2 Best Ways To Check Bluetooth Version In Laptop or PC

Bluetooth can be used for other things rather than connecting devices like headphones, keyboards, etc. It can be used to share files from your smartphone to PC, can be used to access the internet by connecting to your smartphone using Bluetooth tethering. Some Bluetooth versions may not support some features so we have to know which version of Bluetooth is.

There are some ways to check the version of Bluetooth in Windows based laptop and pc. The first one involves checking through Device Manager checking the firmware version on the advanced tab. The second one involves the use of third-party software.

1. Using Device Manager

Microsoft provides a way to check the version of your Bluetooth adapter. The steps are listed below 

  • Open Device Manager (by right-clicking on the start button or by searching device manager on the search box in the taskbar).
  • Expand the Bluetooth section and right-click the Bluetooth adapter and select the Properties option.
  • Open the Advanced tab and look at the firmware version (it will show you in the Link Manager Protocol version) and determine the version by the table given below.
LMPBluetooth Core Specification
32.0 + EDR
42.1 + EDR
53.0 + HS

2. Using Bluetooth version finder

I recommend using the Bluetooth version finder because it’s simple.

  • You just have to download it.
  • Extract it to your desktop and file. 
  • After installing the exe file, run it. 
  • It will show you the Bluetooth version directly.


How can I find Bluetooth devices in Windows?

Go to Devices in Settings then select  Bluetooth & other devices. Here you can turn Bluetooth on & off.

How do I connect Bluetooth devices in Windows?

Turn on Bluetooth (on the device) and make sure it is discoverable. Then in settings go to Bluetooth & other devices, turn on Bluetooth and select the device and pair it.

Can I install Bluetooth in Windows?

Windows already has a Bluetooth driver in it and it gets updated in Windows update. If drivers were not downloaded automatically by Windows Update, use Device Manager to refresh the driver from Windows Update or contact the device manufacturer.

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