Nord VPN Review: Ultimate VPN?

These days privacy is the foremost priority for all of the internet users and everyone needs a secure and uninterrupted internet connection for that which is quite impossible because you can never trust your ISP because they will have all the information about you and your internet surfing history which again is inappropriate.

This is the time when a VPN can secure your connection with sheer perfection and zero compromises. 

There are several VPNs in the market out there but when you look for the best NordVPN is the one.

As per the stats and all the official claims one can easily notice that indeed NordVPN is one of the best VPN applications that have ever been made.

With more than 5300 servers around 59 countries, NordVPN offers the largest VPN servers in the whole world. With appropriate encryption of IP addresses, a user can easily rely on this VPN without having second thoughts.

I have been using this particular VPN for a while now and here are my honest opinions and reviews on NordVPN.

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User Interface

The interface of a particular app has to do a lot when we talk about the whole experience of an application and especially an application of VPN.

Well, you can expect the interface of the application to be decent because there are chances that you won’t like the map that is all over your screen when you open the application. 

Also, you will get annoyed sometimes while selecting a server from Europe because there are plenty of servers in that area. But, when you keep the map aside, you will surely love it as a whole.

User Interface of NordVPN

Although, you can also select the particular country and server by clicking on to the icon in the top left bar beside the settings option and easily search the country and server manually without any hassle.

Try NordVPN

Features of NordVPN

  • It is highly secure for users.
  • Multiple simultaneous connections.
  • Encryption of IP addresses and data of the users is always intact.
  • 24/7 customer service available for the subscribers.
  • Lots of servers to choose from.
  • Availability in all the platforms.

So, these were some of the basic features of Nord VPN, to have deep information about every single feature listed, read the whole post and get to choose the apt VPN application.

Platform Availability

This is a world-class VPN application and there’s no doubt that it won’t be available in all the platforms. Yes, it is available on Android, Windows, OS, Mac OS, LINUX, and Android TV.

You can easily find the application in the respective platforms, you just need to visit the application store of your device or system and download the application.

Pros and Cons of NordVPN

Being one of the best managed and developed VPN apps, there are always loose ends, and here is the list of pros and cons of the NordVPN.

User experience or the interface of the application.Speed decreases at some places at some times.
Vast options of servers for the subscribers.A maximum number of servers are found in Europe.
30 days trial.Customer support (no assistance over a phone call).
Easy account set up or logging in.Not free.
Perfectly encrypted user identity and 100% secure.

Client setup for NordVPN

As we already know that NordVPN is almost available across all the platforms in the world which helps the maximum number of users to use the Nord VPN and make their connections secure and easily access all the websites around the world.

The setup process of Nord VPN application is quite easy and resilient, even a naïve user can set it up in his/her device easily.

All you have to do is go on to the official website or you can also go for an extension if you are using Windows, Linux or MAC OS and just select an appropriate plan for yourself, then download the app and you are ready to use it.

Client Setup Of NordVPN

When it comes to smartphones i.e. iOS and androids you can easily search NordVPN in your respective application store and after you do just select the plan and you are good to go.

Here is a proper review of NordVPN for all the platforms or OS.

NordVPN Windows software

NordVPN Windows software review

Just like any other typical VPN app, you will get an on-off slider button at the top middle of the home screen of the application to instantly connect to a recommended server.

In the left side of the slider, you can see all the options for map, countries and settings by which the accessibility to connect and manage the network gets easier for the users.

NordVPN browser extension

NordVPN browser extension review

Well if you are a regular user of any kind of browser and you only use the internet in that particular browser then, the extension is totally for you. 

By clicking on to the web store you can easily have access to the Nord VPN extension and further use it within the browser. However, there is an issue that you can only use the VPN within the browser while you are connected through the extension.

NordVPN iOS app

Let’s directly talk about the application itself because you already know how to get it from the iOS store.

NordVPN iOS app review

Applications made for iOS are said to be the best of the best and indeed it is. With a simple and clean interface, the iOS version of NordVPN looks attractive and easy to use, with settings gear in the top left and rest in a slider coming up from the bottom with all the options.

Overall it’s perfect for the user with the quick connect option as a classic button in the top of the slider.

NordVPN android app

The android version of the NordVPN is also similar to that of the iOS version.

NordVPN android app review

You can easily choose your favourite servers and store it for further connections, in addition to that you will get an option for a speciality server where you can enjoy all the extra features of the application such as P2P, Double VPN and so on.

Pricing and Plans

As per my knowledge, the developers and the officials of NordVPN are too wise to handle because they have done a great job managing the charges and attracting people for the long term plans due to the fact of huge price differences when calculated in a whole.

So, here is the math they have used to attract the users to opt for long term plans, a user has to pay 11.95 $ per month if the user opts for a monthly plan 

Pricing and Plans Of NordVPN

At the same time, if the user tends to go for a long term plan i.e. 3 years of the plan, the monthly charge comes down to 3.49 $ which is quite impressive because the user can save more than 300 $ as a whole which is insane.

So, if you are planning to switch to the NordVPN then you better be wise and go for a long term plan or you can check below deal.

Is NordVPN secure enough?

Are you aware that the ISPs and the internet that you use from your network providers can track your usage and history while you are surfing in your browser? However, you can expect that your browser will provide you with enough security to block trackers but these days breaching and tracking have been too easy for the ISPs.

NordVPN Secure

Do you even know that while you use a public Wi-Fi there are 90% chances that your personal data i.e. IP addresses being leaked? But with a safe and secure VPN like NordVPN, it is quite impossible for the intruders, be it the ISP, a hacker or even if the government can’t access.  

Hence, whenever you are expecting your internet browsing to be safe and secure, you will surely need a VPN like Nord VPN because it assures you the privacy and protection that no one can promise.

To be specific and going deep into the model of this particular VPN tech, they use AES-256-GCM for encryption with IKEv2/IPSec which basically manages to change the key while you are active on the internet and constantly surfing through websites.

Suppose you are surfing from tabs to tabs and within a session, a hacker hacks your IP address then, for the next session the particular hacker will be helpless because of the AES-256-GCM encryption.

As a conclusion, you can totally rely on Nord VPN for ultimate privacy and protection from the outsiders.

Is streaming possible?

This is one of the most wanted demands or needs for the users when they use a VPN because streaming online and accessing the exclusive content that to country wise is quite difficult for the VPNs to pull off.

Basically, the proxies of popular streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime and many more don’t allow the VPN users from other countries to access the content and the user gets blocked right away which is depressing because the US-Netflix is way better and exclusive than the regular ones.

If you are connected to the NordVPN and want to stream the exclusive content of, let’s say US- Netflix which possess one of the most difficult proxies to bypass in probably the whole world among the online streaming platforms.  

Guess what? Nord VPN easily tackles all the proxies and takes you into the streaming platform without any hassle. Eventually, you can also stream the foreign Netflix, Amazon Prime and many more without any hassle and any technical interruption until and unless it’s your ISP.

Even, you can easily get to see a tab in the NordVPN where you can have proper guidance on how to connect and stream your favourite foreign show effortlessly. Although the process is much similar to that of a basic VPN connection i.e. connect and go.

Personally, I would say it’s an achievement for the developers of NordVPN and blessings for the viewers because breaching into the world-class proxies isn’t an easy task at all.

VPN Protocol (TCP, UDP)

There are certain protocols or features which are followed by the VPN service providers to benefit users for frequent and smooth browsing experience.

To be exact TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) and UDP (User Datagram Protocol) are two key protocols which involve sending and receiving data between the servers and users. 

Transfer methodIn a queue(Sequentially i.e. one by one) In a stream(continuous manner)
Error detection and correctionYesNo
Congestion controlYesNo

As a default, Nord VPN uses UDP because the user experience is a high priority for the VPN service provider. But, one can also change the UDP to TCP from the advanced settings but there could be chances of lower speed rate.

Server and location

As we already know that Nord VPN has probably one of the largest and the most functional VPN server clusters in the whole world.

Server and location

To be exact it covers up 59 countries and 5300 servers, you must be thinking other VPNs like Express and CyberGhost cover up more than 59 countries and 5300 countries, yes they do but when you talk about quality rather than quantity Nord VPN has to be the one offering the best at that price point.

You can easily notice that most of the servers are in the parts of Europe and America, the focus on the Asian and African side is much less as compared to other areas which is a bit drawback for the users in the side. 

But, you can still rely on Nord VPN to perform at its best. One can also expect the servers to be working in some of the most ignored areas when it comes to VPNs.  

Overall, choosing the appropriate server and having issues with foreign connections is not a matter of concern while using NordVPN in your devices.

Speed Test

This is one of the most concerning factors of a user because most of the VPNs are not much functional and eventually are not stable too. 

With NordVPN you can easily get impressive speed from almost all the servers you connect to. It is quite obvious that you will get much more speed in the servers which are located in the USA and UK.

Here is the speed test that I performed while using the NordVPN with an Indian Server.

Nordvpn speed test

Don’t expect that your internet speed will increase when you connect to the servers from the USA or OK rather it depends upon the internet you are using.

DNS Leak Test

You must be thinking, what is DNS?

Basically, DNS stands for Domain Name System which when it gets leaked, any hacker or even your ISP can easily track your browsing and other details including your IP address. 

The DNS leak mostly happens when you have manually set up a low-grade VPN and which further results in making the DNS default and by which your DNS gets leaked.

But, whilst you use Nordvpn you can rest assured that there will be no such problems because I have been using this particular VPN for a while and it is totally reliable and also has been tested for DNS leak which was negative.

Further, if you still have doubts then you can easily perform a DNS leak test in the VPN and if you find some issues the customer support from the Nord VPN will assure you to provide an instant solution. 

Overall, DNS leak is a rare issue when you have a paid VPN or a reputed one like NordVPN.


When it comes to privacy and protection, you can expect Nord VPN to perform at its best because currently there is no other choice than to choose Nord VPN if you are willing to have a secure and private connection.

You may not know but your identity is worth millions of dollars in the virtual world because it can be used anywhere to do the wrong deed which is not quite apt because you will be the one getting blamed. Even sometimes there are chances that your bank details, work details and medical information could get misused that too against you.

Basically, Nord VPN uses military level encryption of data and tracks which is totally reliable and one can easily get to visit any of the websites you want without any worries because the logic behind this encryption is quite strong and eventually no one can reach and access your internet logs, not even the government of the country.

BUt, when the information or data is at extreme level then the officials from NordVPN can take actions because illegal activities and inappropriate usage of internet is one of the things that NordVPN has never agreed with.

Nord VPN uses the best possible encryption method or procedure to encrypt and make all the personal information of the users secure from the outsiders and i.e. IKEv2/IPSec which basically changes the key of the IP address in every single instance, this eventually makes the intruders stay away from the tracks and IP address of the users.

To be much more elaborative, this particular encryption and key changing method are also used by some of the governments to encrypt and protect all the jurisdictional or official secrets.

By this, you must acknowledge how safe Nord VPN is.

Server Breach

As per the stats, NordVPN is the most reliable of all, not because of the frequent marketing strategies but because of the offering and all the claims made by the company.

If you are active on the internet on a regular basis then you must have heard about the security negligence that was encountered by Nord VPN in 2018 in a server of Finland, but as per the officials, the breach was for a few instances of times which eventually saved the users from getting their history leaked. Still, there were some users, whose tracks were made public by the intruders as per the officials.

Since then the developers of this VPN have surely made progress and added much more complexities to the protocols and security factors so that there won’t be any kind of casualties in the future. 

Also, they have the best possible encryption system now which is protecting millions of Nord VPN users all over the world. Overall, Nord VPN is one of the best VPNs out there with all the claims that are eventually true as per all the users.


So, this is probably the most important concern of any user who is planning to take a membership of Nord VPN because there are some NordVPN reviews which stated that customer support of NordVPN is somewhat dysfunctional. 

When you go on to compare the pros and cons of this particular VPN then you will surely be having a long list of pros. So, for a moment you need to ignore the cons and focus on the other side.

Well, to be honest, there will be very rare and basic reasons to contact the customer support whilst you use Nord VPN because the standards of this particular VPN is way too high. 

Although, users are benefited with a 24/7 live chat where you can easily find solutions to most of your problems and even if you don’t then you can further contact through the officials’ E-Mail, Facebook or Twitter handle of Nord VPN.

Also, there are several articles available on all the basic factors and features of the NordVPN by which you can educate yourself and have a better idea of operating the VPN application in your device.


Most VPN out there in the market claim that they have no logs policy which is good. But, in the meantime are they totally describing the policy for the users?

Well, some of them are and some of them are not. But, when it comes to Nordvpn you can expect a clear official statement made by the company which says that Nord VPN doesn’t store any kind of logs be it traffic logs, used bandwidth, IP address, tracks or any kinds of user data.

Nord VPN also doesn’t pass any of the information to any third party, as per the claims. Often VPNs saying no logging includes the tracking of session logging but as per the information provided by Nord VPN, there is zero percentage of any kind of logging.

Nord VPN has also performed several audits and tests which proves that it has passed the criteria of all the legal laws and also proved that “no logging” claim is 100% legitimate.

So, next time you are connected to Nordvpn you don’t have to worry about your history logs to be stored because they aren’t. 

CyberSec Review

CyberSec is one of the best features clustered into Nordvpn and to acknowledge it and here are the pointers you need to have a look at:


Blocks Malicious websites

Basically, there are websites out there who are known for possessing malware, spyware, and may other malicious tech to breach into your network system. It detects such websites and blocks them for you right away.

Also, it compares all the websites and no. of blacklists one website has because many of them are scammers, involved in phishing. Overall cybersec protects and blocks you from all the dangerous websites which can cause you cyber trouble.

Blocks Ad

Yes, this may sound ordinary to you but there are some of the ads that still popup even if you have turned your Ad Blocker on in your browser.

Later such ads decrease the speed of browsing and surfing which somewhat annoys a lot. But, with the help of cybersec you can expect such ads to stay away. 

This feature, unfortunately, doesn’t work for android users but they can still get benefitted by the malicious website blocker.

Keeps you away from botnet control

There are times when a particular third party website will try to spread malware within your network to access your data and at this particular time you won’t even be able to acknowledge it and those are called Botnet.

Basically, the botnet will automatically hack into your IP address and further use your details to do illegal deeds, which isn’t appropriate for you. 

Cybersec tends to recognize the malware and disconnect the device and the controller in the appropriate moment which protects you from many threats.

Does Torrent function properly?

If you are buying a VPN application like Nord then it is quite obvious that you will be downloading torrents, be it movies or applications or other stuff.

Let me tell you that torrent links use P2P servers and most of the VPNs have less of these and so does NordVPN too. 

Basically, P2P server is a peer to peer server where two systems are connected via the internet and there is a higher chance of server breach and that is why most of the VPNs have fewer numbers of P2P servers.

However, in Nord VPN you can easily download your torrent content without any hassle because as a user you can find a suitable P2P server anywhere in the world and to be specific mostly in the USA and UK.

So, if you are planning to opt for this VPN only for torrents then Expressvpn might be suitable for you but at the same time, you are compromising with many security and privacy policies and also you can expect the price and packages of ExpressVPN to be higher. So, it is better if you stick with NordVPN.

Refund Policy

This is one of the best features of the Nordvpn when it comes to offering to the public because you will certainly not see any service provider to 30days money-back guarantee.

Yes, you read it correctly.

There is a policy which says if the customer purchases a package from NordVPN and is not satisfied with the service provided then the user can easily cancel the membership, automatic payments and also get a full refund.

However, there is a condition which says that users can’t get a refund for in-app purchases made over other apps like i-tunes, Amazon or other services which are quite obvious.

So, the process is quite simple for you if you have encountered such apps to cancel memberships just click the cancel automatic payments button and you will be followed up by a few questions by the AI and you are done. 

Within 1-2 days you will get your refund.

How to start with NordVPN

It is quite simple to start with NordVPN.

First, visit the official website of NordVPN and select the appropriate plan you are interested in and just proceed with the payments then just download the application and login with your Id and password.

When it comes to smartphones i.e. iOS or Android, visit the respective application store and download then create an account then select the appropriate plan and once payment is done you are good to go.

How to start with NordVPN

Beginning with NordVPN is one of the easiest methods and even if you are naïve there won’t be any issues starting with it.

Works in China?

Well, we all are well aware of the fact that China has one of the most complicated firewalls to restrict these independent service providers that are not located in China. 

Most of the VPNs don’t function or provide service in China but eventually, Nord VPN can be used once you enable the obfuscated server option, where you will be automatically connected to a good server or you can also choose the particular country.

While you enable this you will be warned because it is designed especially for countries with strict rules and regulations, you don’t have to panic or worry because not even the government can track you or device while you are connected.

So, if you live in China then download Nord VPN and enjoy!


What is a VPN?

To be exact and short, it is a service that encrypts your connection which results in higher security and lowers the risk of getting hacked or tracked. Also, you can easily access other country’s content by selecting a particular server.

Works in China?

Yes, it works in China. But you need to make some modifications and enable some advanced features and i.e. Obfuscated server which will basically allow your internet to access the VPN and further you can easily connect to an appropriate server while you are in China.

Is Nord VPN free?

Well, it’s officially not. There is a policy which says you can easily cancel your membership within 30days of your payment. I won’t recommend you to do this process back and forth because there will surely be some protocols for users and members.

Is Nord VPN legal?

Yes, it is 100% legal until and unless the rules and regulations of a country are compromised to benefit users. Currently, Nord VPN is totally legal to use and hopefully, officials won’t make any silly moves to violate any rules of any country.

Is Nord VPN worth using or recommending your friends?

NordVPN can allow accessing the unauthorized or blocked website in your country or area by connecting your internet’s server into another location and that may be random or you can also choose it manually. It also has to do a lot when it comes to encryption of the IP address while you visit any 3rd party website.

Overall, NordVPN is a complete package and worth spending the money on because when you look at the pros and cons, you will surely feel that the benefits are way too much than the drawbacks listed. However, there can be some issues with internet speed but it’s very rare when you are connected through NordVPN because issues and problems are not the factors to be worried about when you are using a reputed and well-managed VPN service provider. 

Every single aspect of NordVPN is perfect be it the pricing, UI, connection, security, and so on. If I go on to describe this particular software in one word then it would be “perfect” because no other service provider can feature so many offerings at such a price tag.


Hence, as a conclusion, I have been using NordVPN for a while now and will surely use it in the future for a long period of time.

So, if you liked this detailed review and discount on NordVPN then do share this post with your friends and family. Further, if you have any queries then feel free to comment in the comment section below.

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