2 Ways to Show Upload & Download Speed Both In Android

Having the knowledge of internet speed on your device is very essential, especially when you are on a limited data plan for the day or for the month. The speed of the internet is directly proportional to data consumption which is very logical. 

So, having a real-time internet speed viewer is very essential, OS like MIUI has an inbuilt internet speed viewer and lately, most of the operating systems have enrolled this feature. However, here are 2 ways to show both upload and download speed in Android devices. 

1. Enable from Settings

There are smartphones in the market that have inbuilt settings to show the speed of the network it is connected to. You can enable this option in the Settings section on your smartphone. Here’s how it can be done in a Poco or Xiaomi phone, 

Step 1. Open the Settings app.
Step 2.
Look for the Display option and open it.

display settings

Step 3. Scroll down and look for the System section.
Step 4. Open the Control centre & Notification shade settings.

control centre and notification shade

Step 5. Now, look for the Status Bar section.
Step 6. Enable the Show connection speed toggle and you are done.

enable connection speed on Android

However, the speed indicator only shows one kind of speed at once i.e. either download or upload. But, the next way will show both speeds separately which is way better.

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2. Internet Speed Meter Lite

internet speed meter lite UI

If you are one of the old Android users, you must have heard about this particular app. Back in the days when OS were not that advanced, users relied on this app which is and has been one of the best at what it delivers. 

Without any Ads, it shows the upload and download speed in the notification bar. The app also allows you to view data usage of the last 30 days and shows the real-time signal strength of the Wi-Fi connection which is great for a lite app.

Although there is an option to have the pro version, the lite one itself has enough to offer. In addition, it also allows users to set data limits and view the total data used in a day.

internet speed meter lite usage
Best 3rd party app to show internet speed for an Android deviceThemes and other customization are available in the pro version of the app
Very helpful for users having a limited data plan
It works on most of Android device

Get Internet Speed Meter Lite for your Android device


Which app is best to show real-time internet speed?

Internet speed meter lite is the best app you can get to view the real-time internet speed on your Android device.

How do I set my Internet speed meter?

It depends upon the OS and the phone that you are using. Most Android devices have the option to enable the internet speed meter within the settings and options.

Does the Internet speed meter lite app consume data?

To be direct, it uses the internet to show the speed and data of the connection, which means it uses the data but is very negligible.


These were the ways through which you can view the internet speed on your Android device without any hassle. If you found this article useful then, share with all your friends and family who use an Android device.

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