3 Best Ways To Send Photos Without Compression In WhatsApp

Whatsapp on smartphones reduces the quality of the image. Meaning the picture which looks sharp on your phone will look grainy and of low quality on the recovered smartphone. Whatsapp automatically compresses the image to save data. That can be huge trouble for most people. 

You won’t want to send deteriorated images to anyone, would you? However, there are a few ways with which you can send lossless quality images to anyone on Whatsapp. I am going to tell you 3 of the best ways to do this. So, let’s get started. 

1. Sending Image File As Document 

You can easily choose image files as documents to avoid unnecessary compression and deterioration. Here’s how you can do it. 

  • Open the recipient’s chat and you’ll find a paperclip icon “📎” in the bottom right. 
  • Clicking on it will open different options to select the file type. 
  • Choose “Document” and it will open your file explorer. 
  • Locate the image file, click on it.
  • Now choose “Send” and it will send the image as a document and won’t compress. 

2. Send Image Via Whatsapp By Renaming 

Whatsapp automatically recognizes the image file by its extension. So, what you can do is change the format of the image file. Here are the steps you have to follow. 

  • Open your file explorer app and find the image that you want to send. 
  • The file will have extensions of .jpg, .jpeg, or .png. Rename it to .doc. 
  • The file explorer might show you a warning popup, simply ignore it and proceed. 
  • Now you can easily share that file with anyone by attaching it as a document (Refer to the 1st method). 
  • Ask the recipient to change the file format again to .jpg using file explorer. 

3. Sending Images In A ZIP File

This method is especially helpful when you have to send multiple images or don’t want the recipient to rename each and every file. Here’s how you can do this. 

  • Use any third-party ZIP compression tool to make a ZIP file of all the images that you want to send (Some stock file managers also come with this feature). 
  • Now open the Chat Box of the recipient and click on the Paperclip icon.
  • Choose “Document” from the list and select the ZIP file that you just created. 
  • Click on “Send” and it will send the ZIP files to the recipient. 
  • Ask the recipient to unzip the file to access all the images inside. 

I would recommend you to use RAR app for creating ZIP files.


Why are my photos blurry when I send them through WhatsApp?

This happens because Whatsapp automatically deteriorates the quality of the images, and compresses them to save data. You can send lossless quality photos by sending them as documents. 

Why does Whatsapp compress images?

Whatsapp compresses images to minimize bandwidth usage, reduce the time taken to send and receive images, and manage the load on the servers.

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