The Top 14 Useful Websites You Must Know!

There are over a billion websites on the internet and only a few of them come in handy for a regular user. Today in this post, I will be listing top 14 of the useful websites you can find on the internet. Hence, if you are looking for some websites to make your work life or college life easier then this is the appropriate page you are on.

1. AlternativeTo

Alternative to

Alternative to most of the premium/paid apps is quite essential these days and this particular website tends to have some of the best alternatives to almost all the paid apps across all the platforms. The website tends to be very user-friendly and also the reviews of the users regarding all the apps are upfront and transparent. 

So, you can expect an easy selection of apps to prefer because it’s all about user experience when you are using a freemium or free app and this website tends to prioritize the user’s opinions pretty well. In addition, if you are a tech geek, you can also prefer this website to have some news regarding apps and for sure this website will come in handy more often.


2. Adobe Express (Online)

Adobe Creative Cloud Express Online

So, we already know the pricing of Adobe products and it is quite expensive but worth the money as well. It is a lite version of an adobe graphic or animation manipulator which can be accessed online, you can expect pretty much almost all the basic and essential features available such as creating layouts, and designs, working on templates, and so on. Designing Ad-banners, and flyers, and creating aesthetic social media posts gets easy with Adobe creative cloud online tool. It also suggests some templates and stock images to work on from some of the best sites such as Pixabay.

It uses a semi-automatic technique to assist the user which is quite good for users who are not good at editing and designing pictures. The UI is also clean which won’t create any complexity for the users. All you have to do is, create an account for free, log in and edit/design the pictures you want.

Visit Adobe Express

3. Ilovepdf


Don’t get the wrong idea by reading the name of this website, it is one of the best PDF handlers one can access online. The UI is very straightforward and clean. Be it editing, stitching, converting into PDFs, this website tends to have almost all the PDF-related services one can imagine. It also features converting of some mainstream formats such as DOCX, PPT, JPEGs, one can just upload the file and within a few clicks, you can edit and convert it into PDF. 

In addition, you can also save the file after editing directly to Google Drive or any other cloud storage you are willing to without even saving it to your device.  You can also download the app and work offline in your system. 


4. Pixabay

Pixabay is probably the biggest community to feature free accessibility of audio, video, vectors and image files provided by professional creators. After they are published on Pixabay, the stock files acquire a Creative Commons license which allows any user to access it for free and use it wherever they want to.

As we are well aware of the expenses of stock images, videos or audios. Pixabay has over a million non-terminable images, illustrations, 4k videos, and vector graphics which can be accessed by anyone without any kind of charges. Most users are attracted to Pixabay because of its stock image collection, so you can expect quite a good set of images to pick from.

Visit Pixabay

5. Pexels

Pexels is another website powered by professional photographers and videographers from all over the world. Pexels aims to provide and benefit all kinds of users be it a part-time graphic designer or a commercial for a bookstore, you can find almost all media files to make your content look aesthetic and appealing. In addition, you can also download the images in a custom resolution which is quite impressive.

Pexels tends to attract its users for the stock images which highly benefits the new social media influencers and helps them build a sustainable platform indirectly. Hence, Pexels will help you make your feed up a notch in a professional manner. 

Visit Pexels

6. Unsplash


Unsplash is a community of professional photographers where they upload their photos to share with the users who need those stock photos. The numbers are not as big as its other competitors but it shows promising offerings like providing users options to download the images in different sizes which seems quite basic but yet can save a lot of time for someone. 

Unsplash also announced recently that they are acquired by GettyImages which also proves that this website is quite good at what it’s offering. In the end, the website tends to have a limited collection as compared to other similar websites, but surely the quality of the content is worth checking out.

Visit Unsplash

7. Mixkit

I would say Mixkit is a highly underrated website amongst all the four I have mentioned in this list. If you are a daily content creator or even a social media influencer then you will just fall in love with the available stock files. The resilient UI also strikes once you visit the page, you can hover and have a preview of the clips, easy to navigate through categories such as drone shots and so on. Every aspect of this website was at perfection, but the photo section will slightly confuse you. 

In the end, you will visit Mixkit multiple times for sure and the offerings are just great, be it the templates, video clips, music, sound effects, all the content available is just thrilling.

Visit Mixkit

8. Office Online

office online

You must be thinking that is there any alternative to the Microsoft Office Suite? Let me tell you that there is one and it is none other than MS Office online itself. It is identical to the suite but the offerings are limited and won’t be the same as compared to the desktop version. The response and smoothness won’t be similar to that of the desktop version but one can create and save PPT, DOCX and all the other formatted documents. However, in terms of CPU and battery consumption, the online version is a better option even if you have a subscription. 

Well, if you go on and look at the user experience and features offered then you will surely like Office Online but there is a drawback too i.e. if you lose the internet connection you can’t really save the work you have done, besides this all the features are just perfect for any user and it could probably be the best online document manipulation website.

Visit Office Online


If you are fed up with typing hundreds of pages a day then this website is just for you. So, is a website that uses speech recognition technology to convert the human voice into text. 

The best part is it recognizes multiple languages such as German, English, French and so on. The process is quite instant and one can easily save a lot of time using this website, however, there are some minor issues like it catches some external noise at times. Also, one should have a chromium-based browser to access this website and iOS users can’t use this particular website. Hopefully, they will bring the website for iOS devices too in the future.


10. Pushbullet


Using Pushbullet one can access, view and send or receive all kinds of notifications of their respective devices. All you have to do is download the app on your smartphone then, download it in your system or login with the same account to their website and just like this you can view all the notifications of your smartphone in your system. 

The UI of the app and website is quite intuitive and the security is quite good. It has also been named as the app of the year in 2014 by TNW (The Next Web). So, you can expect some good offerings from the software.

Visit Pushbullet

11. Feedly


If you are one of the regular reader and if you tend to visit some selective websites regularly, then you are just looking at the website or software you need. So, it’s just like a regular social media platform these days, you have to feed in the address in the section then just follow the website and now you will get notifications whenever they post any content on their feed. There are also options where you can save the article for later or directly save it to Evernote. The UI of the reader is also quite clean which seems to be quite comfortable for the eyes. 

Visit Feedly

12. Canva

canva 1

Canva is one of the best web-based Graphic designing/animation manipulators currently. Canva features to offer all kinds of users beginning from individuals to organizations. Even if you are a newbie to the designing section, with the intuitive UI of Canva you can easily create and design a presentation or any content you are willing to create. There are plenty of templates available which you can use to create an outstanding design be it for personal usage or your business, you can design it all here within minutes. 

There are tons of things you can create using Canva such as; Thumbnails, Resume, Ad-banners, Flyers and the list goes on. All you have to do is visit the website login and instantly start working on your project or download the software from there itself.

Visit Canva

13. GetPocket


This is also another RSS reader but it’s quite different from the above-listed one. It tends to save the exact page or article which you are willing to read in the future. Hence, if you are searching for a clean reader then this is the website you can choose from or can also install the software or extension in the browser. 

You can also save videos here or you can also watch some fun videos in your leisure time from the collection which is recommended by the officials. There you can go through some trending collections which might help you in real life. However, if you are a reader, all you can do is highlight some of the segments of the article and save it as a favorite for now. 

Visit GetPocket

14. Bitwarden

bitwarden vault ui

These days remembering passwords of all the platforms is quite difficult or is almost impossible until and unless you use one password for all the platforms which are highly insecure. Most of us users tend to save passwords in our notes on our smartphones which is again insecure. 

Bitwarden tends to provide a secure environment for the passwords for the users. All you have to do is log in and there will be a prompt to save the passwords you are willing to, further, it will be able to autofill the passwords and you don’t have to worry about security or reciting the passwords. Just save the password once and rest assured!

Visit Bitwarden


What is the most interesting website?

As per the listing, the most interesting website would be Alternative To, it seems quite helpful for regular users.

Which is the best site for students?

Well, as per the current situation there will be plenty of websites from the list which can be helpful for a student i.e. PDF Drive to handle all the course PDFs, Feedly and Get Pocket to save the websites regarding their studies and Office Online for creating assignments online.


So, these were the 15 best websites that can be accessed by almost all kinds of users to make their daily life better. Hence, if any of your friends are a newbie, share this article with them to help them out with their work experience. You can also check our website out for more tech-based content!

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