ShareX Review: All In One Productivity Software?

Taking a screenshot in Windows is easy. A simple Win + Prt Scr key will do the job. But there are times where you need to do a lot more than just that. You would want to take a screenshot of only a particular window, or a customized shape and size. And how about editing the screenshots or recording the screen? That is where you will need an advanced screen capturing tool like ShareX. 

In this article, I will be reviewing ShareX in-depth and how you can use it like a pro. I will be taking a tour of all of its features and should you even consider using it. So, let’s get started. 

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What Is ShareX?

ShareX is an amazing open-source software that you can use for so many tasks. You can screen capture, share files, make GIFs, edit photos, and do other secondary tasks like hash checking, changing DNS, monitor testing, etc. It is truly amazing to see the number of features you will find here, you will hardly get it in any other app. 

And the way it is designed is simply incredible. Tons and tons of features packed but it never feels overwhelming even if you’re a beginner. All in all, it’s an amazing productivity tool that you can use for so many tasks. It is completely free to use with no ads. 

User interface

ShareX Interface

If you’re expecting a modern look at the software then you might be disappointed. The interface of ShareX feels quite outdated but it’s easy to use nonetheless. All the options are nicely tucked inside the side menus and it’s quite easy to find all the options. It sometimes feels a little cramped, because of the number of options you will get for each feature. 

I would have loved it more had the developer spent a little more time making the interface. It would have been much better with a polished interface. But the beauty of it is that it is highly powerful and customizable. You can use different keyboard shortcuts for more efficient usage which you can also customize. Overall, the interface is pretty decent to use. 

Platform Availability

Developer: ShareX Team
Price: Free
  • ShareX Screenshot
  • ShareX Screenshot
  • ShareX Screenshot
  • ShareX Screenshot
  • ShareX Screenshot
  • ShareX Screenshot
  • ShareX Screenshot
  • ShareX Screenshot
  • ShareX Screenshot
  • ShareX Screenshot

Right now it is only available for Windows PCs. To be able to install it you ought to have Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1) or a later version of Windows. So you can use it if you have Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and even 11. To download and install it, you can simply visit the official site and download the installer and run it. Or, you can head over to the Windows Store and install.


ShareX comes with tons of features included. Some of the main features are. 

ShareX Tools

Identify borders of app windows: It can identify your app windows and take screenshots according to the borders on the screen.  So, you can easily take screenshots of active windows without cropping anything.

Scrolling Screenshots: You can capture scrolling screenshots. This can be helpful if you want to capture screenshots of long web pages. It won’t degrade the image quality. 

Built-in editor: You get a built-in image editor with which you can quickly edit your screenshots or any other image you have. You will have all the basic editing options. 

Integrated cloud services: You can directly upload your captured images to so many cloud services and share them instantly. This increases your efficiency in your workflow. 

Customized screen record: You can screen record the whole screen, or define an area of the screen to capture. You can record your audio with the screen recordings as well

Watermarks: You can easily add watermarks to your captured screenshots. You can have a customized logo or text in different fonts in the watermarks.

Customizable shortcuts keys: You can change the shortcuts and customize your workflow. These are essential to increase your productivity since you can save a lot of your time using shortcuts.

Video converter: You have the video converter feature to change the video formats, quality, bit rate, and more. 

Hash checker: Hash checking features let you authenticate whether the files are original or not before downloading. This can prevent you from downloading malicious files. 

QR Code encoding and decoding: The QR code scanner helps you make QR codes for texts. You can encode and decode using this feature. 

Pros And Cons

Easy to capture screenshots and record Fiddly to set up and use initially
Tons of features includedOutdated interface
Lots of image uploading and sharing options
Free of cost and no ads
Source code available so easy to customize
Lightweight software

System Requirements

ShareX is a very lightweight software that does not demand many specifications from a PC. Let’s check out its minimum system requirements.

OS: Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or above

Space: 150MB of free space


CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400

Impact On System

ShareX impact on system

As I already mentioned, ShareX is very lightweight on PC. It doesn’t take up much of the resources. I tried using this with the task manager to monitor its impact on the PC and here are the results. 

CPU: 0-2% for all the normal tasks

RAM: 30-40MB of memory

Disk: 0MB/s

GPU: 0 Mbps

Note: The PC I used to test is equipped with an i5 10th Gen CPU, 8GB RAM, and a GTX 1060 Graphics Card. The resource usage might be different in your PC, according to the specifications. 

How To Use ShareX

ShareX Capture

ShareX has tons of options and features, as I already mentioned before. And sometimes this can confuse the new users. So let’s check how you can use ShareX for different tasks. 

When you first open the ShareX software, you will find all the options on the left part nicely tucked inside categories. 

  1. For a regular full screen screenshot, go to Capture > Fullscreen
  2. For a screenshot of the active window, click on Capture > Window and it will screenshot the active window
  3. For a scrolling capture, click on Capture > Scrolling capture and again define the area by scrolling. 
  4. There are a few other options as well like defining the area for a screenshot like Region, Region transparent, last region, and more. 

For Screen Recording:

It is quite easy. Just follow the below steps.

  1. Go to Capture > Screen Recording
  2. The cursor will change from a cross to a cross
  3. Now define the area to record using the mouse’s left click and drag.
  4. When done, release the left mouse button.
  5. The recording will begin now and you can see a red icon in the Notification icon in the taskbar
  6. Right-clicking on it will show you two options, Stop and Abort.
  7. Click on Stop and the recording will stop. The Abort option will cancel the recording. 
  8. Once you are done recording your screen, open the ShareX program, and in the right pane, you will see the recording you just made.

For Image Editing:

Now that you have a screenshot you would want to edit it. To perform image editing, you can follow the below-mentioned steps. 

  1. Right-click on the image from the right pane and choose Edit Image.
  2. It will open the editor window where you can make all the changes to the images.
  3. You can insert stickers, arrows, zoom, correct colors, or add texts.
  4. Once done, click on the save option which is on the top left corner. 

If you want to learn the other features of ShareX or want to know more on how to use it then I also have a dedicated article just on How To Use ShareX. You can check this out to get a better in-depth idea. 


Does ShareX record audio in screen recording?

Yes. While screen recording you can record audio as well. If for some reason you don’t hear any audio in the recorded video then you can head over to Task Setting > Screen recording options and click on the download button and also define the audio source as your headphone/dedicated mics. 

Does ShareX have a watermark?

No. ShareX doesn’t have any watermarks. You can capture clean screen recordings and screenshots. 

Can ShareX make GIFs?

Yes, you can make GIFs in ShareX. 


I have been using ShareX for more than a year for all my work-related tasks and personal usage so I have a clear idea of how good this software is. ShareX is truly one of the most productivity-boosting software you can find. The amount of features it has packed is mind-boggling and I never had to look to other software for other tasks like making GIFs, QR code encoding, hash checking, etc.

ShareX has become one of my most essential software today and it’s irreplaceable by any other. All in all, it’s the type of software you would want to use if you want an easy, efficient, and ad-free option for screen capturing and other tasks. I would continue to use it and would recommend you as well to give it a try. 

ShareX Review

ShareX is an amazing open-source software that you can use for so many tasks. You can screen capture, share files, make GIFs, edit photos, and do other secondary tasks like hash checking, changing DNS, monitor testing, etc.

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