8 Best Ways To Repair Corrupted Photos In Android

Photos are precious memories and you cannot let them go off so easily after you shockingly realize they have gone corrupt. Photos getting corrupted in android smartphones is a common problem, and often it can be troublesome. From abrupt power loss, broken header, virus infection to corrupt storage media, there can be innumerable reasons for damaged or broken image files. 

Irrespective of the cause of the loss, in this article I bring you comprehensive 8 best possible ways you can attempt to repair and recover corrupt or broken image files. All these tricks are safe and I have personally tried them before. So, without any further ado, Let’s begin. 

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1. Clean Your Memory Card

If you have images corrupted from your memory card, then this is the best thing you can do. Simply pull out your memory card from your smartphone and clean it with a stationary eraser. You can rub the eraser on the golden thin layer of the memory card. Rubber will help get the dust and carbon out from the golden layer and it will be stain-free as well. Insert the memory card again and see if you are able to open the images now. 

2. Recover Photos From The Recycle Bin

google photos trash

Most photo viewers or galleries today come with a recycle bin section. Here, photos are there for a few days when you delete them. Usually, photos can be there for 30-60 days after you have deleted them. So, if you have been on a trip and you deleted some photos and now the remaining photos are corrupted, then you can always head to the recycle bin and recover the deleted photos and use them in place of the corrupted ones.

3. Add An Extension To Corrupted Photos

Add An Extension To Corrupted Photos

Sometimes your image files won’t open because there is no extension. Extensions like. JPEG, JPG, or. PNG are important to let your smartphone know that it is an image file. Users think their images are corrupted but rather they only lack an extension. So, check if your image file has an extension. And if not, then try different extensions like jpg, jpeg, png and see which one works for your file. 

4. Recover Photos From LOST.DIR Folder

Lost.dir folder

LOST.DIR is just like a recycle bin that allows you to recover the lost or deleted data. All the corrupted image files will be saved in the LOST.DIR directory. The best way to recover or repair the LOST.DIR folder on android is simply by renaming the files and by adding an extension to the files. 

Try different image extensions like .png, .jpg and see which one works for you. Move the files to another folder if they open and repeat the same for other files as well. 

5. Try A Different Image Viewer App

Google Photos
Google Photos
Developer: Google LLC
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  • Google Photos Screenshot
  • Google Photos Screenshot
  • Google Photos Screenshot
  • Google Photos Screenshot
  • Google Photos Screenshot
  • Google Photos Screenshot
  • Google Photos Screenshot
  • Google Photos Screenshot
  • Google Photos Screenshot
  • Google Photos Screenshot
  • Google Photos Screenshot
  • Google Photos Screenshot
  • Google Photos Screenshot
  • Google Photos Screenshot
  • Google Photos Screenshot
  • Google Photos Screenshot
  • Google Photos Screenshot

Sometimes certain files won’t open with a specific image viewer app. Sometimes the image viewer just doesn’t support the image file extension. So, you can try using a different image viewer and see it is working. Typically, Google Photos supports all kinds of image files so I would recommend you to try Google Photos.

6. Photo Not Opening Due To Wrong Image File Format 

Sometimes an image file won’t open if it has a wrong extension. So, you can try changing the extension and see if it is working for your files. Below, I have compiled a list of the most common image file extensions so that you can try these for your image files. 

  1. JPEG 
  2. JPG 
  3. PNG
  4. GIF
  5. TIFF 
  6. PSD
  7. PDF
  8. WebP
  9. EPS 
  10. AI
  11. INDD 
  12. RAW 

7. Recover Photos Using A Recovery App

For this method, you need a file recovery app. These apps can recover corrupted files from your phone and give you repaired files. I have used Recovery software by wolfapps and I’d recommend the same. It is easy and fast. Just open the app and select image recovery, choose the file directory and it will start the process of recovering the image files. 

8. Repair Photos Using Stellar Repair For Photo

stellar photo

Stellar repair for photos has an incredible ability to resurrect deleted images or digital media wiped during a card reformat. I have used the app personally and I was amazed to see how many photos this software can recover and that too with pace. The app is fast and smooth and you would find your corrupted photos repaired in no time. 

Currently, the software is only for Windows and Mac so if you have one, you must try this software. Just use a memory card reader on your laptop or plug in your phone and you can see the option to repair files from the connected phone or memory card. 


How do I fix corrupted photos on my Android?

Try cleaning your memory card and using a different image viewer. If that doesn’t work, use any image repair tools like Stellar Repair for photos.

How can I repair corrupted files?

You can use a third-party app like Stellar Repair to repair the corrupted files.

What is the best software to restore old photos?

Recuva is the best software to restore old photos

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