Krisp Review: Best Noise Cancelling App For You

In these times we have seen great growth in remote work due to the coronavirus pandemic, but one of the drawbacks of this accelerated measure is the environmental noise that seeps into video conference meetings, which can be annoying and unprofessional

Noise reduction has been adopted by some applications, but it still lacks in most apps. Here comes Krisp, a noise cancellation technology powered by Artificial Intelligence that can eliminate virtually any ambient noise. In this Krisp Review, I will provide you the detailed working of the app and its use.

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What is Krisp?

Krisp Interface

Krisp is a noise-canceling application that utilizes artificial intelligence to tidy up your sound. It works continuously, making what is viably a protective layer between your receiver and the application you are utilizing to guarantee that background noise is sifted through. 

Not only will it reduce the background noise from your mic, but you can also reduce background noise from others on the call, so the sound you hear is more crisp and clean. 

Since it’s product-based, it’s a straightforward solution and doesn’t need any unique equipment – it will work with your PC’s inherent microphone, your webcam’s microphone, or any third party microphone. It will also work with regular applications, for example, Zoom, Teams, Skype, Meet to ensure your video call sound is quite clear. 

All the processing is done locally on your device, it is not sending your conversations to the cloud so it is private as well.

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Krisp Interface

Krisp’s user interface is fairly simple and clean. When you install the Krisp app, you will be guided through the steps you will need to take to get it working. I have installed it on my Windows PC, and it seems to run quite smoothly when it comes to switching audio inputs.

You won’t get too many cluttered options. You will just have options to turn on or off the microphone as well as the speaker noise cancellation. 

You will also get a guide on how to use the application right on the home screen. It will also show you if your application is up to date, which is always a good thing to have.  

The important thing to understand about Krisp is that it is like having another microphone to choose from. When using an application like Zoom or Teams, you should make sure you have “Krisp” selected as the audio input.

Krisp Features

Krisp won’t disappoint you with the features it is offering. Being as light as 60Mb, it has packed some really great functions that could be really useful for you. Let’s look at some of them.

Eliminate any background noise: This is the big one. I tested the app by calling someone on Zoom while my neighbors were renovating the apartment above me. The rattling and hammering completely disappeared as soon as I turned to Krisp, all you could hear was my voice. As a bonus, it works for both incoming and outgoing audio. The noise comes in at one end and then emerges at the other end as a clean, clear, crisp voice.

Easy to set up with the applications: A convenient feature of Krisp is that it can be used with any conferencing application. This is very useful as I sometimes use different apps (Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts) depending on who I’m talking to. It’s very easy to set up, so you can effortlessly switch depending on the application you are using.

Pair with any headset, microphone, and speaker

Easily pair with any device: Another aspect that makes the Krisp very easy to use is that it can be paired with any microphone, headphone, or speaker. This makes it convenient for digital nomads or frequent travelers, who may use a microphone or headset in their home office, but have a smaller, more portable one when on the go.

No need to worry about privacy: There’s no need to worry about your conversations being overheard, as all of Krisp’s AI noise reduction takes place on your own device. This means that your audio is not recorded or sent to the cloud. This is very important when it comes to privacy.

Compatible with a lot of different applications: Works with many video conferencing applications: Messenger, Skype, Slack, Hangout, Zoom, WebEx, GoToMeeting, and others. You just have to configure them before you start to use Krisp as a microphone/speaker (in their respective audio preferences).

Offers free trial version: Although Krisp is known for being a paid application, now it has come with a 1 day free trial period. This enables the user to try out the application fully before spending their money on it. This also makes it easy for anyone to access the tool without a second thought.

Reducing noise from your mic: In addition to eliminating your background noise, it can stabilize and neutralize the noises that get into your mic, this allows the communication they have with the people who participate in the video conference to improve satisfactorily.

How Does Krisp Work?

Like so many apps and services these days, Krisp uses machine learning. But unlike many of them, it uses technology in a fairly simple and easy to understand way.

The AI model that the company has created is capable of recognizing the voice of a person speaking into a microphone. By definition, almost everything else is just noise, so the model just subtracts it from the waveform, leaving the audio clean even if there’s a middle school football team invading the cafe from where the call is on.

As the app uses artificial intelligence technology, it can discover which sounds are human voices and which are unwanted background noises. As soon as you turn on the app, the software starts working right away, blocking out all unnecessary sounds. The application is very smart and will start to recognize your voice immediately. Also, since it works with artificial intelligence, it will improve the more you use it.

Why use Krisp?

Head over to Download Krisp or install the Windows or Mac version of the app. Click the “Get Krisp Free” button at the top right and you will have the option to download the app or install the Chrome extension. 

When you create an account with your work email, you will get a free 14-day trial of the Pro account. You do not need to enter your credit card details at this time and after your 14-day trial, you can decide to continue with the free plan. 

Now, The easiest way to set up Krisp with the audio conferencing application you want to use is to follow these three easy steps:

  1. Find and open the audio settings in the target application.
  2. Change your microphone setting to “Krisp Microphone”.
  3. Change the speaker to “Krisp Speaker”
  4. Turn on Krisp and the app will immediately start filtering out excess noise, making your audio crisp and clear.

Platform Availability

If I talk about the Platform Availability in Krisp Review, It is available cross-platform and can be used on Mac, Windows, You can see the interface on the Windows platform given below:

Krisp Interface

I used it myself on a Windows computer and it was incredibly easy to download and configure.

You will get the same experience while using this application on mac as well. I tested it and found no performance difference between the Windows version and the Mac one, which is just incredible to see. Here is how the Mac interface looks like:

Krisp Mac Interface

Is Krisp Free? 

The new official version of the application will allow you to silence the noise you hear on the line, that is, the noise coming from the microphones of the people you talk to, for free but with a condition that it will work only for 120 minutes a week. And the same goes for your mic noise cancellation as well.

You can accumulate free time by referring people to the app, but over time you will probably have to pay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that: a simple pay-as-you-go business model is refreshing in an age of intrusive data collection, aggressive “freemium” platforms, and services lacking all kinds of money.

Krisp Share with friends

The subscription fee is $3.33 which is fairly cheap. There are two other options too, as you can see above, each one for different kinds of users.

It offers noise cancellation on 800+ applications on free versions too, so no worry about that. All in all, it’s a good deal that you can have if you are a regular user of video calls.

How Do I Use Krisp Noise Cancellation? 

The first thing you have to do is go to this link and you can see the option ‘Get Krisp for free’. Once on the page, you can download it as an extension or as an application. Then, register for free and activate the application using the same email you used while downloading. In this way, you can get Krisp for your PC, and enjoy zoom calls without being interrupted by external noise.

For iOS, you must download the Krisp app and follow the installation instructions. Then open Zoom and head to Settings. Open the Audio settings and from the drop-down box select Krisp for your microphone and Krisp for your speaker. In the Krisp app, choose the microphone and speakers you want to use.

The configuration process is very similar for other applications as well. On Google Meet, for example, you can select Krisp in the settings as soon as you open Google meet app. The same happens in WhatsApp and other apps for video calls.

Krisp Setup Guide

Still, if you have any problems with it, you will get a guide on how you have to set up Krisp for different applications right on the home screen. It covers all the major video conferencing apps and will guide you step by step.


In this Krisp Review, I will assure that the data isn’t saved anywhere in the cloud and there’s no concern related to security. The voice is never recorded or analyzed by their team and you will have zero worries about your privacy.  They claim to have a strict policy regarding the privacy of their users. 

I searched through the internet to find if any user has ever faced any issue regarding their data and I was shocked to find there were none. While I haven’t directly talked with the Krisp team, I’m pretty confident that they have done a good job with the security of data. 

Supported Services With Krisp

Does Krisp work with Skype?

Yes, Krisp supports Skype and it works quite seamlessly. You have to find and open the audio settings and then select Krisp in the microphone setting. Once done, you will instantly notice the call quality difference with Krisp.

Does Krisp work with Zoom?

Yes. The process is the same as the above you. However, you are going to see a lot of sound difference with zoom when you do video conferencing. For some reason, I have noticed Krisp works better with Zoom than Skype. It is highly adaptable with internet speed as well. 

Does Krisp work with Google Meet?

Krisp does work with the Google Meet and has been quite effective during my review. Google meet doesn’t work very well with slower internet connections. But after Krisp, I noticed some significant improvement in the performance. The sounds seemed a lot clearer and with much less noise. It was truly surprising to see the difference.

Does Krisp work with GoToMeeting?

Yes, it is compatible with the GoToMeeting app. As GoToMeeting is mobile-friendly, you can notice a significant difference between Krisp’s performance on PC and in the mobile app. It truly did magic with the GoToMeeting mobile app. 

Does Krisp work with Microsoft Teams?

As far as I have tested Krisp, it has worked with Microsoft Teams very effectively. The only difference I noticed was the effectiveness of Krisp with Microsoft Teams. It reduced the majority of the background noise and made the calls seem flawless.

Plans and Pricing

The subscription fee for Krisp starts from $3.33 per month which, fair to say, is cheap. There are two other options too, as you can see above, each one for different kinds of users.

Here are the details of the pricing and plans.

Krisp Plans and pricing

Pros And Cons

Magically remove the majority of background noise.Occasionally, the application can have high CPU usage because audio processing occurs on the device and uses AI algorithms.
The interface is simple and easy to use.You may notice some quality degradation in your voice when you turn on the noise cancellation switch.
Krisp is compatible with any conferencing application.
It is available on multiple platforms, including Chrome, Windows, iOS, and Mac.
Krisp is totally private. All audio processing happens on your device and none of your audio is sent to a server.
There is a free option that is quite suitable for occasional use.

Impact On PC

The app is only 62Mb, which is considered really light for PCs. I installed the app and the installation was quite simple. 

Once I started the app, I tracked its resource usage. I found out that it was using about 140-142Mb of the memory from RAM and 0.7% of the CPU when it was idle.

When I started to use it with my Zoom Meetings and a few other conferencing apps, I noticed that it now started to use 150Mb of the memory and about 1.5% of the CPU. The network usage was mostly below 0.1Mbps and it is fair to say that it is very light even though it literally did magic with the audio quality while video conferencing.

Note: I tested this app on an i3 4th gen powered PC with 4Gb of DDR2 RAM. The results might differ on your PC depending upon the specifications.


Is the Krisp app free?

Krisp is not free. But it comes with a trial version that runs for 14 days so you can use all the features and try them out before buying.

How do you use the Krisp app?

Download the Krisp app. Open any video conferencing app, head on to the settings, and change the microphone settings to Krisp.

What is a good app to reduce background noise?

Currently, Krisp is the best app to reduce the background noise from any app, be it Zoom or Skype. 

Does Krisp really work?

Yes. Krisp does really work in reducing the background noise. You can immediately notice the difference between a normal video conference and a video conference enhanced by Krisp.

Do I Recommend Krisp?

After using Krisp for a while, I got used to the smooth sound and the lack of background noise. I enjoyed it so much that I forgot how bad my audio calls were without it! At one point, I turned off the app and was amazed to hear at how loud everything was. 

Using Krisp makes such a difference that once you get used to noiseless call cleaning, you’ll probably never want to go back. It’s so much easier to do a conference call now and I never have to apologize for background noise to anyone or ask the speaker to repeat what they are saying, which is just a lifesaver sometimes.

The work gets done faster and I look a lot more professional now, which is invaluable and cannot be underestimated anytime. It’s a great app for teams, freelancers, podcasters, digital nomads, who are working remotely, and anyone else who works online and participates in online calls or meetings. This becomes a must-have app now that we all are stuck at our homes and working from our bedrooms. 

So, yea, I do recommend everyone to try this one out. You can install this amazing application from here and enjoy your video conferences without any interruption.

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