Mirror Control Record Your Android Phone Using PC/macOS/Linux

Looking for ways to mirror or record your android on your PC? There is multiple software that can help you do that, some are paid and some free. As you know good features always come with a price. And there are times when you require different software for recording, controlling, or mirroring your smartphone. 

So, here I am with a free method and a single software to Record, Control, Mirror Android To PC/Computer. There are a few steps that you need to do before you are fully able to mirror and control your smartphone on your PC.

1. Installation of Software to Control Android in PC

The first thing you have to do is download the software on your PC. With this software, you will be able to mirror and even control your smartphone with your mouse and keyboard.

GitHub Page of SCRCPY will have all files and the versions of the software based on the operating system.

Github page of scrcpy

In the Get the App section you find ways and methods on how to install this app on your PC. The software is available for all the versions whether you are working on Windows, Mac, or Linux. As I am working on a Windows computer I will go with the Windows version. 

2. Setup for Controlling your Android on Windows using USB Cable

  1. To download the software, click on the zip file in the windows section.
  2. Connect your smartphone with USB debugging enabled.

You will find this feature in the developer option which will pop out when you tap on your smartphone build number seven times. If it’s already there then enable the USB debugging option.

  1. Extract the Zip file using 7-Zip and look for the file name scrcpy.exe file, double click to run it.
scrcpy executable files

The software will get installed and will connect to your smartphone on its own,

  1. Click on Allow when your smartphone asks to allow USB debugging from your computer.
allow USB debugging for your PC

Now you will be able to open your smartphone directly using the scrcpy-console.bat file.

3. Mirror & Control Android Phone Without USB Cable

To connect and mirror your smartphone wirelessly all you need to know is the IP address of your smartphone and a few commands.

The two things that you should keep in mind is that this process can only be performed after connecting your smartphone through a USB cable once and during the process do not remove the USB cable.

  1. First, connect your PC and smartphone to the same network.
  2. Look for the IP address of your smartphone in the about phone section
  3. Now open the command prompt
  4. Type in the first command adb tcpip 5555
  5. Type in the second command adb connect (Phone’s IP Address)
mirror and control your android without USB cable

Now you will be able to mirror and control your smartphone wirelessly just make sure they are connected in the same network.

For quick access to your smartphone simply create a desktop shortcut of the scrcpy-non-console.exe file and whenever you click it your android phone will be displayed.

​Record Android Phone Screen In PC

If you are one of those who want to record your smartphone using your computer then you can use ShareX, a very lightweight tool for screen capture and screen recorder. It offers a very handy window capture which you can use to record your android screen very efficiently.  

record your android using shareX on your Pc

Steps to record your screen:

  1. Fire up the ShareX and click on the Task Settings
  2. Click on the Screen Recorder from the list then on the screen recorder option
  3. To use the screen recorder setting you first need to download the recorder tool for ShareX. So, set the tool path in the FFmpeg path and click on download.
  4. Next, to install that tool click on the install recorder device in the sources section, follow the steps to install the tool.
  5. After installation, select the screen-capture-recorder from the video source, select your desired audio source, set your video codec CRF 20, and audio codec bit rate as per your need. Rest leave the settings as it is and close the window.  
  6. Now from the home screen of ShareX click on Capture then select Screen Recorder.
  7. It will ask for the region you want to record, select the region and recording will start. 

Download: Sharex

​Extra Commands to Access Extra Functionality

To type in the commands for extra functionality of SCRCPY software fire up the command prompt as administrator.

1. Show Android Screen on PC Always on Top

To display your smartphone mirrored screen always on top of any window you open.

Type in the command scrcpy –always-on-top

mirror your android always on top command

This feature will help you keep an eye on your smartphone while working on other tasks. It will be visible to you over any window.

2. Make Mirrored Android Device Screen Borderless in Computer

This software also offers features for borderless mirroring of your smartphone.

Type in scrcpy –window-borderless in the Command prompt.

mirror your android borderless commands

With these features, you can remove all the extra components from the top and just be able to mirror your smartphone screen. 

​3. Mirror and Control Android Screen in PC Without Any Lag

There might be a possibility that you notice lag while controlling your smartphone through your PC, to minimize the lag to the least you can change the bit-rate which is set to 8 Mbps by default.

To change the bit rate type in the command scrcpy –bit-rate 2M or scrcpy -b 2M

mirror your android with less bit rate command

This command will set the bit rate to 2 Mbps and you will experience the least lag.

Tip to Connect Android Phone to PC Wirelessly

As we have connected our smartphone wirelessly via writing some set of commands in the command prompt. We need to type in those commands every time we restart our computer for reconnecting. This means every time you restart your computer you have to follow the steps mentioned above to reconnect and mirror your smartphone on your PC.


How can I access my Android phone from a PC wirelessly?

Install the scrcpy software, connect the devices to the same network and then type in the command adb tcpip 5555 and adb connect (Phone’s IP Address). This will let you mirror your smartphone wirelessly.

How can I display my Android screen on my PC?

You can mirror, control and record your android on your PC very easily using scrcpy software. It is very easy to configure and work with software for mirroring and controlling android on your PC.


With the above trick mirroring and controlling your smartphone in your PC is very easy, you can even use extra features that are mentioned on the GitHub page in the feature section.

If you found this post to be useful then do share it with those who might find this useful too. 

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