Opera Browser Review: Well Featured Browser?

At present in the world of web browsers, there are many browsers that claim to be the best in the market. But, only the right browser can make a massive difference to the browsing experience. Hence, choosing the best web browser is definitely important. To help you decide, I am here with this article.

So, in this article, I am going to provide a detailed Opera Browser review with all the features and its workings.

The opera browser is a freeware web browser designed to go with almost every operating system. Opera has been around a long time in the market providing innovative Web Browsing experience to the users. 

It is very popular for being the first browser to have a built-in VPN. In this article, I will provide a full detailed opera browser review and will help you decide if it’s worth using or not.

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User Interface 

The Opera browser’s user interface easily blends with the system, which changes colors across the UI to match its style. 

I would strongly say that those who like simple and clean interfaces would love Opera’s interface. After some updates, the UI of the browser is more refined and simplistic. In my opinion, it certainly does its job, as no browser looks like Opera anymore.

The browser supports a dark and light theme that can be activated from the hamburger icon in the top-right corner of the Speed Dial tab. The interface is really pleasing to the eye due to its basic and simple design. 

Opera Interface UI

It has square tabs having slightly rounded corners, sort of a combination between chrome’s round tabs and Microsoft Edge’s perfectly squared ones. The background is kind of clean making it quite visible to the tabs you use.

The user interface will surely impress you because most users like it clean and simple on the home screen and free from unnecessary bookmarks and app extensions. 

One more thing which I noticed is that even if you close the last tab the browser doesn’t shut down. This happens in most of the browsers but not with this browser. Overall, the interface is quite simple and clean that makes it very attractive and easy to use.

Features of Opera Browser

In the Opera browser review, Let’s move on to its features. The Opera provides a lot of innovative features while holding a simple and very basic interface. 

The Opera has some original features which were later adopted by other web browsers that include pop-up blocking, Speed Dial, reopening recently closed pages, tabbed browsing, and private browsing. 

Opera Features

Along with an in-built download manager and bookmarks bar, this browser has also got Speed Dial, which allows the user to add an unlimited number of pages as a thumbnail that looks quite attractive.

Not only this, but There’s also built-in support for messaging apps, such as Whatsapp and Facebook messenger, which avoids us from using third-party extensions to access them. 

Also, if you’re installing it for the first time, Opera automatically detects your default browser settings and imports your browser history, bookmarks and saved passwords.

You can truly see innovation as a browser to integrate a crypto wallet that allows access for the cryptocurrency and get into the emerging web of tomorrow. You can take a look at the key features below and see how its features make browsing better.

Key Features 

  • There is an in-built unit converter
  • You can synchronize the Opera Browsers on any of your devices
  • A customized and convenient news feed on the homepage
  • Allows to make a secure payment with cryptocurrencies
  • Free VPN provided in the browser


Let’s move on to a performance in the Opera Browser review. In my opinion regarding the performance of the browser, I would say quite good. 

While surfing I personally didn’t encounter any issues. Also, I haven’t seen many complaints about the performance or resource use of the browser. 

The Opera Browser is a Chromium-based browser that shares chunks of its code with Chrome hence, Opera acquits itself well during browsing on several web pages. Honestly, I didn’t test startup speed, as all of the browsers start up very quickly on modern PCs.

I have noticed that the Ads don’t only distract you from what’s relevant, but they can also slow down the browsing. To tackle this, Opera has got a native ad-blocker into a browser. You can turn it on to load web pages up to 90% faster which is claimed by the Opera. By the way, it’s quicker than Opera combined with third-party ad-blocking extensions.

However, In this, the battery saver improves battery but reduces the performance of the browser in achieving that. 

So, if performance is more important to you, simply disable battery saver. Overall, performance is good but there is always room for improvement.

Platform Availability

The Opera browser is available in almost all the popular and most used platforms. Here is the list and overview of each of the platforms or OS. Hence, you can simply download the Opera browser for computer, phone, and tablet through their official site.


The Opera Browser is totally available for Windows platform. You can simply download the software from the official website of Opera Browser

The interface’s design on Windows is quite standard. It has got tabs, search bar,  address bar and bookmarks along the top of the screen. 


Many users have their point of view that the software on iOS is quite different and better than other platforms. 

But, let me clarify that it’s not true as the interface and basic working of the browser is quite identical except for some minor changes. You can download the browser from the official website of Opera.

The Opera can be installed on your Android devices too. You can use a browser as a primary one due to its excellent pre-loaded features.

Opera browser with VPN
Opera browser with VPN
Developer: Opera
Price: Free
  • Opera browser with VPN Screenshot
  • Opera browser with VPN Screenshot
  • Opera browser with VPN Screenshot
  • Opera browser with VPN Screenshot
  • Opera browser with VPN Screenshot
  • Opera browser with VPN Screenshot
  • Opera browser with VPN Screenshot
  • Opera browser with VPN Screenshot
  • Opera browser with VPN Screenshot
  • Opera browser with VPN Screenshot
  • Opera browser with VPN Screenshot
  • Opera browser with VPN Screenshot
  • Opera browser with VPN Screenshot
  • Opera browser with VPN Screenshot
  • Opera browser with VPN Screenshot
  • Opera browser with VPN Screenshot
  • Opera browser with VPN Screenshot
  • Opera browser with VPN Screenshot
  • Opera browser with VPN Screenshot
  • Opera browser with VPN Screenshot

In this the search bar is located at the top and the tab menu and the settings on the bottom. 


Not only Windows, But you can also download Opera browser for Linux too. The Opera is free for Linux systems. It’s just like Windows, simply go on to the official website and download the browser for no cost.

Opera Browser In-Built VPN

The main highlight in this Opera Browser Review is its inbuilt operatic VPN. The Opera got very popular due to this feature as it’s the first browser having the in-built VPN. 

If you are surfing online by using a public Wi-Fi network then let me tell you that it’s really not safe as attackers can steal your data or direct you to dummy or fake websites. Not only this, the advertisers and government agencies can track you down. 

Opera in built VPN

In today’s tech-related world everybody is vulnerable. The VPN can not only protect you but it can also spoof your location, unlocking geographically blocked content from various sources like Netflix. 

To provide you extra security, only Opera Browser claims to provide you an in-built VPN. To use this VPN you don’t have to install any third-party software or anything like that, simply click and use. 

For enabling the VPN, You simply have to go into settings and enable the VPN. Once it’s enabled, your VPN active status will appear just to the left of the address bar. 

It doesn’t let you choose a specific country. Instead, it lets you choose where you want to appear in five server locations like Canada, Europe, the Americas, Singapore, or Asia. Whenever you switch on the Opera VPN your browsing data is sent through VPN’s encrypted tunnel rather than the internet normally. 

While most of the VPNs are chargeable but, this Opera VPN is totally free of cost which serves a fantastic deal to its users. You can install the software on many devices and use the advantage of a VPN on each of them. Hence, I really loved this out of the box feature in this browser.


As we all know that Ads are an integral part of the internet. And although there are many different types of ads that can really annoy you. Beyond the general annoyance caused by them, which is reason enough in my opinion, there are plenty of other reasons to block intrusive ads and pop-ups. 

Besides all, when you prevent ads and block pop-ups from using up your RAM and data it can automatically increase your internet surfing speed. 

Opera Brower Ad Blocker

The Opera does the same thing, blocking Ads and pop-ups gives you a cleaner environment online. The webpages look clean and pretty and help to surf smoothly. The Opera claims its built-in ad blocker which can be enabled in the settings. 

There are a couple of ways to enable Ad Blocker and pop-up blocker in Opera browser :

  • Click the shield icon at the right end of the address bar and switch on Block ads.
  • Also, you can go to Settings (Alt+P) and turn on Block ads and surf the web pages even faster.
  • You can also Turn on ad blockers by using the easy setup menu on the right side of the address bar.

As for faster page loading, I didn’t really notice it, though there is a slight difference that can’t be noticed. We know that some websites require you to disable or turn off pop-up blockers to access their site. 

So, for that Opera allows you to make exceptions for individual websites to disable the ad blocker and allow pop-ups for selected sites. 

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When I clicked on the ad blocker’s shield icon in the address bar, it gave me the stat and history of Ads blocked on the site. Overall, I didn’t notice any issue regarding this feature. It’s quite good and worthy having it in the browser.


The extensions are one of the most wanted features for the users. They provide some special features that the users can enjoy within the browser just like a plugin in certain software, without installing it in the system.

Honestly, when someone thinks of extensions, the first software that comes to our mind has to be chrome because we are used to it and know that it has got a store for all extensions. But, if we talk about Opera then I would say it will not let you down as it supports various extensions and add-ons. 


As it’s based on Chromium, so it is compatible with many Chrome extensions. That means you can add most of the extensions through Chrome’s huge library of third-party functionalities. 

But as these plugins and extensions are third party software they may try to collect information on your activity that will create security issues. That’s why Opera is light in terms of extensions. 

Just like chrome web store this browser also has its own extension store known as Opera Add-ons. In that you can download a limited number of extensions & wallpapers which are supported in the browser. 

Most importantly, you can avoid third-party add-ons and use this library that assures your security & privacy. You can simply install any extensions on your browser at free of cost. I would say in terms of extensions and add-ons this browser provides decent and average experience.

Speed Dial 

Among all features which I mentioned in this Opera Browser Review, this one is related to customizations that make the interface more user-friendly. From my point of view, the speed dial in this browser is a truly strategic spot that attracts the user and doesn’t feel hard on the eyes. 

The speed dials are the big squared tiles that serve as a touch-friendly link to sites. In this, you can add any number of tiles, combine them in groups, and drag them where you want them in the interface. 

Opera Speed Dial

The speed dials separate the sections and don’t seem to be clumsy at all. It looks great with different background themes and also lets you easily connect to your most visited sites. 

The best thing which I like about these speed dials is that you can store more than one speed dials in a single folder. Like if you can create a folder for tech-related speed dials and another for entertainment speed dials. 

To create a folder simply drag any speed dial and release on another one. I found too much about this feature like you can put a thumbnail image of Speed Dial entries and even rearrange them by drag and drop.

Using them you can also get quick access to important information from your Speed Dial by adding some extensions to it. For example, you can add the Gmail extension to receive an easy access to your email notifications, or add one of the many weather extensions for weather updates on your homepage. 

Overall, Very excellent feature that really helps you to manage the sites that you visit often. It truly helps to personalize the browser according to you.

Mouse Gestures

If you want to save time surfing on the browser, then you can try mouse gestures in Opera for PCs. These easy and natural gestures are yet another feature by which Opera helps you to browse faster. Basically, gestures are the special commands or we can say it as a shortcut command to perform a specific task.

Opera Mouse Gestures

I think that it is a quite useful feature of this browser. You can use the gesture by the combination of mouse movements or clicks. 

To use these mouse gestures you can simply hold down your right mouse button, move the mouse in a certain direction, and then release the button. For example, you can go to the back page by right-clicking and moving the cursor in the left direction. 

Additionally, you can open a link in a new tab by just right-clicking on it and moving the cursor in the downwards direction. The Opera’s mouse gestures let you perform the most used browsing tasks with quick and small mouse movements.

To enable or disable mouse gestures in the browser you can follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Then, click Advanced in the left sidebar, and click Browser.
  • Under the Shortcuts option, you can Enable mouse gestures.

I have noticed that there are around 8 mouse gestures available in the browser but, you will definitely use only two or three of them.

If you are used to mouse gestures then it will be very useful for you. But, if you have just started then I will recommend you to have practice. With practice, navigating with the mouse can become quick and efficient.

Turbo Mode 

Most of us are always craving for the speed that loads the webpage. But, most of the time browsers aren’t able to provide us the browsing speed that we need. 

But, no worries as the Opera has got another tool for that which is known as Turbo Mode that can accelerate your browsing speed. 

By enabling this mode it allows a page to load much faster by compressing the image. By this, Opera’s servers will compress the images and other graphics of the site from a webpage and send them to your browser, resulting in faster load time. It is suitable for those users who are using a slow internet connection or are using a crowded Wi-Fi connection.

I think that the Opera browser offers users a unique and fun experience surfing the internet. It innovatively delivers secure and privacy functionality.  It is truly simple to enable turbo mode in the browser. This excellent feature can really boost speed and make browsing the web even more enjoyable and quick.

I didn’t notice much difference as I was having a good internet speed but, it will definitely make a difference if you are not having a good speed. Simply enable this feature for fast browsing experience. 

One more thing which I liked about this mode is that it’s quite smart as Turbo doesn’t help with encrypted sites like banking sites or payment portals, which is probably for the best.

Video Pop-out

This is a very new feature of Opera that has come in its recent updates. This feature allows you to play any online video as in a detached screen. The good thing is that the detached screen is movable and can be adjusted according to you.

For that, You’ll see a little double-boxed arrow on the top of the video simply, tap that, and the video will detach and play in a resizable window on the screen. 

Opera Video pop out display

Also, options like adjusting volume, playing, pausing,  and getting to the next video can all be done in the pop-out video window too. It works for almost all video streaming sites like YouTube, Twitch, and Netflix. The benefit of this feature is that the popped-out videos will hover above other windows and applications so that you can do other work simultaneously. Search the web and watch videos at the same time. 

In my opinion, this is a very useful feature for students or someone who loves to learn through online videos. It avoids changing tabs to see videos. But, unfortunately, this feature doesn’t work for Instagram or Facebook live streamings. Overall, a very useful feature for students and learners.


Another, very useful feature of this browser is Sync. The Sync is a feature that you can use to get the data of the browser from one device to another. 

Opera Browser Sync

For example, suppose you are using Opera on an android device but want to use that in your Windows too, then all you have to do is sync your account with all your devices and you will not lose any of your saved data and pages from the browser. 

Opera syncs your Speed Dial entries, bookmarks, browsing history, passwords, settings, and open tabs to another device. Enabling our browser sync feature is really easy and super helpful. If you have several devices that have the Opera browser installed, you don’t have to worry about losing track of saved pages or bookmarks when you switch devices. 

To do syncing you must login to your Opera account. For that, use the Opera account option located to the right of the search and address bar to sign in to your Opera account. 

Opera Sync

You can also do this by navigating to Settings (Preferences on Mac) > Browser > Synchronization then, simply click on it and sign in for an Opera account.

After that, you simply have to log in with your Opera account in your new device and then start syncing. If you are using Opera on PCs, go the Opera menu and select the Synchronize option to sign up for or create a new Opera account. 

In my opinion, this feature is a quite good and must-have feature in a primary browser.

Privacy and Security

The security and privacy features are the major concern for a user. Since the browser is chromium based, it has got basic security characteristics. 

If I compare the security features of the browser with other browsers then I would really say that it is worth your time. Its security features are built right into the browser, so you don’t need to install third-party extensions for general, or enhanced, privacy.

You can also customize your internet browser’s privacy features and browser security in the browser. To set your privacy and security controls simply follow a couple of steps: Go to Settings (Alt+P) Advanced > Privacy & security.

Opera Privacy Security

Under Privacy and security, click Site settings and then customize the settings according to you. The Opera’s fraud and malware protection give you a warning when accessing suspicious websites by checking the page you request against a database of known phishing and malware sites. Although it is not possible to eliminate the overall risk, it’s minimized.

Talking about the privacy measures by the browser I am really impressed. The browser does have a private mode, in which cache, history, and cookies aren’t saved. The Opera has got an in-built VPN that not only protects you but it can also spoof your location to maintain your anonymity. 

To use this VPN you don’t have to install any third-party software or anything like that, simply click and use. Its ad-blocking boosts your privacy by removing irritations and distractions online. 

The Opera claim that they have got an in-built track blocker too that can block online trackers like tracking pixels and analytic scripts. Also, Opera provides updates for their browsers every 4 to 6 weeks hence, security and privacy problems that are discovered could be fixed easily after the updates. 

Memory Consumption

In the Opera Browser Review, another very important feature is memory consumption. For that, I tested several browsers including Opera, Chrome, Brave, and Edge with their RAM footprint by loading 5 media-rich websites into all the browsers at the same time and comparing their processes Memory entries in Task Manager. 

I had to make sure the sites actually loaded completely because some browsers tend to save memory by not loading background tabs. Slamming my PC with 5 tabs of mostly media-rich sites all at once on each browser went to chew up a good chunk of CPU and memory. But, impressively Most of these browsers did not disappoint in that respect. 

opera memory consumption

Talking about the outcomes, I noticed that the Edge performed really well in terms of CPU and Memory optimization whereas, Brave and Chrome performance was quite similar. But, surprisingly I noticed that Opera didn’t perform well and had very high memory consumption.

People say that chromium uses a lot of computer memory but it has improved a lot in its updates. Edge took the crown for memory as well, but Opera was very far behind. 

Also, the issue related to high memory consumption by Opera is a hot topic of discussion in the Opera’s forums. I really hope that developers resolve this issue in the upcoming updates.

Battery Usage

We all are craving a longer battery life of our device. So, it’s very important to use an optimized browser that doesn’t drain out the battery quickly. To overcome a quick battery drain, Opera has got an in-built battery saver that many browsers lack. 

The battery saver icon appears next to the search and address field where you can enable or disable the power saver. The icon also shows how much time is remaining incomplete battery drain. If enabled, the battery saver will activate every time your PC is unplugged. 

Opera Browser Batter Saver

I recommend you to enable ad blocker too as battery saver works better when you also block ads. While using the browser with battery saver and without it, I found that it really works and extended battery life for around 30 minutes more.

You can also enable/disable battery saver from settings too. Simply follow these couple of steps to Settings > Advanced > Features > Battery saver. 

The Battery Saver prioritizes background tasks for you, so you can continue browsing smoothly, without having to manage your settings.

In my opinion, the battery usage of this browser is above average and performs very well in battery saver mode. Also, if I compare Opera with Chrome then Opera performs well in terms of battery usage and drains less.

Pros and Cons of Opera Browser

In my opinion, Not every software is completely perfect. There is always some room for improvement. So, here I have provided you with a quick overview of positive sides as well as negative sides of this browser. 

It has lots of useful featuresVery high memory consumption
There is a built-in Ad blocker and VPNNo reading mode available
It has Battery saver modeSeveral unnecessary features are there
It is compatible with most of the chrome extensionsLess priority by users and web development firms.
Fast and responsive browserNo reward for publisher

Additional features

In this Opera Browser review, I have mentioned many features but there are some more features that I want you to know. You will definitely find some of these useful. So here we go:

Snapshot tool

The Opera has got an in-built snapshot option so you don’t need to install any third-party software for taking important snaps in the browser. 

Opera Snapshot tool

To use this, simply tap the camera icon at the right of the search bar. Not, only a basic snap tool but, you can edit, and share your perfect snapshot. There are a blur, emoticons, and pencil-like options too.

Opera Flow

Many people are obsessed with the hassle in sharing the data between their computer and mobile. But, now you can do it easily. 

Opera Flow

This feature allows you to connect Opera with your phone to send stuff between your devices using My Flow. 

With the help of this feature, you can share things smoothly between your computer and phone. You can share images, links, videos, notes, and files with this tool.

Unit converters

There is a built-in currency, measurement, and time zone converters in the Opera browser. It converts the numbers and time with a simple highlight that helps the user when they surf some e-commerce sites where the currency is different. 

So, this feature is not that useful but, a unique one so worth in the list.

Personalized News

Now you don’t have to search for news as the Opera has got the news at your newsfeed which you can personalize according to your taste. It allows you to choose the categories you like across several sources and in different languages.


Is Opera browser any good?

The Opera browser is definitely a good choice if you are looking for a browser having tonnes of in-built features like Turbo mode, in-built VPN, ad blocker and much more. 

It is compatible with all your devices hence, you can go with it.

Is Opera safe to use?

Talking about the security and privacy features I can truly say that it really worth your time.
Its security features are built right into the browser like in-built VPN, track and ad-blocker. This all features make it one of the safest browsers in the market.

Is opera better than Chrome?

This one is really tough to decide. Talking about the security features both are quite similar as Opera itself is based on chromium. 

However, Opera has some additional features like in-built VPN & Ad-blocker where Chrome lacks. But, it has got a very high RAM consumption which one can’t afford. I can’t let go of high RAM consumption, so chrome is still better.

Does Opera VPN hide your IP address?

The Opera VPN claims to provide one of the fastest ways to hide your IP address and change your virtual location. It blocks tracking cookies and makes it difficult for tracking websites to get your location through your IP address. 

Is Opera free VPN good?

Well, the VPN is good and can be easily enabled. It prevents trackers to track you down.
It is best for video streaming but not ideal for heavy use as, using it I realized a bad network performance. 

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