2 Best Ways To Take Long Screenshot Using Google Chrome Browser

Taking screenshots on PCs isn’t difficult, since both Windows and Mac come with their own shortcuts for taking screenshots in any application. But when it comes to taking scrolling or long screenshots, most people don’t know how to do it. 

So, in this article, you will learn how you can take long screenshots in chrome using both extensions and without an extension. These methods work in both Windows and Mac devices. So, let’s get started. 

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1. Using Developer Tools

The first method here is using the developer tool inbuilt in Chrome. This can be a little tricky for some users, but don’t worry, I will explain as briefly as possible. Here are the steps to follow. 

1. On the page where you want to take a screenshot, click on the menu button on the top right of the window.

2. Go to More tools > Developer tools

Developer tools in chrome

3. Click on the three vertical dots again of the new area that appeared.

4. Now select “Run command”

Run command in developer tools in Chrome

5. In the textbox, type “Capture full-size screenshot”

Capture full size screenshots in developer tools chrome

6. The image will automatically be saved in the Downloads folder, however, if prompted, select the destination and click on Save.

And that’s it. You have captured a long screenshot of the page you wanted.

Note: In some cases, you may notice there are some glitches in the screenshot, like some parts of the page appearing twice. In those cases, going with the second method, which is using an extension can be better. 

2. Using Nimbus Screenshot

Nimbus Screenshot

So, this method is quite simpler than the first one. Here’s how you can do it.

1. Install the extension Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder

2. After installing, go to the page you want to take a screenshot of and click on the puzzle icon at the top of the window.

3. Now find Nimbus from the list and click on it.

4. Select ‘Entire page’ and it will automatically start scrolling and capturing the page.

5. Once done, it will redirect you to a new page where you see your screenshot and edit it if you want.

6. After that, click on ‘Done’ and then on ‘Save screenshot’.

Save screnshot nimbus

7. It will automatically download or prompt you to select a location and save it.

And it’s done. You have successfully captured a long screenshot in your Chrome without much effort.

Bonus: There is another extension called GoFullPage which allow you to take full page screenshot only so if you don’t like Nimbuzz Screenshot then you can give it a try to GoFullPage as well.


Can Nimbus steal my personal data from screenshots?

There hasn’t been any record of such an incident, but I do recommend you not to use any third-party screenshot app/extension if you have very sensitive information, like login credentials or credit card details. Be it Nimbus or any other extension, you can always rely on the first method for taking screenshots of sensitive info.

Which extension is best for taking screenshots in Chrome?

I found Nimbus to be the easiest and most feature-rich screenshot extension. There are many options, but I think Nimbus is the best you can get right now.

Does Google Chrome have an inbuilt screenshot taker?

Not by default, but in fact, there is an option to have a screenshot-taking feature in Chrome. For that, you have to go to chrome://flags and search for ‘Desktop Screenshots’ and enable it. Once done, relaunch the browser, and on the top right of the window, click on the share icon, and then click on the ‘Screenshot’ option, and now select the area for a screenshot. You will get the option to download it after selecting it.


Though both of the methods are easy, I usually prefer the second because it never gives you any error or glitches, plus, you have the option to edit the screenshot before saving it. You can also upload to various cloud services, print and add watermarks if you want. 

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  1. Our favourite sharex lets you too do this
    There is flag for doing this in chrome mobile, it works fine in mobile, haven’t try it it desktop

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