Maxthon Browser Review: Very Good Browser?

The Interface and User experience

The time you open up the browser one thing will surely attract you and i.e. the unwanted and preloaded bookmarks or links to various websites like social media platforms, e-commerce platforms and so on. 

This will surely annoy you because users like it clean and simple on the home screen and adding up these many unnecessary things will only make the browser ugly. When you open up a browser the main objective is always something else than watching Ads and reading random news and this browser is filled with unnecessary news and Ads.

Also, you will notice that the bookmarks bar and other page saving areas are filled with random websites and it looks like someone has been already using the browser and saved it as per the needs.

Here is a screenshot which might make things clear about the experience of the Maxthon browser.

Maxthon Home screen

Overall, the user experience of the Maxthon browser is below average.

Features of Maxthon browser

Ad BlockerNo
Upgrades to HTTPSNo
Script BlockerNo
Tracker BlockerYes
Multiple ProfilesNo
Free VPNNo
Chrome extensions supportNo
Cookie BlockerNo
Cross-site device recognition No
Gestures (within the browser)Yes
Multifunctioning Yes
Battery saverNo
Maxthon browser
Maxthon browser
Developer: Maxthon Browser
Price: Free
  • Maxthon browser Screenshot
  • Maxthon browser Screenshot
  • Maxthon browser Screenshot
  • Maxthon browser Screenshot
  • Maxthon browser Screenshot

A short review for the respective OS

Smartphones (iOs and Android): Well, if you have installed Maxthon browser on your device i.e. a smartphone and if you are using it on a daily basis then let me tell you that you are unaware of all the other browsers in the market. I said so because all the browsers like Brave, Chrome, Firefox are way too better than this browser.

You can’t use a browser as a primary one if the feeling of the browser is like a Chinese browser full of random links and Ads that too in a smartphone. However, if you keep the preloaded links and aside then it is a usable browser.

Computer Systems (Windows, Mac and Linux): You can expect people to be very picky when it comes to browser for the computer systems and let me tell you that Chrome and Brave browser has set a bar which certainly is not matched or not even near when it comes to the features and all abilities of the Maxthon Browser.

Security and Privacy

Identity is likely to be the most significant thing to people because once it is leaked on the web. You can’t simply predict or think what could be done with you and your information that is leaked. It may be utilized for illegal does or numerous illegal bank transactions and so on which isn’t exactly good for you because you will be the one getting the blame. 


However, there is an approach to secure your identity or the IP address of your device by utilizing the tracker blockers in the browser itself. Fundamentally, this feature does not permit the sites to see the tracks or identify the IP address of your device which is good enough.

Script Blocker and Cookies Blocker

Sadly, you won’t be getting these features in this browser.

Eventually, in this era of advanced technology and hackers you can expect your device or system and the particular browser that you are using at the moment, to be leaked or hacked by the websites easily that you browse but with Maxthon Browser (As per the stats) there are almost zero chances of any negligence regarding security because it tends to block all kind of approaches made by the websites until and unless it is not secure.

HTTPS Upgrade

At the point when you are visiting a specific website, that point you are absolutely unaware about the hackers or other malicious approaches, which is quite obvious. 

But, HTTPS upgrade feature in some of the browsers automatically blocks you from visiting the websites which are not authorized or which may be harmful to your privacy or data online.

It is safe up to some extent because once it blocks you from visiting the website then you will know. In addition, it also makes sure the users to upgrade the HTTPS into the secure versions of the websites which ensures that all the security protocols are functioning perfectly.

You can see this feature in browsers like Brave browser but eventually, Maxthon doesn’t have this which is a big deal when it comes to the security of the users.

Besides all the fact and features regarding security and privacy of the users, at the end of the day, Maxthon is a cloud browser and it uses a remote server, unlike other browsers which use public server. This makes a huge difference when it comes to server security.

As it is a cloud browser you can expect that it can secure your information and privacy up to some extent.

Speed test of the browser

Users always have been focusing on speed and in this age, it is the primary thing which they want in their browsers. If the browser is not fast enough then users will instantly remove it or stop using it because no one likes waiting.

You can notice that Maxthon performs averagely when it comes to speed but it’s not like one cannot use it.

Still, here is a test performed which will show the speed of both the browser and that way you can acknowledge the accurate speed that the browser is offering.

Pros and Cons

Embedded special features like snapshot and gesturesUnpleasant UI
Cloud browser (remote and much secure server)No Ad-blocker
Unnecessary features like pass keeper and resource sniffer
Added default and random pages in huge numbers
Looks outdated

How is the UI unpleasant or outdated?

So, when we use the particular software or an application then UI is the most important thing because that is what allows us to stick to the application and feel free while we are using it.

But, in this case, when you use the software the UI feels like an outdated one or a haphazardly developed one which isn’t good for both the sides.

Here is an example and a screenshot of a search result from the Maxthon browser or Maxthon5.

Customization: When it comes to the Maxthon browser, you will find it in the settings bar at the top right corner where you will have to choose the options for skin and there you can find all the UI settings that are available such as page settings, dashboard settings, background and so on which is decently satisfactory.

maxthon skins customization

Also, you can choose the themes options and change the colours of the browser in certain areas but the primary draw-back is that the themes do not affect in the home screen or the dashboard of the browser which is not good at all after all user customizes the browser for this main reason only. 

Overall, the customisation options are quite decent but when it comes to applying it, you won’t find it appealing at all because it only modifies the top bar and nothing more.

Battery Saver: This option is one of the most important features that many browsers lack and not even any of the browsers in the market are trying to apply it in their applications which is sad. 

Using a rechargeable device like a tablet or a laptop can be crucial with browsers because it does consume a lot of battery charge. Presence of battery saver mode ensures the battery consumption rate to be average or low by compromising the performance which is obvious.

Battery saver basically, lets the user to run the device for a longer period of time whilst using the software.Unfortunately, you are not getting any kind of options to save your battery charge in your device in this browser.

Extensions: When you think of extensions, the first software that comes to our mind has to be chrome because it is the best and has been from the very beginning.

Well, extensions are one of the most wanted features for the users because of some special features that the users can enjoy within the browser just like a plugin in certain software, without installing it in the system.

Just like chrome web store this browser also has its own extension store where you can download a limited number of extensions which are supported in the browser. The issue is that the extensions available are not quite popular and neither they are useful.

However, you can find the extension store within the dashboard but searching it in the first attempt is quite a time taking one because the browser is filled with useless stuff.


Multi Functioning (Within the browser): Suppose you are listening to music or watching videos on any platform in your browser and want to go through all your emails or scroll through social media platforms at the same time without any interference in your entertainment.

How are you supposed to do it?

Well, all you need is a pop-up display or a split-screen within the browser and you must already know that this feature is available in the browser like Opera GX.

Let me tell you and make it much clear for you that Maxthon browser also feature a split-screen option which allows the users to use two tabs simultaneously within one screen. You can find it on the bottom right side.

Once you click the split-screen option, it will automatically divide the page into two different pages which will allow you to use it in a different manner.

Here is a screenshot that I took from my system while I was using the split-screen feature in the browser.

maxthon split screen

Ad Blocker: In any case, not many of the Ads can be blocked from the browser or the page. Still, you can expect the Ad-blocker present in the browser to work quite decently and block away Ads. 

Ads are one of the most irritating elements of a website while you are utilizing because it nearly restricts you to utilize the website you are visiting which is too irritating because they keep on popping up in the pages which is very repetitive. 

It’s quite disappointing, according to my experience the Ad Blocker is absent in the Maxthon browser which is another enormous issue with Maxthon. 

Thus, if you are downloading the Maxthon browser at that point then prepare to handle rigid Ads because it’s absolutely impossible of blocking it according to my usage and research.However, you do get a pop-up blocker in the settings gear and then in the content option where you can set the settings to block pop-ups.

Snapshot: This is one of the features that are quite basic and common yet at times it will surely help you save time and let you to use it more frequently and i.e. taking screenshots within the browsers and editing it in the same screen without saving into the memory which is quite helpful.

It’s fascinating that you can choose the particular area of your screen and save it from the browser itself.

Here is a screenshot of me selecting the part of a home screen from Maxthon browser

Maxthon snapshot

To be honest, this feature is too useful but I would prefer editing after I take a screenshot by regular windows command (i.e. windows button + print screen) rather than Maxthon browser’s command because it seems a bit difficult and too complex to take a screenshot from Maxthon browser.

You can easily find that a browser like Opera GX features a much simple and resilient way of saving a customized snapshot.

Gestures (within the browser): This is one of a kind feature available in the Maxthon browser. But, to be honest it is quite unnecessary because no one would like to waste time setting up the gestures and recalling it in the meantime.

Gestures, basically it is the special commands or we can say it as a shortcut command to function on the system and this time it is a browser so functioning and usability are within the browser.

Maxthon features plenty of options if you are keen to use gestures in the browser such as closing all the tabs, opening tabs, refreshing while browsing and even another snapshot gesture(if you want). 

Below you can see few of the buttons and specific commands the buttons can function for.

Maxthon gestures

Pass keeper: You will find this feature in the options bar located in the top right corner of the browser.

This is another highlight which fundamentally, lets you store all your passwords and IDs such as Gmail and its password. Basically, according to the browser it is a safe place to store the passwords which does not make sense at all. 

All things considered, this component is one of the highlights of Maxthon browser that I didn’t liked because users are too cautious while they are active in the internet and for sure they won’t use this feature at any cost.

Maxthon passkeeper

This feature is not what I would recommend because one single breach into the servers of the Maxthon and all your accounts and passwords are out in the internet which isn’t safe at all.

Memory and CPU consumption

This is one of the main concerns for the users who are using an outdated or a system which is loaded with lower specs. 

Memory and CPU consumptions affects a lot when you function by minimizing the particular tool or software because when it consumes more you can expect the other functions in your system to not work perfectly i.e. slowly. 

It is quite obvious and there is nothing to worry about.

Maxthon browser is based on Google’s open source i.e. chromium and most of the browsers use this because currently, this is the best source available in the market.

People say that chromium uses a lot of computer memory and yes it does if the browser is that heavy and performing well but for a browser like maxthon the consumption is way too low because the offerings are minimal.

Here is a screenshot of my system and memory consumption of the maxthon browser.

Memory consumption of maxthon and brave


This is another on demand feature which you can easily find in almost all the browsers because it is too common and useful for the users at the same time.

Basically, this feature allows you to sync or connect account of your respective browsers in respective devices which is quite impressive. 

Suppose you are using an android device and want to use it in your computer system be it a Mac or Windows, then all you have to do is sync your account with all your device and you will not lose any of your saved data and pages from the browser. 

Maxthon Auto Sync

You can find this option in the settings gear “Auto Sync” where you can choose several options like passkeeper, maxnote and so on.

Resource Sniffer 

Here comes another out of the box, one of a kind feature of the Maxthon browser.

This is one of the features that you would never have encountered in any of the browsers till now. Yes, it’s too unique and useless too.

Basically, when you visit some of the websites, there are resources i.e. images, videos, audios and so on which is displayed in the website or the page, this feature allows you to download those resources from the page and save it to your system.

You can find this feature in the top right area of the browser as a plugin just like maxnote. Once you click on it, it will take you to the pop-up window of the resource sniffer and show you the contents which you can download and save to your system.

However, not many of the users would like it because it’s quite useless and doesn’t make sense at all.

Here is a screenshot from the browser.



This is one of the features that few of the users might like. At last, there is something that is quite useful in this browser except for browsing. 

Maxnote is a feature that is basically a plugin or you can call it as an extension which allows you to note whilst you are browsing in the Maxthon browser. 

There are times when you will recall something while you are browsing and you want to note it instantly because it is important and at this time maxnote will help you out because minimizing the browser and opening the notepad from the windows is a lengthy procedure when compared with maxnote.


You can find it in the sidebar and in one click you can access to the notes and note whatever you want in it without closing the browser or any interruption while you are working or listening to music in the maxthon browser.

UU Mail

This is another feature which you surely won’t expect to be present in a browser because no one uses this kind of mail where the user will have to download the browser in order to use the mail.Anyways, you can find this in the main options bar located in the top right corner of the browser.


Is Maxthon a good browser?

Well, when compared with other browsers in the market currently it is way too behind and with unnecessary additional features, it is not at all up to the mark. Most of the users would definitely go for any other browser because there is too much in this browser which will surely make you annoyed as a user.
Also, you won’t find the UI much appealing and attractive which is another setback for the browser because UI is the prime element which impresses the user.

Is Maxthon safe enough?

As per stats and features it is safe enough to block the trackers because that is the one and only feature available in the security option of the browser. However, there are much more features that should have been added like script blocker and HTTPS upgrade which will not only protect you from the hackers but also recognize certain malicious websites and block them for you to enter.
The online world has evolved and advanced which is good enough but at the same time the hackers are also getting advantage which is not good and when you rely on just a tracker blocker it is even more dangerous. So, I would say it is decently safe for the users because it is a cloud browser.

What is Maxthon cloud browser?

First, let me tell you what the cloud is. Basically, it is the virtual memory where you can store all your information and files in a cloud and you can easily retrieve it whenever you want it just by downloading it again from the cloud. To use the cloud you will have to upload the particular file first in the cloud which is obvious.
You can use this browser just like all other browsers but rest of the browsers use public internet or open server but a cloud browser or the Maxthon cloud browser uses a remote server which is only accessed by the officials, which results in higher security and less chance of casualties. 


So, here I am to conclude that this is one of the browsers which you can use as a third or fourth option in your system just because of few of the features like Maxnote and other than that there are many browsers in the market which are way too ahead of Maxthon and few examples are Brave , Chrome and Opera GX.

It is just like a regular Chinese browser in the market with filled random Ads and bookmarks which is totally useless. But if you are looking for a browser with less CPU memory consumption then this could be one of them.

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