NordPass Review: Affordable Password Manager?

We all knew about NordVPN, the leading VPN provider recently expanded to include other cybersecurity products and has come with NordPass.

While the service may be new, it is supported by a large company with more than 12 million users around the world. That’s an important point to remember because trust is an important part of choosing a password manager hence, I have came up with NordPass Review. 

After all, they are protecting their users’ accounts. So using a tool provided by a company that is already trusted by millions is a huge advantage. Let’s see if Nord is off to a great start, or if its product lags behind the competition. 

This NordPass Review will focus on one of them: NordPass, Nord’s own password manager.

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User Interface 

The interface is easy to use and straightforward. It is a perfect choice for anyone new to password managers. Just like NordVPN, the NordPass is way too simple for anyone to use. All the features it offers are right on the home screen on the app and not hidden in deep. Those who want advanced features may be a bit disappointed. 

NordPass interface

You will see glimpses of NordVPN applications in its UI and if you’re a NordVPN user, this app will seem really familiar to you. Overall, the designers have done a pretty good job to make things simple and clean for the users. 

Try NordPass

Free vs Paid

NordPass FreeNordPass Paid
Support to only 1 active deviceSupport up to 6 active devices
No option for secure item sharingHas secure item sharing
Can’t share passwordsShare passwords securely with friends and family
No Data breach scannerHas Data breach scanner
Password Health feature missingHas Password Health feature

NordPass Features  

Talking about features in NordPass review, It has a very simple password manager, covering most of the must-have functions like syncing multiple devices on paid plans, auto-fill passwords, sharing items, etc.

NordPass covers the critical features that a password manager should allow, allowing you to share items, sync across multiple devices, and autocomplete your browser search. 

Save unlimited passwords: The best thing about NordPass is that you can save unlimited passwords without spending a single penny! 

Sync across devices: NordPass can sync the passwords across all your devices as well. It can support up to 6 active devices, though if you’re a free user, you can utilise it up to some extent.

Two-Factor Authentication: It also has 2FA for some extra layers of security. This means you can use Google authenticator and other 2FA apps to secure your NordPass, giving an extra layer of security. 

Share passwords: NordPass will allow you to share passwords with your friends and family easily. Though this feature is limited to premium users only, still its worth mentioning.

However, several smaller features are missing, making NordPass feel like a minor option compared to more established password managers. 

NordPass tools

Features like Assess your ‘Security Score’, and a built-in password generator are missing. You can only submit credit card details, passwords, and ‘notes’, which is a huge missed opportunity from Nord. Business features like the management console or layered access are also missing. 

It’s clear that Nord’s product has a long way to go, but if you’re using a Password Manager. Well, managing your passwords, it gets the job done.

Pros and Cons

Excellent browser supportNo form-filling
Easy to useNo organization or filtering options
Save unlimited passwords for free Business-related features missing
Sharing optionsDoesn’t offer family plans
App-based two-factor authentication
Password health report


NordPass is one of the cheapest password managers you can find. It has a monthly billing scheme which starts from $4.99 a month if you take the subscription for a month. This tier also unlocks access to the new Data Breach Scanner and Password Health features.

 If you choose it for a year, you will be charged $2.99 a month, which yearly sums up to $35.88. You will be saving 40% if you choose a yearly over a monthly subscription. 

The most affordable plan is for 2 years, for which you will be charged $2.49 a month. This can sum up to $59.76 for 2 months, which is almost 50$ cheaper than the basic 1-month subscription. 

NordPass Pricing

Install NordPass


The NordPass application requires you to have at least 100MB of storage on your PC. The mobile app is 17MB so you need to have more than that. 

This Password Manager is available on iOS and Android devices as a native application, for everything else it is based on browser extensions, but you must download the dedicated application for Windows, Linux, and Mac. Most popular browsers are supported: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Edge. 

Impact On System

I would say this is the most important thing in NordPass review. I have been using the NordPass for quite a few days now and I must say I really liked Nord’s simple approach from a usability point of view. The applications and browser extensions are very simple, easy to use, and easy on the eyes. It’s not a mess around here, unlike most password managers today. 

NordPass uses XChaCha20 encryption with Argon2 for key derivation. That means there is almost zero chance that someone could break that encryption to get all the passwords. 

The Password manager works fine and pops up when you are about to fill any username/password field. It can also autosave passwords which came really handy in my user experience.

How to Get Started with NordPass 

The installation process is quite simple for Android devices. You can head over to the Play Store or App Store to install the app for your mobile devices.

NordPass® Password Manager
NordPass® Password Manager
  • NordPass® Password Manager Screenshot
  • NordPass® Password Manager Screenshot
  • NordPass® Password Manager Screenshot
  • NordPass® Password Manager Screenshot
  • NordPass® Password Manager Screenshot
  • NordPass® Password Manager Screenshot
  • NordPass® Password Manager Screenshot
  • NordPass® Password Manager Screenshot

If you want it on your PC, just head over to the NordPass website and you can find downloads for PC platforms as well as browser extensions. 

The service has setup guides for installing the password manager on Vivaldi and Brave as well. All in all, the setup is easy to follow and only takes only a minute. Once done, you will be able to use it without even logging in. 

How to Use Nordpass

Once you have installed the application, you have to login or signup, if you don’t have an account with NordPass. It will ask you to set up a master password as well, so choose it carefully so that you can remember it. Once you are set up with your account, you are ready to begin. 

You can add a few passwords or simply tap Import and import them from chrome or any other browser. It will also show you if the password is strong enough. 

NordPass add password

It will ask you to save the password to NordPass for each time you login into a new website. Next time, if you are about to fill the username or password field in a particular site, it will popup as Autofill with NordPass, which is self-explanatory.  In case you stuck at any point you can take their customer support. So, that’s all about NordPass Review.


Is Nordpass safe?

Yes, NordPass is completely safe to use.

Is NordPass free with NordVPN?

No, NordPass is not free with NordVPN.

NordPass vs LastPass: Which one is good?

In terms of security, NordPass is a safer option between the two. If you are looking for more features, then LastPass can be a better choice for you.


In this Nordpass Review, I have provided you all the details regarding this software. It has got everything that you need to manage your passwords. But Nordpass allows you to do more than just saving your passwords.

Apart from this, it has a very clean and simple interface which is easy to understand. All of these make it a trustworthy & useful tool that makes a great choice for you.

I hope you like this Nordpass Review. Please share this article with your friends and in case of any queries or doubts feel free to comment below.

Nordpass Review

Nordpass is an affordable password manager that provides you the freedom to manage your passwords. This tool keeps it simple with only the necessary features that are enough for all users. Its interface is intuitive and the navigation is easy. You'll definitely find this tool useful if you are searching for a good password manager.

Price: 2.49

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: "Windows 10", "Mac", "Android", "iOS", "Linux"

Application Category: Password Manager

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