Reference File is the mechanism used by the software. A reference file is a healthy video file created from the same device as the corrupted video file. The video repair tool uses the information from the referenced file and repairs the corrupted videos effectively.

Also, the tool does not work on your original video file during the repair. Instead, the video repair program replicates the corrupted file, repairs your audio and video streams separately, and finally joins them together to deliver a healthy version of your corrupted/corrupted video.

The tool is compatible to repair MOV, MP4, M4V, AVI, DIVX, and XVID video files. So, use MOV Repair to fix your MOV, MP4, and M4V video files and download AVI Repair to repair AVI, DIVX, and XVID videos.

2.  Preview videos after repair

After completing the online video repair using Yodot Video Repair software, you can make use of the Preview option provided in the video repair wizard to play and verify repaired videos before saving. This helps you certify that damaged or damaged video is perfectly repaired.

3. Repair and save videos on any storage device

The video repair tool provided by Yodot can repair video clips shot from any Android phone, iPhone, iPad, digital camera, point-and-shoot camera, handheld camera, CCTV camera, DSLR, etc. All you need to do is connect the storage device that keeps your damaged/corrupted videos on a Windows or Mac system. 

The software also gives you the choice to save repaired video files to your desired location. You can save it to your computer’s internal hard drive, external hard drive, CD, or DVD.

4. Complete Safe and Secure Video Repair Tool for You

The video repair software is 100% safe and free from any type of virus or malware. The tool can repair a video file for free and you can buy it only if you are satisfied with the results. It safely fix all the problems in a video file in just a few steps.

And, free 24/7 technical support is provided to help you accomplish the video repair process. So, never lose any of your precious video clips just to damage or corruption issues.

5. Easy to understand and use

The software has a simple and practical interface, even a novice computer can use it without any difficulty. The easy-to-use graphical user interface of this video repair toolkit helps you repair video clips without requiring technical skills. 

6. Complete Video Repair Solution

The tools offer a wholesome collection of features for all kinds of video formats and for both Mac and Windows users. All you need to simply download the tool in a few steps and you are all set. With some simple clicks, you are going to fix all your video errors. 

7. Fixes Basic to Advanced Corruption Issues

Stellar is a kind of video repair tool that has been corrupted while shooting, editing, transferring or while converting them. It can fix all kinds of problems like flickering video, blurry portion, shuttering of any kind, or any other kind of damage.  

The “advanced repair” is just what you need when you are left with a severely damaged video file. It can fix out-of-sync, movement of videos, header, corruption in video frames, and other issues.

8. Support for all Digital Media Players & Video Codecs

The Stellar Repair for video supports all types of media players like MX Player, VLC Media Player, Mplayer, and more. It is compatible with video codecs like H.263, JPEG 2000, Quicktime, etc. It doesn’t matter what the issue and why has it occurred,  the Stellar Repair has solutions for all your video corrupt related issues.

9. Premium Edition for Videographers

The Stellar Repair for video has Premium Edition that can also repair video/photos that were deleted along with fixing broken and corrupt video files. It serves better for professional videographers and agencies who frequently deal with filming, video shooting, and editing. 

10. Repairs Multiple Videos at a Time

Probably the best thing I found about this tool is its ability to perform video repair with multiple videos at one shot. You can just upload multiple videos and relax while it does the work for you. Again, there’s no worry whether the videos are of the same format or different. This tool will take care of them and deliver you repaired videos without compromising on the quality. 

Pros And Cons Of Stellar Repair For Video

User-friendly applicationYou can’t  drag and drop the files
Extremely fast in repairing the damaged video filesYou can’t save the video in the free version
It is compatible with numerous video file formats.Only one user is permitted to use in the free version
It is able to recover and repair lost photos
You can preview the repaired video file before saving
It can even restore severely corrupted files
Files recorded from external devices can be repaired
Extremely light weight (65 MB)


Stellar Repair For Video price

By far, Stellar repair for video is one of the best video repair tools in the market today. It’s easy, it’s efficient and it works like a charm. The other factor that makes this tool even better is the pricing. Though you can use the free version, it has many limitations. 

And one of the reasons to buy it is that it’s a one-time payment. It means that you don’t have to pay monthly charges for using the tool. It won’t ask you for renewal fees and there are no hidden charges. Additionally, stellar has made a few forums for all your FAQs.

Standard- $49.99

You can install the tool in only 1 device with this plan. The drawback if this is that you won’t be able to repair photos. Though if our sole purpose is videos, you can go with this plan.

Premium- $69.99

Premium has all the functions that the Standard plan has, but additionally, you can repair your corrupt photos with it. Other things remain the same, like installing it to only 1 device.

Technician- $99.99

This plan is best suitable for professional videographers/photographers as it offers a lot more. You can install the tool in up to 3 devices. This plan has advanced features like data recovery along with repairing photos and videos. 

All these plans come with instant delivery via email and you will get a 30 days money-back policy if you are unsatisfied with the product. 

Platform availability

As of now, Stellar repair for video supports only two platforms, Windows and macOS. Stellar is planning to make this tool for Linux users too. 

But with its support for Windows and macOS seems reasonable because these two are the main platforms for professionals in videography and photography. Its support for all the popular video file formats, storage media, camera brands, and the ability to fix all sorts of corruption and errors, make the tool the best video repair software for all kinds of users.

Stellar Repair For Video Is Free?

Stellar Repair For Video is free to download and use. However, you won’t have access to many of its features. We can consider this tool as a freemium.

Features like photos repair, data recovery are limited for only the pair users. You can add multiple devices with one account, fix repair damaged photos+videos, and much more with the premium access. 

Another major feature missing is the ability to save the repaired video. You will be able to see the preview of your repaired video, but you won’t be able to save the file to your computer. The tool gives you the option to at least view the video just so you can buy the plan and save the video. 

During my testing, I found this tool pretty handy and it fixed all of my corrupted videos. The tool is as good as it claims to be and it is worth spending money on it.

How To Use Stellar Repair For Video

Stellar Repair for Video allows you to repair videos one by one or in batches, at a single time.

Add video files

  1. To add the videos you want to repair,
  2. Launch Stellar Repair for Video 
  3. Access the main menu and click Add File Add to add the files you want to repair
  4. An Add File window will open.
  5. Find and select the videos you want to repair. Remember that you can add multiple videos at a time.
  6. The selected videos will be displayed in a list.
  7. Select the files you want to repair by clicking.
  8. You can click Add to add more files to the list.
  9. Once you have added the files to the list, you can repair, preview, and save them to any location you want.

Repair and preview video files

To repair the selected files,

  1. First, click on the ‘Repair’ button that will be displayed indicating the instruction. The repair of the selected files is done by the tool.
  2. A progress bar will be displayed indicating the progress of the operation. If you want to stop the process, click Stop.
  3. You can check the status of the repaired videos in the Video File List menu.
Stellar Repair For Video repair in progress
  • Files that are successfully repaired are displayed with a status of Complete.
  • Files that are severely damaged need advanced repair. These files appear with the status of ” Waiting for Action “. Click on Advanced Repair to know more about this.
  • If for the repair process the status of Canceled is placed.
  1. A repair process completed message will appear.
Stellar Repair For Video repair process completed 1

To preview Repaired Videos: click the preview button below the action attribute.

Advanced Repair

In case your video file is severely corrupted, the tool allows you to repair it by adding a sample file with it. The Advanced Repair mode is only for files with the ” Waiting for Action ” status designation.

A Sample File is a working file created by the same device and in the same format as the corrupted file. This file can be any size. Stellar Repair for Video uses the information contained in the sample file to repair the damaged file. The program also makes it possible to repair videos whose data header has been corrupted.

To add a sample file

  1. From the list of video files, click Advanced Repair under the Action attribute.
  2. A dialog box appears. Click on next.
  3. Click Browse and select the file that will serve as a sample from its original location.
  4. Select the ” Apply to all files of the same format ” option to use the selected sample file to repair all corrupted videos on the list.
  5. Click Repair for the program to start the repair process.
  6. A progress bar will indicate the progress of the operation. If you want to stop the process, click Stop.
  7. A repair process completed message appears.

Save Repaired Video Files

Stellar Repair For Video save repaired 1
  1. To save repaired video files,
  2. From the list of repaired files on the screen, select the files you want to save by clicking on their respective checkbox.
  3. Click the Save Repaired Files button.
  4. A dialog box appears.
  5. Select ” Save the repaired file ” and then you can choose a location to save your file.
  6. Click Browse and select the location to save the video file.
  7. Click on the Save button. A progress bar will indicate the progress of saving your file.
  8. A “Repaired files were saved successfully” message. Click OK to close the message box.

When To Use Stellar Repair For Video

You can use Stellar Repair For Video anytime you face any problem while playing any video. You might encounter errors due to any malware attack, transferring the file, downloading the media, etc. Stellar Repair For Video can solve all kinds of such errors and will make sure that you play your video files smoothly after the repair. 

You can use it for any video format, mp4, m4v, MOV, f4v, 3gp, 3g2, and many more. So, you can always rely on it.

The tool is undeniably among the must-have tools in your PC, because you never know when you may face an error while playing a video that is important to you.  

Do I Recommend Stellar Repair For Video

Repairing and recovering video files has never been easier. Stellar Repair For Video and its features will make sure that your video files are repaired fully. Be it any reason, malware attack, error while transferring, or partial download, this tool is going to get your files run smoothly. So, I do recommend this tool for every user. 

Even though the tool might seem a little expensive, it is worth spending on it. After all, getting your videos repaired instead of losing them is better, right? Therefore, having the Stellar Repair For Video is a must for any user, no matter casual for professional.

I did not come across any bug reviewing the tool for the last 7 days, it works like a charm. Neither I faced any kind of difficulty while repairing, previewing, or saving the video. The best thing I found is its easy-to-use user interface. It’s just so clean and simple. Moreover, Stellar has been in the market for the last 25 years, so people do trust it. If you are a trusted and reliable software, the Stellar Repair For Video might be the perfect pick for you.


How to repair damaged video files?

Stellar Repair For Video is the best choice to repair damaged video files. Just add the damaged file in the tool and click on ‘repair’ and it will repair your video file and then you can save it.

What is the difference between the demo and the full version of stellar repair for video?

With the full version, you can recover and repair deleted photos, see the estimated time for scanning the drive, preview the repaired photos, repair and extract thumbnails of the image file, and more. All these features are missing in the demo version.

Which video format Stellar Repair For Video Supports?

It supports AVI, ASF, WMV, MKV, FLV, DIVX, WEBM, MJPEG, MPEG, AVCHD, MTS, MOV, MP4, M4V, 3G2, 3GP, F4V, and many other video file formats. Also, it can repair HEVC (H.265) videos.

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