Snappa Review: Best Alternative To Canva?

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What Is Snappa?

Snappa is a graphic designing tool that can be used to design graphics such as Banners, Ads, Infographics, etc for digital works.

Thousands of premade templates and easy editor interface makes it one of the best graphic designing tools to work on. It takes a few minutes to create graphics with Snappa as there are numbers of templates, Ad-sets, Clipart, elements, and much more.

How To Start With Snappa?

To get started with snappa you can create account on snapp for free.

snappa login page

After creating a snappa account you can select the different formats and post sizes according to your requirements.



A Graphical Editor: You can create highly engaging images in minutes using their drag and drop elements and text. Snappa is a great alternative to canva which gives a much more easier interface and workflow.

Tones of templates: You can use them and customize according to your requirements and make your own amazing graphics with snappa.


Visual Assets: In Snappa you will get more than 1000000 photos and 100000 plus graphics and not only that you also get 200 plus fonts for free.


Team Collaboration: You can collaborate with your team and share graphics online directly using snappa.

snappa Team Collaboration

Upload your own graphics: If you need to add your own images you can also upload them to snappa using upload an image feature.

snappa graphics

Fonts Customisation: If you can customize fonts then you can easily do that and you can also upload your own fonts in .ttf,.otf, and .woff formats.

snappa  Fonts custom

Positive And Negatives

Easy To UseSome features available in paid plans
Free Templates Available
Affordable Pricing
Well Organized Cases


 snappa Pricing

It has a starter pack that includes

  • 1 user 
  • 5,000+ templates 
  • 3 download per month

Pro pack include

  • 1 user 
  • 5,000+ templates
  • 1,000,000+ HD photos & graphics
  • Unlimited download per month
  • Social media sharing
  • Buffer integration
  • Custom font upload

Team pack include

  • 5 users
  • 5000+ templates
  • 1,000,000+ HD photos & graphics
  • Unlimited download per month
  • Social media sharing
  • Buffer integration
  • Custom font upload
  • Team collaboration

Choose your plan according to your requirements and if you are not sure which one is best for you but still want to use snappa you can go with their free plan and if you like it then you can switch to pro or team plan.

If you are an individual who just stared and don’t have the budget then go with a free plan and if you want to build really great graphics with snapp then you can try the pro plan.If you have a team then you can go with the Team plan.

Snappa Vs Canva

Snappa vs Canva

If you know anything about Graphics designing, then must have heard about Canva, which is a graphic editor tool. So to find out which one offers the best features, we have compared both the editors in detail.

Get Started: To get started with Snappa, just Signup and login to your account and you’re ready to go. But in Canva, it will ask you to choose some niches or fields, so that you get all the templates and graphics of your preferred niches.

Editor’s User Interface: The interface of both Canva and Snappa editor is simple and easy to use. With Canva, you can import any graphics to the editing area by just double-clicking on the element or dragging it to the editing area. But in Snappa, you’ve to drag the element to the editing area to edit it. Double-click doesn’t work in it.

Resizing: Snappa allows resizing your graphics in the middle of the editing but In Canva, you’ll need to purchase a Premium membership to use the resizing feature.

Effects: Snappa has effects option whereas Canva doesn’t.

Subscription: If you’ve a team, then you can purchase a Team based subscription for up to 50 users with Canva. But with Snappa, you’ll need to purchase a license as per user.

There are some more differences between Snappa and Canva in the table below:

TemplatesIt has 5000 TemplatesIt has 8000+ Templates
Ad-setsLess number of Ad setsLarge number of Ad-sets
Editor’s UIIt is simple and Easy to useIt is too simple and easy to use
Auto-savingIt doesn’t have auto savingIt has auto saving feature.
EffectsIt has Effects featureIt doesn’t have effects features
Social-login/SignupIt doesn’t have Social-login or signup optionIt has have Social-login or signup option
Team based SubscriptionUnavailableAvailable (Up to 50 Users)


How much does snappa cost?

Snappa offers three plan one free starter plan and two paid plan pro and team.
The cost of the pro plan is 15$ per month.
The Team plan cost is 30$ per month and if we buy a year package it cost 10$ per month for a pro plan and 20$ per month for a team plan.

What is the easiest graphic design software to use?

Snappa is the easiest graphic design software According to its work efficiency and easy to handle interface you can easily create your graphic within a minutes.

Is Snappa Free?

Yes, Snappa is free but if you want more features then and only then you need to go with a paid plan.

Do I Recommend Snappa?

I recommend it to you because it takes several minutes to create an amazing graphic design and its outcome is also satisfying.

I tried it and I found it is very easy to use for beginners and if you are professional then you can create modern and good looking graphics with snappa.

Rating Score

Easy To Use4.7/5
Template Customization4.8/5
Overall Score4.7/5
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