How To Set Picture Password in Windows

Forgetting your password or your password is too big to type every time you sign-in to your PC? Then you might use Picture Password as an alternative. Windows provides more than one method to sign in to your computer. You can select different options like password, pin, or picture passwords, etc. Picture password is an entertaining and effective way to sign-in to your computer.

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What is a Picture Password?

Picture password provides an easy and fun way of signing in, as you don’t need to remember and type a long password to sign in. You have to draw gestures or tap at the right places on the picture in order to sign in to your computer. It is more suitable for touch screen devices as you get the ease of drawing gestures with your fingers or stylus pen.

Picture password is as secure as a pin and like a pin, it doesn’t provide any extra layer of security. At sign-in, you will always be able to use the Sign-in Options button to use alternative ways like a password or pin. 

How to Set Up a Picture Password

Picture password is easy to set up. You just have to follow the below steps to set up your picture password.

  • Open Settings by either going to the Start menu or by pressing Windows+I.
  • Click on the Accounts section and go to Sign-in Options . Click on the Add button under the Picture Password section.
select add button under picture password section
  • If you have an existing password you will be asked to verify your account and if not you’ll be asked to create a password. 
  • Click on the Choose Picture button to begin the selection.
  • Click on the Use This Picture button or if you want to change the picture click on Choose New Picture.
  • Now you are supposed to draw three gestures on the picture. 
  • Then you will be asked to draw your gestures again to confirm them. If you want to change the gesture you can select the Start Over button.
  • After completing the confirmation process click the Finish button.
  • Now you can use a picture password to sign in. You just have to draw the gestures you created and you will be signed in.
  • In the below image I have shown you how your sign-in screen will look and I have highlighted my gestures for your understanding on how to use it.
Draw your gestures to sign in

Note – Though a picture password gives ease of signing and provides a corresponding amount of security when compared to other sign-in options like pin and password, you have to be careful with signing with a picture password because someone can copy your gestures by looking at the screen. If you are using a touch screen, be sure to wipe your screen after using the picture password as smudges and oil stains could easily reveal your gestures when viewed from an angle. 


How do I remove a password from Windows?

Go to Settings and open Accounts. Then go to Sign-in Options and under the Password, section click on Change. You will be asked to confirm your password after entering your password click on the Next button on the bottom right side of your screen. Then you will be asked for a new password, leave it blank and again press Next. Finally, press the Finish button

How can I reset my password on windows?

Go to the Reset password on the sign-in screen. If you use a PIN instead, you will see PIN sign-in issues.You have to answer your security questions. Then enter a new password.
If this doesn’t work and you tried all other ways then you have to reset your computer. Hold the Shift key and press the Power button on the bottom right side of your screen and then press Restart. After your computer is restarted, go to Troubleshoot > Reset this Pc > Remove everything.

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