Best Method To Make and Receive Your Phone Calls Using Your Laptop

The first thing you would need is the app called Your Phone, which is available on the Microsoft Store. This app will act as an interface to receive calls on your PC. It is one of the Best Free Microsoft Store Apps which is available for users.

Your Phone
Your Phone
Developer: ‪Microsoft Corporation‬
Price: Free
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The next thing you would need is an app called Your Phone Companion for your android smartphone. It is available on the android play store and you can directly install it on your android device. 

Now you need a Microsoft account to log in to these two apps. If you don’t have one, you have to create one because this is essential. Without an account, the apps won’t work. 

Settings And Permissions

Your phone interface
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Now, this is the time you set up your software on the PC to use it. When you open the software you will be asked to log in using your Microsoft account. You have to log in to the Your Phone app using the same Microsoft account. When you do it, it will send a notification on your phone asking for permission. You have to accept it and it will connect your phone to the PC straightaway. 

You also have to go to the app settings of Your Phone and to the permissions section. Allow it to use call logs, contacts, and other things to make it fully functional. You don’t have to worry about giving permissions because the app is officially by Microsoft, so we can trust them regarding privacy concerns.

Another thing to note here is that sometimes our android kills the apps running in the background to save some battery. This usually happens with Oneplus and Samsung phones. So, what you can do is put the Your Phone app in the battery optimization exclusion so that it won’t kill this app running in the background. Choose ‘don’t optimize’ for the Your Phone and you are good to go. 

Your phone companion sync over mobile data

Now, open the Your Phone app and head over to the settings section. Here you have to select the option called ‘Sync over mobile data’ and turn it on. This will help sync the data over the phone and on your PC. 

The Required Things To Make Phone Calls Possible

Android bluetooth

It is going to use Bluetooth to make voice calls possible on your PC. So, turn on Bluetooth on both the PC and your android device and connect it with the PC. This makes your PC an output device for the phone’s calls. Don’t forget to give permissions of your phone’s SMS and call logs to the PC while connecting. You are done setting up now. 

Call Using Your Laptop 

Once you are done till this point, you can use your laptop to directly search the contacts or dial a number and call. You can see on your phone that the call made will be redirected through Bluetooth to your laptop and you will be able to talk through the laptop itself. 

Now, whenever someone calls you on your phone, it will be displayed on the laptop screen and you can receive them from the laptop. If you wish to talk on the phone, you have to pick up the call on your phone. 

What More Can You Do With Your Phone?

Your phone features

Your phone is not just limited to phone calls. All your SMS will be synced and you would be able to read them on your laptop. The photos section on the software will let you access your phone’s photos on the PC. There is also a notification section where you will be able to see the phone’s notifications on the PC screen. 

These are simple yet so productive things you would want your PC to do. Now you can just put away your phone and focus on the PC for work/studies and won’t miss any urgent calls as well. 

The Most Important Tip

The main thing you should note is that the Your Phone app will use Bluetooth to redirect the phone calls to your laptop. So, you should always have your Bluetooth turned on, both on your phone and PC, and make sure that both are connected. 

It also won’t work when your phone is far away from the PC, beyond the Bluetooth range.  Without Bluetooth, the app won’t work.


How do I connect my laptop to a call?

You can use Your Phone app on PC which is available on Microsoft Store and Your Phone Companion app on your android device to connect your laptop for a call.

How to receive phone calls on pc?

When you are connected with the Your Phone app, you would see an incoming call notification on your PC and you would be able to receive the call directly from there to talk.


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