Recuva Review: Best Free Data Recovery Software?

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These days, data and information is one of the most essential and important components of any user’s life, be it photos, videos or any kind of file. Every other person has some important data stored in the memory drives. 

Losing data by mistake is one of the worst feelings because you can miss out on a lot of data at a time which is very annoying and saddening at the same time. 

But, somehow Recuva can retrieve some of the deleted files from the drives. So, that’s why I am here with Recuva Review.

What is Recuva?

So, this is one of the tools which is developed by Piriform Group which is owned by the globally recognised company i.e. Avast. So, you can expect this tool to be pretty good and well performing when you look at the parent subsidiaries which are highly recognised and popular in the market.

Basically, it is a tool which allows you to restore the deleted files up-to some extent which is decent enough from hard disks, USB sticks or Pen-drive and other external memory devices.

So, head on to read a detailed Recuva review which includes all the features and offerings of the tool.

User Interface 

Well, when it comes to the User Interface of this tool you can expect it to be quite handy but on the other hand it looks a bit outdated or old which is decent enough when you look at all the other offerings of the tool.

recuva home or UI

Scanning of files, selection of advanced options and every other function seems to be just at the exact place one would wish for. Even a naïve user can easily select the drive and scan for deleted files or content which is quite good. 

Free VS Recuva Paid 

There are obviously differences between the paid ones and the free version of a tool. But, Recuva offers pretty good offerings in the free version as well, have a look below for better comparison in this Recuva Review.

Recuva FreeRecuva Paid
No user support Excellent support team to help
No virtual drive Virtual hard drive support available
No UpdatesAutomatic updates available
Recovery rate is 30% to 50%Recovery rate is 50% to 70%
No accurate preview of filesPreview of files before recovering


Recuva is a simple yet one of the best file recovery tools in the market. 

When it comes to the free version of the tool, you can still expect to get decent offerings by the tool such as upto 50% accurate file recovery rate, no Ads, resilient UI and many more features.

Selection of file type : You can select a particular file type to get optimal and customized results according to your needs. File types are Videos, Music, Documents, Etc and you can also select all the file types to scan for the deleted ones.

recuva file type

Selection of location or drive : You can select a particular location or even a particular folder to scan for the deleted files which just seems amazing because it takes less time when you are searching within a single drive or within a few folders. Although, you can also scan for deleted files in the whole system.

recuva file selection

Deep Scanning : This is a mode basically which allows the tool to scan in an advanced mode which increases the probability to recover deleted files. This takes a few minutes more so, make sure you are patient enough. Although, the regular scanner doesn’t take much time.

Recuva scanning

Damage Analyzing : Basically, this feature says whether the scanned files can be recovered or not and whether it should be recovered or not. Though, this feature sounds to be cool but it really isn’t because there is no such specific option where you can really analyse the damaged files that are scanned.

recuva damage analyze

Advanced mode : This mode will allow you to recover the files in a systematic manner, basically it gives you a set of options such as sorting files, scan again for more files within a drive after a whole scan is done which is decent enough. Also, you can preview the scanned files which can be recovered further.

recuva Advanced mode

Pros and Cons 

People often expect the free version of the tool to come with preloaded pop-ups, Ads and many unwanted components which is kind of annoying at times. 

But when you look at the free version of this particular tool, it is safe and totally clean with zero unwanted components.

Even the free version offers plentyDeep Scanning takes a lot of time
Simple UI and easy to useMisname files 
Preview of files The recovery rate is not stable
Damage analysis Updates are not that frequent
Different modes available for detailed experience 

Pricing & License

This is a very important aspect of Recuva Review. When it comes to pricing Recuva is priced decently which allows the users to think for a while but when you look at the offerings and the billing of the product then it is worth it.

Recuva Pricing 1

The Professional Package, for which you will be charged $19.95 once per user, then for another package which is the Business Bundle is priced at $15.99. 

Quite confusing but if you go for the Business Package then you will be saving a lot because you will also get CCleaner Business, Defraggler Business, Recuva Business and Specy Business, all included in the $15.99 package which is strangely good for the users.

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Recuva Vs Recoverit

Let’s compare Recuva and Recoverit to find out which one is good in terms of features.

You can recover unlimited data for freeYou can only recover 100MB Data for free
The recovery rate is not that goodCan recover data properly
Good option if you want to free solutionBest if you want to advanced paid recovery
Takes a long time to scan for deleted filesTakes less time to scan for deleted files

I use both software and I can tell you both are good but if you want a free solution to recover unlimited data you can go with Recuva and if your data is really important and you want that at any cost then you can go with Recoverit.


The requirements for this particular tool is below average. I mean it has a 5-6MB installer which gets better with the smart wizard. After installation it takes hardly 15-20MB which will further increase once you start using,

When it comes to minimal requirements, there is no such RAM or processor requirements as per the official website but the more the better. Yes, you can also use the tool if you have a Dual Core processor with 2GB RAM which is great.

Recuva Taskmanager

Anyways, below is the snapshot of my task manager while I was scanning for files in the system. It takes almost 6% of RAM while deep scanning, you can still use all the other heavy software while the scanning is done.

It is only available for Windows OS as of now. 

Impact On System

There is no such performance capability because all you see is whether it is able to scan and recover the deleted file or not. I would say it does the job and as it is a Freemium tool you can expect to miss out on some features but on the other hand it is free of cost and you can expect it to be quite performing or offering. 

recuva recovery

Also, the modes available to scan for deleted files is amazing, which certainly enhances the performance of the tool when you alter the modes.

How To Get Started With Recuva

As we already know it is only available for Windows OS. So, there are many sites that claim to provide Recuva but the site with CCleaner are only genuine.

recuva home or UI

So, to download the installer you will have to search directly for Recuva and look for the website with CCleaner (developer of Recuva) because people often mistake it by going on to the RecoverIt website. 

Once you have downloaded the tool, just go on with the steps to install and you will be done within a minute or two. You don’t have to login and all which is another good thing.

How To Use Recuva

After you have downloaded the tool, select the type of file you want to scan for or just select “All Files”, then select the drive which you want to scan or you can also select the particular location. 

Now, just enable the deep scan and press on start then wait for a few minutes and after scanning is done look for the deleted files you are searching or just press “Advanced Mode” and search for the file on each and every drive scanned. 

Now, select the location to recover the files and you are done once you select the location to recover the files. So, this was all about Recuva review.


How can I recover my data for free?

You can download Recuva which is known to be one of the best tools among the data recovery tools. The free Recuva is the best you can get by paying nothing.

Is Recuva safe?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to use. There are no Ads and also you can expect it to be pretty clean with no recognizable bugs or malware.

Does Recuva really works?

Yes, it does but you can’t expect a free version of a tool to work up-to your expectations. For any of the regular users it will do the job and that is enough for a free version of the tool. Although, accuracy does differ when you use the paid one.

recuva review

Recuva is a tool that allows you to restore the deleted files. It has a very clean user-interface that will help you to use it efficiently. This software is a trustworthy & useful tool that makes a great choice to handle large data. Overall, I would say it worth your time and money.

Price: 19.95

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Windows 10

Application Category: Data Recovery

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