Change Default Font in Google Docs (Set What You Like)

So you don’t like Arial and you change to a different font every time you reopen a new doc and you get bored every time doing that same “selecting the text, going to font tab and searching” and now want your favorite font to be automatically applied as default whenever you open a new doc?

You came to the right place, so in this article, we’ll guide you on how to change the default font to whatever you like in google docs!

For the demonstration, I’ll show you how to set the default font to Inter in this article, but you can use the same method to change to any font you like. Open your docs, Now let’s get started!

Here are the steps you need to follow:-

1. Select the style you want to change to along with the font you want to change it with.

In this case, we want to change every style (title, heading, etc.) to Inter, so we will select the normal text, in this case, it will apply the same font to all other text styles for us automatically. But if you want to change the font for a specific style (for eg. title only) to your favorite font, select that only and follow the steps.

2. Go to the format tab then go to “Paragraph style” then under the “Normal text” option click on update ‘normal text’ to match. But if you want to change any other style, go to that specific font option.

3. We are not done yet, to use it as your default font whenever you open new docs, go to the “Format tab” again then “Paragraph style” but this time go to the “Options” section, and finally click on “Save as my default style”.

You should get a pop-up saying the same.

And you are done. You can try opening a doc and you should see inter as your default font.

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