Smart Defrag Review: Speed Up Hard Disk Or Not?

If you have Defragged the drive of your Pc or computer, then you might have heard about a software called Smart Defrag. It is a software for the Defragmentation of Computer Drives.

If you have a computer/Pc, then you must have observed that it gets slower with time and its performance also decreased day by day. This might happen due to the fragmentation of the hard drive. To get rid of it, you have to defrag the drive of Pc to boost its performance.

Smart Defrag is a defragmenter software that can defragment the disk quickly to optimize the drive and improve its performance.

Smart Defrag is one of the best defrag software available in the market.

We’ll review it on the basis of its features, reliability, pricing, and more. So follow this review minutely to get detailed information about Smart Defrag.

Smart Defrag is a disk defragmenter software that defrags the drives of a computer. This software comes from iObit and its latest version is IObit’s Smart Defrag 6. It defrags your computer drives so quickly and efficiently than a default defragmenter failed to do.

Whenever you feel that your computer is getting slow, use Smart Defrag to optimize the files of drives so that your computer speed up quickly.

Smart Defrag has been used more than the Windows default defragmenter, so you can imagine how useful actually it is. Smart Defrag is really very easy to use and user-friendly that anyone can use and optimize the hard drive to increase the performance of drives. 

Smart Defrag is so easy to use because of its simple interface. You don’t have to search for manuals in order to use it. Just install it on your PC and you’re ready to go. Getting started with it is very easy because of its Three-button layout. You get Three buttons for defragmenting different types of files/drives on your computer.

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Smart Defrag Interface

Smart Defrag Interface

As we know that Smart Defrag has a three-button interface, the software will display all the drives of your computer in groups of three on the main screen. Along with all the drive, including C-Drive, the other option you get to defrag in this software are Windows Apps and Add Custom File.

On each drive name, you’ll get to see a white circle that shows the free space on your drive. This circle completes when the drives have Zero space. Below three buttons, there is a Smart Defrag named Button which shows multiple defragmentation options on clicking. So you can easily defrag using those options.

The top of the interface has Four options. These are Disk Defrag, Boot Time Defrag, Game Optimization and Action Center. All these have different features which work on only particular thing on manual activation. You can use these to get more out of Smart Defrag. The features of these all four menus are discussed in detail under Smart Defrag Feature heading. 

Features of Smart Defrag

Features of Smart Defrag

There are lots of features in the Smart Defrag. All these features make this defragment software better than any other software of that type. The Four top menus have different features that can be used to perform various tasks to optimize the drives. So in this Smart Defrag Review, we are going to see all the features of this software in detail.

Disk Defrag

Disk Defrag

The main feature of this software comes under this Disk Defrag. This is the place where you get the option to defrag the hard drive of the computer. Before defragging the drive, you must know the type of the drive because defragment can only be possible for HDD (Mechanical Drives).

In the case of SSD, Smart Defrag does something different to optimize the drive and makes the computer faster.


If you have an HDD type drive, then there are 6 different options to defrag the drive but below the drive, there are two options:

Auto Defrag

When you’ll click on this option, the software will automatically start the defragmentation. You can also call it Quick Defragmentation. But it is only for Pro users, so in order to activate this feature, you have to purchase its premium version.

Boot Time Defrag

When you defrag something through Smart Defrag, it defrags only those data which do not run during the defragment. But there are lots of files which keep on running at the back end of the PC. 

These files cannot be defragged when the computer is in running condition. These can defrag only during boot time. That’s why Boot Time Defrag feature works during booting of computer.

When you hover the cursor on the blue color Smart Defrag button located just below the drives name, all 6 options display to defrag the drive.

Options To Defrag The Drive


Clicking on this option starts analyzing the fragmentation rate of the drive of the computer and also suggest the best method for defragmentation. So you can analyze the drive through it whether there is any need to defrag the drive or not.

Fast Defrag:

Clicking on this option allows Smart Defrag to defrag the drives with the ultimate speed of the software. So if you’re in a hurry, then this feature lets your drive to defrag with the fastest possible speed.

Defrag & Optimize:

This feature defrags the fragmented files/drives and arranged the data in an organized pattern so as to achieve continuous blank space in the drive and hence the drive gets optimized and its performance increased.

Large File Defrag:

As the name suggests, this feature allows the software to defrag large files which help to boost read and write speed of the drive and maintain the health of the drive.

Free Space Defrag:

If there is free space in the drive, then it might not be in a continuous pattern, so you can use this feature to defrag free space.

Defrag & Prioritize Files (Slow):

Activating this feature leads the software to prioritize the drive data intelligently and then do defragment. It is a slow process because the software has to safeguard the prioritized data by using its intelligence.

So these are options to defrag a drive which is HDD, but for SSD, the features are different

For SSD:

When you select your drive as SSD by clicking on Arrow, the Trim option will appear. Hovering the cursor on that displays only two options viz. Analyze and Trim & Intelligent Optimize


Its working is the same as for HDD. This feature analyzes the status of the SSD to optimize it.

Trim & Intelligent Optimize:

If you have installed both HDD and SSD type drive in your PC, then this feature intelligently works on both the drives type at the same type. This feature is very useful as it saves time.

Windows Apps:

Smart Defrag Windows Apps

If your PC is running on Windows 8 or 8.1 or 10, then you use this feature to defrag your windows apps.

Add Files and Folders:

Smart Defrag Add Files and Folders

This is one of the best features that you get in Smart Defrag software. You add any files and folders manually for defragmentation. If you want a particular Folder, then there’s no need to defrag the whole drive, you can just select that particular folder to defrag it.

Boot Time Defrag

Smart Defrag Boot Time Defrag

This feature does all the defragment during the boot time of the computer. Most of the back end running files like MFT, system files, etc. cannot be defragmented during running status. It can only be defragmented during Boot Time. So you have to use this feature to defrag system files contained the drive.

When you click on Boot Time Defrag, you’ll get the option to select those files which you want to defrag. Out of all 5, Defragment registry files and Defragmented specified files are for Pro users and Defragment page files, Defragment MFT and Defragment system files are for Free users. So you can defrag only these 3 files with the free version.

After selecting the desired files out of 5, just click on the ON button of Boot Time Defrag to defrag files during boot.

Game Optimize

Smart Defrag Game Optimize

This feature optimizes your games and increases their performance. You can add the games you want by clicking on the “+” button. It is just for games. So you play games on your pc, then you can use this feature as well.

Action Center

Smart Defrag Action Center

This option is just for promotional purposes. You can see various software recommendations of iobit. However, these are not useless. It suggests only that software which your PC needs to improve its performance.

You can disable it by clicking on the Hiding option.

How to Defrag the drive using Smart Defrag?

Defrag the drive using Smart Defrag

Smart Defrag is such an easy to use software and it does not need any tutorial. But still, there are few settings which you have done before doing any defragment with it. I’m going to give step by step tutorial of How to Defrag the drive using Smart Defrag.

Steps to Defrag Drive using Smart Defrag:

Download and install Smart Defrag software (latest version, currently Smart Defrag 6)

Note: Before defragmentation, you have to do some important settings.

Smart Defrag Settings
  • Click on Three line Icon in the Left Corner
  • Go to settings
  • Under General Setting, keep it as default. Make sure that First, Second and Fifth boxes are ticked.
  • Go to Defrag and Tick the box which says Enable Intelligent Boot (If you’ve pro Version)
  • Now Switch ON the Auto Defrag and Auto Analyze
  • Click on Boot Time Defrag and Switch it ON, then select the drive you want to defrag during boot. Also, select the scheduled of defragmenting
  • Click on Disk Cleanup, Switch it ON and mark the Files and Folders you want to clean up
  • After doing all these settings, Click on the Apply and OK.

Now you’re ready for Defragment. To Defrag any drive,

  • Tick on the drives you want to defrag
  • Now hover the Cursor to Smart Defrag button and Click on Analyze.
  • After analyzing the drive status, hover the Cursor again to the Smart Defrag button and click on Defrag and Optimize.

After doing that, the software will start defragging the drives that you’ve selected. In this way, you can use Smart Defrag for the Defragmentation of the drive.

Pros and Cons

There are always some pros and cons for everything and with Smart Defrag, the same goes on. There’s not a single review is possible without presenting its pros and cons. So without further ado, let’s go in detail of Smart Defrag Review and take some looks on its pros and cons.

Fast Defragmentation Some Feature Only for Pro users
Multiple Defragment OptionsToo Much Promotion of IObit’s Other Products
Pop-up Alert Over Usage slows down the PC little.
Easy Interface
Defragmentation Visual

Pros of Smart Defrag

Pros of Smart Defrag

There are lots of pros that one can realize after using this software. This is also one of the oldest running software which has still maintained its crown in terms of defragmenting software market. The following are the Pros of Smart Defrag:

1. Fast Defragmentation:

When we compared Smart Defrag with windows default defragment program, it seems much faster than it. Smart Defrag, defrag the drive with optimum speed while maintaining the health of the drive as well. Its Fast Defrag feature is like icing on the cake in terms of defragmenting rate. So its defragment speed is very fast as compared to other software.

2. Multiple Defragment Options:

Smart Defrag provides various options to defrag your drive. With this software, you’re not limited to a single defragment feature. You can choose any defragment option like Fast Defrag, Auto Defrag, Boot Time Defrag, etc.

3. Pop-up Alert:

After installing Smart Defrag, you’ll get a pop-up alert that will display the drive status and suggest you defrag it when required. So you don’t need to worry about the defragment of the drive. Just install it and this will check the condition of the drive whether it requires to defrag or not.

4. Easy Interface:

One of the most important features of this software is its easy interface. You can just get started with it. You don’t have to go through any heavy tutorial to learn and understand it. It’s so simple and easy to use.

5. Defragmentation Visual:

You can monitor live defragmentation in colorful visuals. You’ll see Red, Black and Green Blocks which keeps moving during defragmentation.

These are the few important Pros of Smart Defrag. Talking about just Pros would be an incomplete task and biased review, but as we are doing unbiased Smart Defrag Review, we’ll talk about its Cons as well. So let’s move on to the cons of Smart Defrag.

Cons Smart Defrag

Cons Smart Defrag

Smart Defrag does not have major cons but there are still some features that need to be improved so the user doesn’t get irritated out of it.

1. Some Feature Only for Pro users:

Smart Defrag provides multiple options to defrag your drive, but few important features are only for Pro users. I know it is a business strategy but unlocking few among those will definitely increase its reach in the market. So iObit must work on it.

2. Too Much Promotion of other IObits’ products

This is the only thing that irritates most of the user. IObits promotes its other products like hell.

3. Over usage slows down the PC

Thats the only problem of IObit’s major products. It slowers the PC little if you try to over use.

Smart Defrag Free

Smart Defrag Free Review

The Free Version of Smart Defrag provides lots of features. The main feature of the software i.e. Defragmentation is unlocked for free users. You get the feature to defrag and optimize the disk that is what the software is meant for.

Game Optimization can also be accessed with a free version. You can play your game faster and smoother without any lag. So overall, the free is good if your need is to just defrag the disk through software but if you want more from Smart Defrag, then you must go for Pro version.

Smart Defrag Pro

Smart Defrag Pro Review

As we know that Pro version is always a better option over the free version. The Pro version unlocks all the features of the Smart Defrag. Along with Defragmentation and Game Optimization, you get various useful features which are necessary for the disk.

With the pro version, you can defrag Registry files and enable the Auto Defrag feature. The pro version also allows Boot-time defragmentation for quicker PC startup.

Smart Defrag Free VS Smart Defrag Pro

Smart Defrag Free vs Smart Defrag Pro

There are lots of features that come with only the Pro version. The Free version has two important features such as Defragmentation and Game Optimization.

So if you just want to try then the free version is not a bad option but if you really care about PC and drives, then you must purchase Pro version because the features you get with pro version are important for maintaining the health of PC and drives.

The following is a small comparison between the Free and Pro versions.

Free Version Pro Version
Basic Disk Defragmentation Basic Disk Defragmentation
Game Optimization Game Optimization
Defrag customized file during PC startup
Auto Defragmentation
Boot Time Defragmentation
Registry file defragmentation

Pricing of Smart Defrag

The pricing of Smart Defrag software is not much if you care about your Pc. Moreover, the pricing is annual so you’ve to pay just a single time in a year for a single PC. You can’t use one Pro account in multiple PC.

By considering all the features that Smart Defrag offers for disk, the price is satisfying. Below is the pricing of Smart Defrag

Free Version: $0

Pro Version: $39.99

Grab below deal to get an exclusive discount on Smart Defrag.

1 Year Subscription for 1 PC

The following are frequently asked questions about Smart Defrag by the users.

Do I recommend Smart Defrag?

I definitely recommend Smart Defrag. It is software that every PC user should have. It is really very important for maintaining the health of drive and optimizing it. This software also fastened your computer by optimizing the drive.

If you play games and your lags, then Smart Defrag also optimize the games to improve your gaming experience. Defragmentation is something that you have to do one day and Smart Defrag is best in that. It is better than Windows default defragmenter, so you can imagine what this software can do for your Pc’s drive. So strongly recommend it.

So that’s it for today, it’s time to wrap up this Smart Defrag Review. If you have any doubts regarding this review or software, then feel free to ask your questions in the comment box.


What Is Smart Defrag?

Smart Defrag is a disk defragmenter tool that defrags the drive to maximize the disk performance.

Is IObit Smart Defrag safe?

Yes, IObit Smart Defrag safe is 100% safe and you can use without any fear of data leaks and the company also guarantees the safety of your data.

Is Smart Defrag free?

Yes, Smart Defrag also has a Free version which offers defragmentation and game optimization feature.

Should I defrag my SSD?

No, defragging SSD will negatively affect its life. SSD supports Trimming and you can use Smart Defrag to Trim SSD.

What is a Trim?

Trim is a feature of SSD which helps to wipe the data which are not in use and hence the performance can be improved.

Can I use iobit Smart Defrag 5 license to Smart Defrag 6?

Yes, you can easily use the Smart Defrag 5 license to register Smart Defrag 6 until it is not expired and you can easily upgrade to the new version without any additional charges.

What Languages Iobit Smart Defrag Supports?

Iobit Smart Defrag 6 supports various languages such as English, Spanish, Japanese, German, Arabic and much more.

Smart Defrag

Smart Defrag is a great defragmentation tool which helps you to defrag your hard disk and also provide trim for ssd

Price: 19.99

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: “Windows 10”

Application Category: Defragmentation Tool

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