LastPass Review: Best Free Password Manager?

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Most of the website over the internet contains forms for Login, Address, payments, etc. So you need to create an account and remember the password of that account in order to use that website. Remembering these passwords is almost impossible.

In such cases, either you can write these passwords in books or you can have a password management tool like LastPass. It is one of the most Secured, trusted, and feature-rich tools. It provides various features that you must have to manage passwords.


Interface and Navigation of LastPass

When I installed LastPass for the first time, it took me only a few minutes to learn. The easy interface made me get used to it in only a few minutes.

The navigations are proper and everything is arranged in a systematic manner. All the details such as Passwords, Notes, Address, Payment Cards, Bank Accounts, etc are arranged in a particular folder so that these different data don’t get jumbled.

The login credential of any website appears with its favicon and address or email with cool icons. So if you have a large number of passwords saved in a vault, you can easily find it using icons.

The top contains a big search along with Account details. Menus are located on the left side.It’s just a simple interface without extra unnecessary elements.

LastPass Features

LastPass Features

LastPass is a feature rich tool that has various features required for managing passwords.


Autofill Passwords

Autofill is an automatic form filling feature that allows you to fill any form with just a single click as per saved data. I don’t feel any need to explain the autofill feature, what it does and how it works, we all know about it.

I used the LastPass Autofill Feature and found out that it works fine. It doesn’t matter whether you’re visiting any social, banking, or any login pages, it works extremely well.

But in case, if autofill doesn’t work properly, then you can click on LastPass Icon in input files and select the correct login. Actually this happened with me when I saved more than one account for the same website login.

For example, when you save two accounts for Facebook, then you have to select any one account credential to complete autofill.

However, there are some huge security concerns with the Autofill feature. A recent research explains that hackers and cheaters are creating invisible forms to get login credentials and when you visit any website, you won’t see any form as it is invisible but login credentials will be filed automatically because of autofill.

This happens because autofill uses JavaScript to fill credentials and that’s how this convenient feature can lead you to great danger.

But LastPass comes with a manual option to disable or enable autofill any time. Its Enable by default, to disable Autofill,

  1. Open LastPass Vault
  2. Select the Password
  3. Click on Advanced Setting
  4. Tick the Disable Autofill option
  5. Click on Save changes.

Password Vault

Lastpass vault-

Password Vault is a place where all your passwords, notes, addresses and other details are saved in folder-wise manner.

When I checked my vault, I was pretty impressed by the arrangements of Passwords and all. There are folders of Passwords, Notes, Addresses, Payment details, etc along with cool icons, so even if you’ve thousands of saved passwords, you don’t have to irritate yourself by scrolling down to the bottom. Whether it is Password Saving Process or Locating Password in the vault, LastPass is top notch and I really recommend to you all to try it once.

Password Generator

LastPass Password Generator

Hacking and cheating is very common nowadays and almost 80% of data breaching happens due to weak passwords. Weak password is the most common loop hole for any account. That’s why a secure password is a real need for any account.

LastPass password generator allows you to create a super secure password by using its different options. You can create upto 99 characters password.

When I tried generating a password, I was pretty impressed by its flexibility that it leaves on you, what level of secure password you’re looking for. You can select the Password length, its strength.

To increase hardness, there are 3 options,

  1. Easy to Say
  2. Easy to Read
  3. All Characters

Easy to Say” generates a password with just Uppercase and Lowercase letters while “Easy to Read” and “All Characters” includes Symbols and Numbers as well in the password.

Note: Lastpass Username Generator is a tool that generates a unique Username, just like Password Generator with sameUsername Length and Username Strength option.

Other password generators just ask password length and generates password automatically according to its type but the case is different with LastPass Password Generator, it allows managing hardness.

Moreover, in case you forget your generated password, you can check the History by clicking on Show History. This list contains all your generated passwords with dates until you manually clear the history.

I have seen many password generators but by looking at password generating options, I found LastPass most convenient.

Sharing center

Lastpass Share Feature

Before the Password Manager tool, sharing passwords was quite complex and insecure. You have to send your username and password through SMS or any messenger app.

But with a password manager like LastPass, you can share any password, login credentials, payment info, etc with just a single click, just type the email of the recipient and send. The only thing that is required for password sharing is a LastPass account to the recipient.

In case, recipient doesn’t have Lastpass account, then recipient email will have Lastpass download URL and after installation, recipient can access those passwords.

The only thing I like in this sharing center is security, even if the password is shared, the recipient cannot see the actual password.

LastPass Free account allows only one Password share, if you want to share more, then you’ve to go for Lastpass Premium.

How to Share Passwords with LastPass?

To share any password or any info, hover mouse on that and click on Share Icon. Then it will ask the recipient for an email address. Just type the email address and click on Share.

If someone has a shared password with you, then first you’ll need to accept that sharing request and then only you can access those passwords.

Security Dashboard

Security Dashboard

The security dashboard shows the security status of all data from the vault. The security score shows the score of how secure your data are. This score depends on the Password strength, Two factor Authorization enable or Disable and much more.

If you have enabled Two-factor Authorization and Strong passwords, then the score will be more. It will also suggest the ways to increase this score.

Another feature is Dark web Monitoring, it monitors the website of the vault whether their data are breached or not. If any of the sites present in your vault faces data breach, then it will alert you to take quick action.

Additional Features

  • Digital Wallet
  • LastPass Authenticator
  • Emergency Access
  • Automatic password Changer
  • Country-wise Login Restriction

That’s not it, LastPass has many more features that are required for password management.

Free vs Premium

LastPass Free vs LastPass Premium

LastPass comes with both Free and Premium Plans. Not only two, but it has 5 more plans which includes Family Plan and 4 Business Plans. I have discussed all the plans in detail in the Plans and Pricing section.

The free plan offers decent features that can do your job if you’re a normal internet user but if you’re related with any online services, then you must go for Premium plan. I have created a comparison table to give you a proper idea of both the plans.

30 Day TrialYESYES
Secure NotesYESYES
Password VaultYESYES
Security ChallengesYESYES
Multi Factor AuthorizationYESYES
One-to-many SharingNOYES
Emergency AccessNOYES
1GB encrypted storageNOYES
Priority tech SupportNOYES

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of LastPass

LastPass is one of the best Password management tools in the market. It has some great features. I have been using it for a few weeks and didn’t find any major issue.

Pros Cons
Free trial is available for each plansNo Live Support Feature
Multiple Account Recovery optionsIssues while importing Database
Easy user interface 
Strong security 
Multiple Factor authorization comes with each plan 

The cons of LastPass are minor. I didn’t find any major issue with its features and functions.

Plans and Pricing

Plans and Pricing of LastPass

After seeing all the Features and Security, I was worried about whether its plans are well suited for each type of user or not? But when I saw its plans, It was impressive.

The plans of LastPass are distributed in such a way that it fulfills the needs of every user. Whether you’re a single user, or own an organization, Light user or Heavy users, Lastpass has perfect plans for You.

LastPass has divided its plans into two Categories, Single User & Family and Business Plans.

Note: Each Plan of Single User and Family comes with a 30 Days Free Trial and You can revert back to Free Tier as well if you’re not satisfied by its premium versions.

1. Single Use

This Category has Two Types of Plans, Free and Premium

Free Plan

The Free Plan provides you reliable password management with decent security features.

  • Password generator
  • Save & auto-fill passwords
  • Access on all devices
  • Secure password vault
  • Security dashboard
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • LastPass Authenticator
  • Security challenge
  • 30 Days Free Trial Available

Premium Plan

The premium plans add various extra and extremely essentials security features to the vault.

  • Dark web monitoring
  • One-to-many sharing
  • Emergency access
  • Priority tech support
  • LastPass for applications
  • 1GB encrypted file storage
  • 30 Days Free Trial Available

2. Family Plan

Family plan is another thing that grabbed my attention. This plan offers Lastpass license upto 6 users. So if you have a small business with few workers, then you can go for LastPass family Plan.

Along with Secure Password Management and Easy Password Sharing, Family Plan adds some new stuff to features list

  • 6 User
  • Unlimited shared folders
  • 6 Premium licenses
  • Family manager dashboard
  • 30 Days Free Trial Available

3. Business Plan

The major difference between Business Plan and other plans is that this charge per user. On having this plan, you can give access to unlimited users but the license fee will be charged Per User. The Business Plans divided into Four plans, viz., MFA (Newly introduced Plan), Teams, Enterprise and Identity (Newly introduced too). Each plan offers a 14 Days Free Trial.

Number of usersUnlimited50 UsersUnlimitedUnlimited
Admin consoleNOYESYESYES
Password generatorNOYESYESYES
Vault for every employeeNOYESYESYES
100+ customizable security policiesNONOYESYES
Dark web monitoringNOYESYESYES
Adaptive biometric authenticationYESNONOYES
Adaptive biometric authenticationYESNONOYES
1,200+ integrated SSO applicationsNONOYESYES
SSO portal for employeesNONOYESYES
Federated loginNONOYESYES
Customer success managerYESNOYESYES
Free Trial Period14 Days14 Days14 Days14 Days
Monthly Price Per User$3$3$3$3

I personally liked the features distribution of Lastpass according to categories. The best of these plans all comes with a 30 Days Free Trail and option to revert back to the Default tier at the end of the Trial period.

I have seen many password managers software forced to purchase and continue its Premium plan if we take a premium trial but the case is totally different from LastPass.  

Platform Availability

Platform Availability

The need of choosing a platform can vary for users, some like using iOS while some use Android and Windows. That’s why, a password management tool should be available for all platforms because having different tools for different platforms for the same task can extremely spoil the browsing and surfing experience.

Android App:

Browser Extension:

LastPass: Free Password Manager
LastPass: Free Password Manager
Developer: LastPass
Price: Free
  • LastPass: Free Password Manager Screenshot

Another thing which I feel for any Password management Tool that should not only be available for various platforms but also support Cross-Platform to keep work running smoothly. And I am glad to see that LastPass is among few tools that comply with these two needs.

Lastpass supports all devices along with Cross Platform

  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Google Chrome
  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple Safari
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Opera Browser

LastPass supports cross platform password management with above platforms and devices.

LastPass Account Recovery

LastPass Account Recovery

LastPass has multiple account recovery options. I have seen many password manager tools, but only LastPass has the most account recovery options.

The options for account recovery in LastPass are:

  • Use Fingerprint or FaceID to in Mobile Application
  • Send Password Hint on email ID
  • Use Recovery One-time Password
  • Account Recovery through Admin Policy (Only for Enterprise Users)
  • Revert to your previous Master Password (If new one is lost)

I have tried all the options of account recovery and each option works fine. I haven’t got any type of issue while recovering the account and you won’t get too.

Master password is the biggest key to your account, no other person can reset it. If the account belongs to you, then you can easily recover the account, even LastPass Customer Care can’t reset your master password.

Customer Support

Honestly speaking, LastPass may be one of the best Password management tools but it is the worst in terms of Customer support.

It has tons of How to Guides and FAQs but there’s no option to contact directly with the support staff. You can ask your doubts in its Forum or you can go for Troubleshot, but you can’t directly contact support staff even though emails.

The only way to contact LastPass support staff is through Twitter. They publish blogs on twitter and solve queries as well. You can ask your questions there between Mondays to Friday in working hours only. You won’t get urgent help but they’ll definitely reply to you.

LastPass Security

LastPass Security

lastPass has top notch security. The security is so high that no one can access the account of users. It is leading in terms of security among major password management tools. It is leading in security because it has:

Strong Encryption Algorithms

All the data of users of LastPass is encrypted, that’s why, Lastpass officials can’t login to your account too. it has implemented AES-256 bit encryption which gives ultimate security to your data. It’s the same encryption that is used in the Banking sector.

Moreover, Lastpass has a Zero-knowledge policy that prohibits accessing the data of the user.

Local-only encryption

This method encrypts and decrypts data at the device level. This means that all the vault data which includes the Master password too reached the Lastpass server in encrypted form. This device level encryption is almost inaccessible.

Two-Factor Authorization

The two factor authorizations add an extra layer of security to your account. It needs email confirmation whenever your account is trying to login in new devices.

Multi Factor Authorization

Lastpass can be coupled with various third party Multi-factor Authorization options like Google Authenticator, Duo Security, etc. These tools generate One Time Codes to login.

LastPass One Time Password

LastPass also sends OTPs and hence increases the security of your account.

All these methods increased the security of the user to the highest level. Each security shield is unbreakable in its own and by combining all these levels of security, Your Vault becomes extremely inaccessible for others.

In 2015, LastPass servers got hacked and hackers stole the data of users but none of the data gets used because it was completely encrypted. So now, you could anticipate how secure your data is with LastPass.

How to install LastPass in Browser?

How to install LastPass in Browser

I have used LastPass in both Browser and device versions and all I can say is that Browser Extension is quick and convenient to use. So if you have, then I recommend you to go for the browser extension rather than the Windows version, it’s really very convenient.

To install Lastpass browser extension,

  1. Visit LastPass and Click on Get LastPass.
  2. Scroll down a little and below browsers icon, there’s a button to Get LastPass. Click on that.
  3. Create account and Enter strong Master Password and confirm it
  4. Note: Enter a strong Master password as it is a main key to your Lastpass Vault.
  5. At last click on Signup Button and downloading will start.

How to Setup LastPass?

Click on the LastPass icon (Red Square with 3 White Dots in the middle) in the extension list of your browser.

A popup will ask your Master Password

Click on Unlock my Vault and you’re ready to go.

Now explore the Vault, Add Passwords, Notes, Address, Payment Cards, etc.

How to Add Passwords?

  1. Click on Plus Icon
  2. Select Type of Credential you’re going to enter
  3. Enter the details and click on Save

With it, you’ll see this newly created password or anything in your LastPass Vault.

Passwords can also be added by filling any form.

On filling any Form whether it is Login form, Address or Payment form, a popup will ask to save it. Clicking on the Save button will successfully save that in the Vault.

How to install LastPass on Devices?

How to install LastPass on Devices?

Setting up lastpass on devices is easy too. lastPass is available for all iOS Apps store, Android Play Store and Windows Store. Search lastPass in respective stores and install it.

Enter Master Password and access the Vault. The further setup is the same as the browser version.

I didn’t find any issue while setting up LastPass for both the Browser and Device version.


Is LastPass a good Password manager?

Yes, it is the most secure, trusted and feature rich password manager.

Did lastPass get hacked?

Yes, In 2015, it was hacked but no harm occurred with the user’s data because all the data were encrypted.

Is lastpass a Good Idea?

Yes, definitely, it is a good idea. A password management tool has become a need of users nowadays.

Is LastPass Free forever?

You can store unlimited passwords with lastPass Free.


I have used LastPass for 3 weeks and I’ll share my overall experience with it in this LastPass Review.

While reviewing any online tools or software, I look for Interface, Features, Security and Price and I can assure you that it won’t let you down in terms of these four aspects.

The interface is the first thing that I like because it is super easy. The tool is trusted and secure enough that even its staff can access the data. The features such as Automatic password change and multiple account recovery must be appreciated. These minor but important features I haven’t seen in other tools.

The pricing and plans category also impressed me because most tools come with Three or Four Plans but LastPass has a total of 7 plans. Whether you’re a normal, moderate or heavy user, you have a small family business or an organization, LastPass has the perfect plan for you. 

Another thing that needs to be appreciated is that each plan has a 30 Days Free trial and you can revert back to your default free plan if you don’t like the trial.

Overall, LastPass is best in all aspects except Customer Support. I personally feel that popular tools like Lastpass must have Live Customer Support but its support services are way worse than I’ve imagined. It not only lacks Live Customer support but also lacks Email support. Twitter is the only medium that can be used to communicate.

So that’s it about LastPass, all I can say is that the tool is worthy and you won’t regret having this tool. Now we have come to the end of this LastPass Review, if you still have some doubts then you can ask it in the comment box.

Rating Score

Secure Password Generator4.9/5
Easy To Use4.5/5
Overall Score4.6/5

Lastpass is easy to use and powerful password manager tool to manage,create and save your passwords

Price: 3

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: “Windows 10″,”Android”,”iOS”,”macOS”

Application Category: Password Manager

Editor's Rating:

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