Opera GX Review: Best Browser For Gamers?

Every browser present in the market today is one of their kinds and certainly comparing could be difficult because every other web browser tends to have a different set of features to offer which is totally distinct.

So, in this post, I will be briefly reviewing or describing all the features of a unique and less identified browser i.e. The Opera GX. I have been using this browser for a while now and it’s high time I let you people know the cons and pros of using this browser.

The first gaming browser “Opera GX”

If you are well active on the internet then you must know about Opera and Their latest product i.e. The Opera GX which is obviously based on chromium and is the 1st browser for the gamers out there. 

Well, now you know that this particular browser has to offer a lot for the gamers who spend hours playing games. It will surely enhance the online gaming experience of yours because of several features embedded in it.

But, when it comes to regular browsing, Opera GX might not be the best browser, obviously because it is a gaming-centric browser.

Here are a few more features that I reviewed while I was using Opera GX.

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So, when you have a look at the Opera GX browser’s interface, you will find that the browser has an aggressive approach and which is good for the gamers.

interface of operagx

With dark and sharp animations you will be always noticing the highlighted animation which gets quite annoying at sometimes but if you are a gamer, there are chances that you will like it.

When you open up the browser, you will obviously see the home page first with GX corner and GX control shortcut at the top left, besides that, you will have the option to customize the browser as per your convenience. 

If you are a regular user then, there are chances that you won’t like this particular gaming-centric browser at all.

GX corner

This is one of the unique features that you will be exclusively finding in the Opera GX browser because it is a gaming-centric browser, the home page of the browser is a bit different than the regular ones.

Basically, the homepage is featured by the GX corner where a user can have all the information about the games- initial releases, new releases, trending and also special discounts on the games.


On the same screen, at the top, you can also see that there are options for different devices i.e. Windows, Xbox, MAC, Play Station, and Nintendo Switch. You can basically have information about the games on the respective platforms.

When you scroll down the home page a little bit, you will find another row which gives you information about the gaming world, basically, it is like daily news where you the user can view all the stories and news on games.

opera gx news

Overall, the GX corner is useful for the gamers but if you are a regular user then you can easily get annoyed with all these extra features. But, Opera has also added the feature where the user can disable all the rows and keep the home page empty if wanted. You can modify the GX corner in the gear at the GX corner’s right top.

OPERA GX corner settings

GX control

This is a special feature present in the opera gx browser which you will probably not find in any other browsers in the market currently. 

This option is loaded with lots of features to control the browser manually for a custom experience, this feature will surely help you run opera gx browser if you have a low-end computer system.

CPU limiter

This feature will basically help you to adjust the CPU processing limit that the browser will consume while running in your system.

CPU limiter


You can turn the CPU limiter which can be adjusted(few systems with less specifications can only adjust the limiter to 50% and 100%) to 25%, 50%, and 75%, further the browser will only use the processing power within the limit so that you can perform all your work background without any hassle.

RAM limiter

As we know this browser is also based on chromium which basically consumes plenty of RAM from the system to enhance the experience of the user while using the browser.


But, unlike other browsers, GX control also features a RAM limiter where you can easily set the amount of RAM you are allocating to the browser while gaming or streaming because there are times when your system will need RAM. 

Suppose you have a RAM of 3GB then you can easily adjust the limiter to 1, 1.25, 1.50, and so on gradually up to 3GB and later the Opera GX will be using RAM within the limit.

Network limiter

Just like all the limiter, this feature lets you to adjust the bandwidth and control the upload and download speed of the connected network within the browser. 


There are times when you might work on other applications in your system while downloading games or uploading videos from the Opera GX and at this time you can set the limit of your internet consumption in the browser and further work smoothly in the background.

Overall, as a gamer, you will like it because of all these additional features of the browser. There are also chances a regular user might like this because as per my opinion it is a handful feature which can be used regularly.


Just like any other browser, Opera GX also features several customization options for the user’s custom experience. You can easily get into the ‘easy setup’ option by selecting the icon at the top right corner of the home page and select the colour theme you want on the browser.

Screenshot 24

You can also add some of the more shortcuts as per your need at the left side of the home page. The home page also contains settings shortcut, history and other shortcuts for the user’s convenience. 

If you are a user of the regular Opera browser then you will easily handle the settings and customizations because it is totally similar to that of the regular Opera browser.

Overall, a user will love the interface with some of the customizations like adding and removing extra features or shortcuts and further customization of colors. But, as per the gamers, they would love the way it is or they might just customize the color.

Multi functioning – When you are using a regular browser, you can’t even think of multi-functioning within the browsers like watching a video while scrolling down your feed. Yes, you can easily get to enjoy these kinds of features in Opera GX.

Video Pop-up

The Opera GX lets the user to play videos from twitch and YouTube while browsing or doing other works in the browser.

All you have to do is, open up a video in another tab, move your mouse around the top of the video player and you can see an icon slide out from the top.

Screenshot 36

This way you can easily drag the video from the tab and easily browse or work on other tabs while listening or watching the videos in the small screen, you can also resize it or just close it within a click at the top right corner of the video player.

Messenger apps within the browser

This particular feature might consume plenty of Ram because the offerings are too high. 


While you browse or watch videos in the browser, you basically can’t text in any of your social media handles but with Opera GX browser it is possible.

All you have to do is, select the three-dotted option in the left corner select the appropriate social media to account that you want to log in and after you do, just pin the particular messenger and you can now easily chat with your friends while you work or browse.

This is one of the best and unique features of the browser which you can’t notice in a regular browser. You will surely love this feature once you begin to use it.

Battery saver

This is one of the features which you won’t see in a regular browser. 

Basically, when you turn the battery saver on from the advanced features option in the settings icon, the browser tends to stops the unwanted functioning and disables some of the animations so that the user can browse longer in the browser.

This feature is mostly for the people using laptops, it is one of the most essential features which will surely result in the long-lasting battery in a laptop.


Opera GX store

Just like any other browser Opera GX also features extensions for its users but it’s not similar to that of the chrome extensions. Rather the browser has its own Opera extension stores which will generate a problem for users who are planning to upgrade from Chrome to Opera GX.

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But when it comes to the chrome web store, they are the best and if you are planning to change your browser without losing your extensions then Brave Browser is the one because it supports all the extensions in the chrome web store. 

Tracker blocker and Ad blocker

Tracker and Ad blocker

So, what basically is a tracker blocker? We all know how precious our identity is and you will certainly not want any hacker or website to track you while you browse in a browser. 

The tracker blocker encrypts all the analytic data, tracking pixels, and all the essential data which can lead to your identity. 

Adblocker is one of the most common features for a browser but still, some of the browsers don’t feature this. Luckily, Opera is not one of them. A strong Adblocker will disable all the unwanted and irritating Ads on the website.

So, you can enable both of those from the privacy and security in the settings.

Yet, there is a feature to be discussed and i.e. giving back to the publishers and earning rewards. This is one of the rarest features in the Brave browser where the user can earn rewards by enabling some specific kinds of Ads so that the publisher will earn 15% of the Ad and rest will be rewarded to the user.

Crypto wallet

This is the first browser to feature the cryptocurrency concept inbuilt. 


If you are a cryptocurrency dealer then you will surely like it because once you login to your crypto account on the Opera GX, within clicks you can make transactions and receive cryptocurrency from all over the world. 

You can enable cryptocurrency from the right top corner icon. Once you do, you can also view your crypto wallet within the browser. 

Twitch integration

For those who are confused what is Twitch? It is a gaming platform where gamers tend to play the games live and the viewers can message and gift the gamers.

Basically, it is the biggest game live streaming platform in the world. 


If you are one of the twitch fans then this feature is for you because an inbuilt twitch extension ion the Opera GX browser notifies the user when their favourite gamer is live and gives instant information about all the twitch stories and posts.


This feature allows the users to customize and edit their screenshots within the browser, which is cool because with just a click beside the search bar you can take a screenshot and that too edit it without opening any window in the system. 


Well, you can also use the windows default screenshot commands to take a screenshot.


If you already have an Opera account and you are planning to upgrade your regular browser into the Opera GX then the Sync option will be very helpful for you.

Sync opera

Basically, all the bookmarks, history, saved items, passwords, and every single thing you can sync it with the new Opera GX browser. This way you upgraded and lost no data that was precious to you.

Built-in VPN

 VPN (virtual private network) this is not a feature anymore rather it is a necessity for the users and what’s better than an inbuilt VPN. There will be no need of downloading another VPN for daily usage.


AT times when you need to visit certain websites which are blocked by the government of your country, this feature will help you get through with the blockage.

Pros & Cons

Lot of features for gamesNot best for normal user
Batter saver mode
Most customization browser
Vide popup mode

Features you don’t get in Opera gx browser

  • Script blocker
  • Cookie blocker
  • Multiple accounts

These are some of the features which basically increase the security while browsing and multiple accounts tend to benefit users by providing the option to create one more account and categories the browsing pattern accordingly. 

If you need above mentioned features you can try brave browser.


What is Opera GX browser?

Opera GX is specially designed browser for the gamer with advanced features like CPU limiter, RAM limiter

What is the best gaming browser?

Opera GX is best gaming browser that gives you special options and gaming news that can be very useful for gamer.


As per the above-mentioned features in the Opera GX Review and honest opinions, you must have made your mind about whether to go for Opera GX or not. Being a gaming-centric browser, it has a lot to offer and eventually also has some cons regarding the security factor.

If you are a regular user and tend to browse for work rather not for gaming then Brave browser has to be the best choice for you and if you are in search of a gaming browser then Opera GX is the one.

If you like this opera gx review please share this article with your friends and if you have any query or dought related to this opera gx review do let me know in the comment section.

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