recoverit Review: Best Data Recovery Software?

In today’s digital world, It is quite painful to lose your important data. Even if you accidentally delete a file, format your hard drive, or suddenly discover that your data have gone missing, don’t worry there is still hope. 

Fortunately, data recovery software can help restore deleted files even if you have not backed them up. Nowadays, it is a must to have data recovery software such as Recoverit to easily recover your lost data.

To help you decide on recovery software,  I am here with this article. So, in this article, I am going to provide a detailed Recoverit review with all the features and workings. 

In this article, I have provided a full detailed Recoverit review and that will surely help you decide if it’s worth using or not. I have also provided you all the details regarding its working and features. 

Based on the user interface alone the program appears simple enough while performing good in the difficult situations. We shall have a look at the important aspects of this review.

What Is Recoverit?

Recoverit from Wondershare is a well-known data recovery software that is a perfect data recovery solution for deleted and lost files. It has been around for a while and stands one of the premium solutions. 

It scans the location and makes sure that all the distant files can be retrieved. You can easily recover videos, photos, files, audio, archives, etc. With this, recovering data is very easy and quick. 

User Interface

In this Recoverit Review, I am going to get you familiar with the user interface. Talking about the interface, I am quite impressed by its simplicity and clean interface. Recoverit has got a clear and simple user interface.

Based on the user interface alone the software appears basic enough however performing in even the most difficult situations.

user interface of recoverit

Its interface is easy to understand. Once the scanning is finished it shows the recoverable files in green with their path and full name. It allows you to select which files you want to recover and the location to save them. 

Undoubtedly, the user interface is developed to be simple and easy to use. So, as soon as you open up the app you will see the location selection, advanced recovery, and start button at the bottom. 

Truly, you’ll jump right into the app and start getting to work in just a few minutes. I am sure you don’t need to read any guides. So, a significant achievement by Wondershare. 

Hence, I would say Recoverit places a huge emphasis on how easy and intuitive to use it. Moreover, the software is clean, minimalist, and quite pleasing. The Recoverit has done a remarkable job creating such a lovely UI and recovery options.

With minimal but effective options, Recoverit is perfect for beginners as well as professionals. So, you’ll not face any sort of difficulty while understanding the software. 

Overall, I would say the developers of Recoverit seem to understand user needs, and they utilize proper design principles in their user interface. 

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Deep Scan Recovery: Recoverit uses the deep scan recovery which uses efficient searching technology. It can extend the mask capabilities and file search to get the file information. 

data recovery in recoverit

It precisely uses the deep scan to scan the file’s sector more broadly and deeply to make sure that all the distant files can be retrieved. This feature is able to recover data with their old names and folders from your disk.

Video Fragments Merging Technology: I think this feature is quite unique. Generally, merging the video fragments can be more difficult than restoring a single video stored on a disk. 

video fragment merging in recoverit

Its video merging technology will look to identify the various video fragments, retrieve too, and then arrange them in the correct sequence. This makes the folders and files in a sorted manner.

Files Recovery: It does not matter whether the files are deleted by accident because of a system crash, virus attack, accidental deletion, or any other unknown reasons. 

Recoverit can recover any files like pictures, documents, music, videos, and many others. It can easily recover files, and you can even go for a premium to get support from the team. 

Trash Recovery: Recoverit enables you to restore files that you have emptied from the Recycle bin on your Windows machine. The tool utilizes advanced scanning and searching algorithms to retrieve your deleted data from the Recycle bin without much effort. 

It also comes with the preview option which enables you to preview the scanned files before recovering them.

Formatted Data Recovery: One of the best things, even if your data is formatted, then also it allows you to recover it by using the Recoverit data recovery tool. 

Your data can be recovered from any sorts of formatted hard drives, external drives, and many other locations.

External devices recovery: The risk of losing important pictures is very high. You can even contract malware if you’re using external devices daily.

recoverit external device recovery 1

If this does happen, then Recoverit can help save them as it provides you with the option to recover data from external devices too. You can quickly recover your data with just a few steps.

Efficient file scanning:I have seen that most software applications that focus on recovering information and data work very slowly but, Recoverit is quite quick. It can improve productivity and make it easy to recover with its efficient scanning.

You can expect quick and efficient file scanning to scan and find those deleted or lost pictures from a single, targeted source. Overall, Everything is fast and easy to manage. 

Device Compatibility

If I talk about the device compatibility, Recoverit is only available in the popular and most used platforms. You can only use it on Windows and Mac. 

I would say, the best time to install this software is now before you suffer from data loss. Hence, you can simply download the Recoverit for your computer through their official site. 

The best thing is that the interface of the software is consistent and similar regardless if you are on Windows or Mac. So, it is easy if you’re switching between the platforms. 


recoverit for windows

Recoverit is easily available for the Windows platform. You can simply download the software from the official website of Wondershare.

The design of the Recoverit data recovery tool is very elegant and simple. You’ll see the background of the tool as greyish white for better readability and minimal eye strain with a blue accent throughout the UI.

I would say that the app is designed with a simple and intuitive layout. I am sure that you’ll not face any difficulty in understanding the app. 


recoverit for mac

Not only Windows, but Recoverit is also available on Mac. The only difference between the two versions is the ease of use. 

In this, the home button for the Windows version is a Back button on Mac. Other than that, everything is just similar. 

The features and options are very minimalistic and precise rather than unwanted features that make it super attractive. To download the app, you can simply go to their official site. 

Recoverit Free vs Recoverit Paid

Recoverit comes in two versions that are the Free version and the paid version. The free version enables you to scan for recoverable files and preview them, although you can recover up to limited size of data.

free vs paid plans in recoverit

When you upgrade to the Pro version and you gain unlimited data recovery and a deep scan that can potentially recover more data. I am really impressed as there are too many similarities between the two versions.

The free data recovery for all major file types, including videos, photos, documents, and other files. The only difference between the two is that you can only recover 100 MB files in the free version whereas it is unlimited in the paid version.

This look is quite unpleasant as the recovery size limit is very less that makes your app unsuitable to use further. So, I would recommend you to use the premium version to get your work done precisely.

To get unlimited data recovery simply go to the active option.  Then,  enter the email address and the registration code you were sent when you purchased the Recoverit. After this, you’ll be able to recover the unlimited size of data. 

How to use Recoverit

The Wondershare has a huge emphasis on how easy and intuitive to use Recoverit. I jumped right into the app and started doing work in just a few minutes. I didn’t even have to read any guides until I got into the more complex parts.

When you delete files from your computer, whether on Windows or Mac, it is not necessary that it would be deleted. Only the path to that file is deleted, the main file resides there until another file overwrites it. 

So, Recoverit can scan your drives for these deleted files and try to recover them before they are overwritten.

Using Recoverit is quite easy. Before I elaborate on how you can use this awesome data recovery app, I’d recommend you download and install the software on your PC or Mac. To recover files, it is necessary to launch Recoverit on your computer.

There’s no learning curve needed for it. Also, recovering data is very easy with just a few steps. Simply open Recoverit and select Get Started with your tasks. 

To recover data on a computer, you should follow the following steps:

  • Select a location – You should select the location where you want recovery to be performed
  • Scan the location- Scan the disk to restore your files
  • Preview & Recover- Preview recovered files and get them back

Select Location 

It is necessary to choose a location where you have lost data in order to recover data on a computer.

So, you can select the location under ‘Hard Disk Drives’ or ‘select location’ option. Then simply click ‘Start’ to begin the scanning on the selected location.

recoverit select

Scan for File

Recoverit will start scanning with just a single click. Usually, it will take a few minutes to complete the scanning. Sometimes, a few hours are required if there are many large-sized files. 

recoverit scan

Preview and Recover

Before proceeding to the recovery step, Recoverit allows users to preview the recoverable files. You can select the files and choose the ‘Recover’ button to recover your files back.

recoverit recover

Advanced Recovery

If you are looking at some advanced options, then you can get into the Advanced Recovery option that is located at the bottom of the interface. It has some advanced recovery tools for more specific tasks.

recoverit advanced options

Supported Files for Recovery

When I talk about the supported file formats I am quite impressed. Recoverit Data Recovery supports more than 1000+ formats and types of files to be recovered. 

supported files in recoverit

Not only this, but it also supports restoring all types of files and file systems including FAT, NTFS, HFS+, APFS with no data and no charge commitment. The specific supported file formats are as follows – 

File TypeFormats
VideoAVI, FLA, FLV, M4V, MOV, MP4, WMV, 3G2, 3GP, 3GP2, 3GPP, AMVetc
ArchiveZIP, exe, 7zip, MSG, PST, OST, EML, ARC, ARJ, BZ, EMLX etc
DatabaseBQY, BTR, CAP, DB, DBF, FDB, FP5, FRT, LDF, MDF, etc

Recoverit has got one of the highest data recovery success rates to retrieve data from all data loss scenarios. The recovery of these files is inferior when I compare Recoverit data recovery to other solutions.

In addition, you can use the left-hand pane to filter the list of recoverable files. The file’s view lets you filter the results according to their file type. 

For this, you have to select the type of file: video, photo audio, document, email, database, web files or archive, miscellaneous, and even files with extensions.

Supported Devices for Recovery

At present, users seek to get data recovery on more than single platforms.  So, the Recoverit can work with more devices, like RAW drives, GoPro cameras, and Drone cameras. 

supported devices in recoverit

So, here is the brief about supported devices for recovery:

Computer – You can easily recover lost data on a computer or laptop, regardless of the OS and brands. 

Camera – Your all lost videos and photos can be recovered from various brands of digital cameras, including GoPro and Drone cameras too.

Internal hard disk – Recoverit allows retrieving data from a hard disk drive, SSD, and floppy disk. So, no worries to get your data back

Memory card – It can support data recovery from all kinds of memory cards, like CF card, SD card

External hard drive – If your external disk is lost or it is corrupted, damaged, formatted. Then you can get data back from your deleted data.

USB flash drive – You can get your data back from pen drives, USB flash drive, and flash memory with the help of this software.

So, as you can see Recoverit can recover data from almost all sort of  available platforms. To meet different needs of digital users and increasing number devices, this software is capable to work on them efficiently. 

Is Recoverit safe?

When it comes to data recovery, safety is the major concern of every user. To answer this we must consider the safety and features of Recoverit because one mistake can lead to permanent data loss.

In my opinion, it’s quite safe to use. I installed the software on my computer and scanned it with various antivirus software and didn’t find any problems with it.

Also, since the Recoverit works with files that are already deleted or removed, none of your existing other files will be affected. So, there is less chance of data moderation and hence, maintains the safety of your data.

However, this software could use a decent amount of your disk and utilize CPU which might affect other programs you’re simultaneously using. Therefore, I recommend closing all your running programs first before using Recoverit.

Overall, You’ll not face any sort of safety issue regarding your data. It is totally safe and secure.

Pros and Cons

So, here I have provided you with a quick overview of the positive sides as well as the negative sides of this recovery software.

It allows data recovery when accidentally clearedThe quality of the recovered file may not be the same
Quite light on using system resourcesThe remaining time indicated is not accurate 
The user interface is simple and well-designedMay not work if the data has already been overwritten 
Video recovery when an SD card has been formattedNot all files can be recovered
The customer support team is quite responsiveNot all files can be previewed
Easy to use and understand features


It is a perfect data recovery solution for deleted and lost files. Its interface is easy to understand. Also, it supports more than 1000+ file formats to recover. 

It uses efficient searching technology to get your data back. Talking about the customer support team, I would say it’s quite responsive and helpful.


Despite having so many pros there are some downsides too. Like, not all the files can be recovered; it may be due to overwriting of the data. 

Also, sometimes the scan freezes and leads to an inaccurate remaining time. All of these are concerning the capabilities of the app, which may seem essential considering Recoverit is a data recovering software.  

Advanced Recovery

There are also some advanced features that will improve your data recovery experience. These features can really improve your result therefore, I recommend you check them before your recovery tasks. Here are some of the advanced features:

Recover from Crash Computer

Undoubtedly, getting a system crash is probably one of the worst nightmares for any user. If the Windows 10 on your system has been crashed, then it might lead to the permanent loss of your data as well. 

recover from crash computer in recoverit

For this, you have to launch Recoverit system crash data recovery software to start creating a bootable media. After that, select the recovery from crashed computer option and click “Start” to recover lost data or deleted files due to an operating system crash.

Video Repair 

Video corruption is a terrible thing to face video crashes in the middle of the task. To fix a corrupted video file, Recoverit offers an advanced feature of video repairing for Windows and Mac users. 

video repair in recoverit

It has many advantages such as it can repair plenty of corrupt video files, repairing videos with different formats at the same time, no limitation upon the size of video files to be repaired with a user-friendly interface. 

The tool can fix almost any video file, irrespective of its file size and its issue. You have to open the application, select the “Video Repair” option, and click on the “Start” button from its home to launch the module.

Advanced Video Recover

This feature scans efficiently and helps to recover video files. The video files are different from any other type of data. Sometimes, you might find the video corruption after the preview using the software. 

advance video repair in recoverit

At that time, don’t worry. If so, the Recoverit’s Advanced Video recovery reminds and works for you. It scans, gathers, and matches the fragments of your corrupt videos, and thus ensures most of your videos are recovered.


If I talk about the performance of Recoverit, I would say it’s quite good and you will not face any sort of difficulty. It feels snappy on-screen during recovery tasks and moving through the features.

For more analysis, I chose a variety of files that are often used.  After that, I deleted them permanently. Let’s find out if Recoverit can fully retrieve all the deleted files. 

delete file in recoverit

The moment I deleted it, I started the recovery program to keep the files from being overwritten. I then started the Recoverit software and chose the files I was looking for. 

I suggest you choose the specific folder type you need. Choosing all folders might give you too many files and make it difficult to find the files you’re looking for. 

As you can see my files found just in a few seconds, which I can recover with a single click. The performance is quick and reliable.

recover files in recoverit

It provides a very smooth user experience with no performance degradation. Overall, I would say that Recoverit is one of the reliable data recovery tools. 

Resource Consumption

In the Recoverit Review, another very important thing is memory consumption. 

Many users think that recovery apps tend to utilize a lot of your CPU and hence, affect other ongoing processes.  But that’s not true, as I noticed that it performed really well in terms of CPU and memory optimization. 

cpu consumption of recoverit

You can sense its lightweight nature from the fact that it only uses 0.3% of the CPU even after using it consistently. The power consumption went moderate to high during a scan otherwise, it was low. 

So, in my opinion, it will not affect other processes and will work reliably for you. 

Recoverit System Requirements

To run Recoverit smoothly on your computer, you must know the minimum system requirements for the smooth running on your PC.make sure your system meets these conditions:

  • Operating system: 64 bit & 32 bit of Windows7/Vista/XP/2003/2000
  • CPU: Pentium 1000MHz and above
  • Hard Disk: At least 20GB with 64 bit OS and the minimum requirement is 16 GB on a 32-bit system
  • RAM: 1 GB and above with 32 bit OS and 2GB with a 64 bit OS
  • Allow Administration rights

Also, if your computer has only one partition, it is advisable to connect external storage or hard drive to install Data Recovery. This is to avoid data being overwritten.

The best thing is, the system requirements of this tool are not too high. That’s why this software is preferable for all users with even low-end devices.

Customer Support 

In terms of customer support Wondershare does a really great job.  If you’re having trouble with Recoverit with your account or you stuck somewhere, that’s where customer support comes in. The support helps its customers through a web-based help site.

recoverit support

I will tell you the three ways to seek help. Firstly, you can opt for live chat and you can also submit an online form, or do call. If you have any trouble or query just get to them. They will resolve your query or issues effectively and quickly. 

Moreover, Wondershare has a very active and large user community that will provide you online resources too.

To check out, I asked about the difference between Recoverit free and paid versions. I noticed that they are really quick on live chat and get your answers precisely. Overall I would say that they are quite responsive and committed to their users.

Pricing and license

When coming to the pricing and license, Recoverit has an affordable range of plans. It offers a free version and paid subscription plans, which are well-priced and attractive. 

recoverit pricing

Wondershare offers a wide range of plans for individuals, team & business, and students. It has three paid plans which are essential, standard, and advanced. All of these have 1 month, 1 year, and lifetime access options. So, you can choose the best one for you. 

It is available for a regular price of $59.95/Year for a 1-year license in the Essential Plan. 

There is another plan at $69.95/Year for a lifetime license in the Standard Plan. 

Very popular, the Advanced Plan comes at $79.95/Year with the various features and Files Recovery & Repair for 2 PCs. 

All the subscription prices are pretty reasonable, ranging from annual and lifetime plans. 

Overall, I would say the plans are well suited for data recovery software with a good range of features. I recommend you to purchase this one of the top-rated programs in its class.

Refund Policy

It also has a 7-day money-back guarantee under accepted circumstances. So, I would suggest you use the free version to test out the software before purchasing it.

How To Get Started With Recoverit

Getting started with the Recoverit is quite simple and quick. download it try it and if you really liked it then go with the paid option.

After that, You’ll receive the registration code by email. Then, open the software and click on the register button and enter the registration code and licensed email. 

Once you are verified, you’ll be able to use the tool with all the features and be able to recover more than a 100MB limit.  You have to select the desired storage drive, the scanning process will begin, which you can also pause or stop. 

After the completion of the scanning process, you can now preview the file you want to recover by clicking on it. You can also recover everything by clicking on the Recover button at the bottom.

Remember, if you don’t want to use a paid one, then you can also go with a free plan. Moreover, You can easily download and install the Recoverit. You can simply have to click on the button below.

Do I Recommend Recoverit?

Yes definitely, I recommend Recoverit to anyone who wants a good data recovery software with all necessary and required features for effective recovery tasks. 

It is well-designed with a simple and clean interface that attracts you. Recoverit from Wondershare is a trustworthy & useful tool that makes a great choice for heavy data. 

Also, their customer support is outstanding. They can take many of your major complaints and provide solutions. So, there is no chance to get stuck into trouble. 

Overall, I would say it is a perfect solution to recover videos, photos, files, audio, archives, etc. With this, recovering data is very easy with just a few steps.


Is Recoverit safe to use?

Yes, Recoverit is absolutely safe to use. Recoverit works with files that are already deleted or removed, none of your existing other files will be affected. 
So, there is less chance of data moderation and hence, maintaining the safety of your data You’ll not face any sort of safety issue regarding your data. It is totally safe and secure. 

Is Recoverit really free?

Recoverit has got the Free version, it is able to recover data of up to 100 MB for free. Recoverit by Wondershare is a popular free data recovery software that works on both Windows and Mac.

With Recoverit, you can easily restore data from all storage devices and Windows system crash or bootable problems. But, in the free version, there are some restrictions regarding the recovery limit and other features. Therefore, I recommend you use the premium version.

Can we recover deleted files from the wondershare recoverit free version?

Yes definitely, you can easily recover deleted files using this tool. Recoverit can recover any files like pictures, documents, music, videos, and many others. 

It can easily recover files. The tool utilizes advanced scanning and searching algorithms to retrieve your deleted data without much effort and time. It also comes with the preview option which enables you to preview the scanned files before recovering.


In this Recoverit Review, I have provided you all the details regarding this recovery software. It has got everything that you need to recover your data. With just three steps, your work will be done. 

It has a very clean and attractive interface which is easy to understand.  All of these make it a trustworthy & useful tool that makes a great choice to handle heavy data. 

Apart from basics, it has got some advanced options too like video repair and recovery from a crash computer. In no time at all, it’s quick and easy to recover the files you lost with Recoverit.

I hope you like this Recoverit Review. Please share this article with your friends and in case of any queries or doubts feel free to comment below.

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